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[Sell]: Pine and Eucalyptus logs
Dear Sir,  I hope this letter finds you well.  We can supply logs in containers.  ?Radiata pine logs from Australia, 2000 cubic meters...
From: Australia (8/15/2018)
[Sell]: Beech, oak panels
We are dealing with the export of wood products, above all boards, beech, oak panels. We have production in 5 sawmills in Croatia. If you are interested in co-operat...
From: Croatia (8/15/2018)
[Sell]: Guibourtia Coleosperma, African Rosewood, Rhodesian Teak
Guibourtia Coleosperma, African Rosewood, Rhodesian Teak. Please contact me for details including country of origin, capacity, price and terms........
From: Netherlands (8/15/2018)
[Sell]: Introduce and Offering wood slabs from a manufacturer, TH.
The purpose of this email is to introduce and, to make you have more choices later after we consulted.   My name is Kattaleeya Janintarangkul, Owner of Mol...
From: Thailand (8/15/2018)
[Sell]: plywood , veneer and logs from China , Equatorial Guinea an
This is Shengyang Industrial Joint Stock Co., Ltd from China. We are glad to enter into business relationship with you.  Our lines are mainly wood products...
From: China (8/15/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce & Pine Lumber, KD20%, 47/50x150/175/200x3-6
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Spruce (Whitewood), Pine (Redwood); Origin: North-West Russia; Mois...
From: Russia (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Hard Maple and Red Oak Logs
Our company is a family owned logging company located in Ontario where we harvest hardwood veneer grade logs and sawlogs in Hard Maple, Red Oak, Ash. White Oak, Bass...
From: Canada (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Pellets
WE offer pellets in bags (20kg) Premium class or in BigBAgs, 1 pallett/960 kg or 1 pallett/bigbag 1tn   Price is 145 EUR EXW Tallinn price .....
From: Estonia (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Eucalyptus round wood Logs
   Eucalyptus round wood Logs    Spruce / pine / fir Mixed All fresh cut logs 1.diam: 25cm+ middle (most 25-50cm) 2.diam...
From: Thailand (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Oak finger jointed panel FJ panel edged glued panel
Professional supplier of Oak FJ Finger jointed panel, Oak EG Edged glued panel, Beech FJ Finger jointed panel, Beech EG Edged glued panel, Rubberwood FJ Finger Join...
From: China (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Merbau meranti kapur balau
nabire.wood@gmail.com  Dear Sir. (  We are exporter timber products. Our products are as follow Moldings, semifinished goods, and compo...
From: Indonesia (8/14/2018)
[Sell]: Red Pine Lumber - Shop grades 5/4, 6/4 from Eastern Siberia
Species - Red Pine (Pinus Sylvestris of Eastern Siberian origin)  Moisture content 10-12%  Thickness 5/4", 6/4"   Width 5-10"  &...
From: United States (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce 2Com boards 1x4 (19x89mm), 1x6 (19x140mm) S4S, KD16%
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Surfaced boards; Species: Spruce; KD: 16% KD; Surfacing: S4S; Grade: 2&Btr; Dimensions:...
From: Russia (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: Hardboard
Hardboard manufacture in Thailand which capacity is 1.3 sheets per month. Our product thickness range is from 1.6 - 6mm.    Advance Asia Fiber Co...
From: Thailand (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: European Hardwoods
We Supply European Hardwoods KD unedged ash lumber, KD unedged oak lumber, KD square edged steamed beech lumber. ...
From: France (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: film faced plywood
Our lines are mainly wood products, for example plywood, film-faced plywood etc in China, and we have factories on Equatorial Guinea and Gabon,Our Equatorial Guinea...
From: China (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: High quality film faced plywood
Size:1220x2440mm(4'x8'),915x1830mm(3'x6'),1250x2500mm,1200x1800mm,  1525x3050mm(5'x10') Thickness: 6.0-27mm  Core: poplar,eucalyptus,birch core&n...
From: China (8/13/2018)
[Sell]: Wood logs
We export balsa, balsamo, cypress, dormilon, mascarey, saman, teak and others.  In logs, squares, timber.  Please visit our website.  W...
From: Ecuador (8/13/2018)
We produce SAWDUST, WOOD POWDER, WOOD SHAVING, WOOD WASTE, WOOD PELLET. Pleade, contact us for purchasing. Thank You. pdbravoenterprises@gmail.com PD. Bravo Ent...
From: Indonesia (8/12/2018)
[Sell]: Beams, ash, oak
Good afternoon, the Ukrainian company produces and supplies timber lumber from oak wood (ABCD or Rustic), red oak.  Nam...
From: Ukraine (8/12/2018)
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