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[Buy]: Hardwood
I am from capetown south africa, we need hard wood for furni...
From: South Africa (3/27/2017)
[Buy]: Cyprus timber
Kindly send us your prices of Cyprus timber and breakdown fo...
From: Kenya (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood
We are interested in your product Of Birch Plywood Clas...
From: Egypt (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Birch lumber
We are interested in the following   birch lumber...
From: Egypt (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Birch lumber
We are a trading company we have client in China interested...
From: Egypt (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Pinus pinaster boards
We are an important company in Morocco, specialized in the p...
From: Morocco (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Softboard
We are a company based in South Africa which manufactures w...
From: South Africa (3/22/2017)
[Buy]: Teaklog and Gmelina wood
We are interested in buying Teaklog and Gmelina from your hu...
From: Togo (3/22/2017)
[Buy]: Guibourtia coleosperma wood
Dear sir Please quote for Guibourtia coleosperma wood&n...
From: South Africa (3/21/2017)
[Buy]: Timber fender
We need your best price for 119 timber fenders  Materia...
From: Tunisia (3/16/2017)
[Buy]: Decking for terrace
Our company is based in Morocco and we are looking to impor...
From: Morocco (3/15/2017)
From: Mauritius (3/15/2017)
[Buy]: Wooden Floor and T&G Rates
Please forward rates per sq meter for wooden floors and t&g...
From: Tanzania (3/9/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
We are looking for partner and supplier of MDF panels. ...
From: Tunisia (3/9/2017)
[Buy]: Wood shavings
We are a company in Egypt, we are working in the supply of C...
From: Egypt (3/8/2017)
[Buy]: Pallets and timber
We are a manufacturer of pallets in tunisia and we are inter...
From: Tunisia (3/8/2017)
[Buy]: Beech pine and oak
We are furniture company and want to import some kind of woo...
From: Egypt (3/7/2017)
[Buy]: Pine Face Timber Boards
Please send us a quotation shipped to Cape Town (CIF) -South...
From: South Africa (3/6/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood
We are specialy distributer for concrete equipment and scafo...
From: Morocco (3/6/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood size of 1525x1525x3m
 Hello  I want ask about plywood price CIF to Alex...
From: Egypt (3/5/2017)
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