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[Buy]: Acoya Wood
We are a wooden furniture company located in Mexico City and want to locate a supplier of Accoya Wood in potentially large quantities.   For that purpose,...
From: Mexico (8/11/2018)
[Buy]: Wood toys
We sell montessori material european made . We would like to know the range of your production of wood toys.  Please send us the catalogue by mail  Be...
From: France (8/11/2018)
[Buy]: Laminate timber flooring
Dear Sirs,  Quotation for laminate timber flooring -28 storey retail/showroom/hotel suites . My current project is using laminated timber flooring and the...
From: Malaysia (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: White ash logs
We are representing a Vietnamese company who would like to look for suppliers for wood named Fraxinus Americana with the quantity of 1,000 CBM per month to import i...
From: Vietnam (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: quotation Commercial plywood and plywood Packing
We are POVA2552 company .We are the importer and wholesaler of plywood in Thailand I am interested in your Commercial plywood and plywood Packing .   It wo...
From: Thailand (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Commercial plywood
We are the importer and wholesaler of plywood in Thailand I am interested in your Commercial plywood and plywood Packing .   It would be great if you coul...
From: Thailand (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood
I have an enquiry of pine wood from Iraq.If interest, please contact me......
From: Iraq (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Red Oak wood, Southern yellow pine and ash wood
Just wanted to know if you can supply Red Oak wood, Southern yellow pine and ash wood? .....
From: Canada (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: ASH wood logs
We are India’s leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Garden Tools & Hand Tools to Various DIY’s & OEM’s worldwide. For manufacturing these tools we require ASH Wood (FS...
From: India (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Red oak veneer
We ask you kindly to offer your best price on CIF Lattakia –Syria for  plywood for the requested sizes: 2 X 40 FCL size : 3.2 mm X 1220mm X 2440mm &nb...
From: Turkey (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Russian pine plywood
I want to buy russian pine plywood ......
From: Pakistan (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Bamboo Flooring
good morning, I am the owner of a company that builds low energy houses in Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia; I would like to have all the information about your ba...
From: Slovak (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Sawnwood (Azobe) per cubic meter
I would kindly like to know the cost per cubic meter of sawnwood ( Azobe) ? FOB price. .....
From: Netherlands (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Birch lumber and logs
We are specialising in timber business in Shanghai, and have been importing from Russia since 2012, pine,spruce and birch, roughly 45.000m3 a year. We are inter...
From: China (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: BAS
We are looking for BAS logs right now  if you are ready to export please contact me  Thanks.  .....
From: Korea, South (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Red Oak 4/4 and 5/4 of 1COM and 2COM each
Hello, I'd like to request quote for: 4/4 1COM per MBF 4/4 2COM per MBF 5/4 1COM per MBF 5/4 2COM per MBF To be shipped to port Qing...
From: China (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Wood log
We are interested to buy wood log from Cameroon. Please send us your company details to send you our full inquiry. your sharp reply will be highly apprecia...
From: Bangladesh (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Biomass Fuel
We are constructing the Biomass Power Plant in two locations in Korea, and we are building a long-term strategy for biomass feed stock procurement at the same time.&...
From: Korea, South (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Boxes
Need boxes made on a regular bases need your prices lose for Cedar boxes NOT PLY WOOD could you give me reply today .....
From: United States (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood for shaving
I am writing to inquire about Pine wood for shaving purpose. We are a production company of horse equipment and shaving wood. We pack 18 kg bag of shaving wood. We a...
From: United Arab Emirates (8/8/2018)
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