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[Buy]: Red Oak , Walnut logs
We are looking for US-based supplier/exporter for the follow...
From: United States (6/27/2017)
[Buy]: Cabreuva and Virola/cumala wood
We buy direct from Brazil, sawn wood ( GMS) , sliced lamell...
From: United States (6/25/2017)
[Buy]: Ash wood
We are looking for the cheapest price for Ash Wood.  qu...
From: Canada (6/22/2017)
[Buy]: 16,000 Wooden Sleepers
We are inquiring into an upcoming tender for 16,000 Ekki (A...
From: United States (6/22/2017)
[Buy]: EWP
WE need EWP S4S in 19 mm thickness width 140,184,235,286,mm...
From: Canada (6/21/2017)
[Buy]: Liberian Wood
WE are interested to work with a reputable wood supplier fro...
From: United States (6/21/2017)
[Buy]: Marine plywood BS 1088
I am looking for a manufacturer of marine plywood BS 1088, P...
From: United States (6/20/2017)
[Buy]: Okoume
I am looking to buy 100m3 of Okoume sawn wood from a supplie...
From: United States (6/19/2017)
[Buy]: Pallet lumber
Dear Sir, I represent many bigs buyers of pallet factory in...
From: United States (6/18/2017)
[Buy]: Pallet in KIT
 Need a quotation for pallet FOB not assembled (KIT) f...
From: Canada (6/17/2017)
[Buy]: Timber for surfboards
We are looking for these types of wood; Paper, ceiba, raft,...
From: Mexico (6/16/2017)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus wood boards
I am interested in finding a supplier for eucalyptus boards...
From: United States (6/15/2017)
[Buy]: Floor
I would like to make a quote for 1000m2 with average 5cm wid...
From: Mexico (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: Ruberwood 4x8 sheets
I purchase rubber wood 4x8 sheets .812 thick, approximately...
From: United States (6/13/2017)
[Buy]: Lumber
Looking for a wood estimate for delivery to La Molina, Lima...
From: United States (6/13/2017)
[Buy]: Strand Woven Bamboo Panels
Our company is looking to work with a manufacture in either...
From: Canada (6/12/2017)
[Buy]: Sapele lumber
I am looking to import 5K board feet of Sapele into Vancouv...
From: Canada (6/12/2017)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus logs
Looking for supplier of eucalyptus logs......
From: United States (6/11/2017)
[Buy]: Lumber
We are looking to export Eastern Wide Pine Southern Yellow P...
From: Canada (6/9/2017)
[Buy]: Hardwood Sleeper
We are inquiring into an upcoming tender for 30,000 wooden s...
From: United States (6/8/2017)
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