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Hi, I am looking for import Australia timber Oak and Blackwood for our factory in Vietnam. please contact us for more information and offer. regards  .....
From: Vietnam (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Pine Timber
our company paktimber-hotmaiI is in Karachi please offer best prices 95x70 and 25x150 mm x300 cm pine CNF Karachi.For 6 cont Pls send pictures and your full offer.....
From: Pakistan (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Sawn Oak Planks
We buy oak boards for flooring, fresh cut, 30 (29) x 150 x 650 - 2650mm.....
From: Poland (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Walnut squares wood
We are looking for walnut squares: 50x50x250-500 quality: A and AB steamed: 100h+  Long-term cooperation.  .....
From: Poland (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
We buy a container pine board with a section of 16 * 75 needles, humidity up to 16%  1 grade, without wane, blue, rotten and fallen out knots  le...
From: Russia (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Larch logs
I will buy larch round timber for export(1 cut without knots and defects) with a diameter of 32 and above. .....
From: Estonia (1/21/2021)
[Buy]: Dousie
Need dousie log from africa,negeria/ghana paymnt TT Size30x30x270 cm and up  Give me best price, cfr Vietnam .....
From: Indonesia (1/20/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
Looking for all types of plywood. Please contact us.  .....
From: Nigeria (1/20/2021)
[Buy]: Beech timber firewood
We want to buy beech fire wood, Please contact with us, .....
From: Taiwan (1/20/2021)
[Buy]: Want to buy a cedar trunk/log
I am interested in buying a cedar log 60-80 cm wide and around 3 meters long. I live in Israel and need to know if you can ship it to me. Thank you and God bless, R...
From: Israel (1/20/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
Please offer german spruce logs 30cm up 80%, 20-28cm 20% by jas measurement, 10.8m + 30cm, german red pine logs 38cm up jas measurement, 10.8m + 30cm to cif busan a...
From: Korea, South (1/20/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce timber
Dear Sir We are looking for spruce timber to Hungary. 6-8 trucks a mont. If you interested in the business please contact us......
From: Hungary (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: MDF sheets 4x8 3/4
We are a American company located in CA, USA. I have been looking for MDF manufacturers that can provide me with good quantities and pricing. I wanted to see if you...
From: United States (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Samanea Saman - Cumaru
I am looking for Venezuelan Samanea Saman flooring and exported to the US . Are you able to provide?.....
From: United States (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
Looking to import pine wood lumber to Costa Rica 1X2X3X4X6X8X10X12X14 inch also 2X2X4X6X8X10 , in 3.20 Mts or 4 Mts need 5 Hc containers monthlly inicially , must be...
From: Costa Rica (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Azobe round logs
Dear Sir,   We are interested to buy Azobe round logs of any origin, if available with you any offers--Kindly advise me. .....
From: Bangladesh (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Almond wood
I have a question about almond wood. I am looking for 50 x 50 mm squares. What would be the price of this wood ?.....
From: France (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
We are Furniture manufactures  I would like to enquire about MDF panelling Size(3-50mm) plain and laminated and also ChipBoard Size(15mm,18mm)  .....
From: Malta (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Ipe wood
hello, we are looking to buy a 40`container of ipe wood for delivery in Saint Martin.  .....
From: Spain (1/19/2021)
[Buy]: Edge wood slabs of monkey pod wood and exotic woods
I’m (phone:479 966 7575)located in the United States and looking to establish a business relationship with someone from Costa Rica that can ship me live edge wood...
From: United States (1/19/2021)
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