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[Buy]: Solid wood flooring
I am interested in solid wood flooring... ...
From: United States (2/18/2018)
[Buy]: Woodchip
I'm looking for woodchip manufacturer in brazil. ------------ ------------ ------------- --------- --------- ----------- -------------- --------- ...
From: United States (2/17/2018)
[Buy]: SYP logs
We are interested in purchasing SYP logs. Please send us a price list for your logs.   They don't need to be debarked and they are for India ...
From: United States (2/16/2018)
[Buy]: Teak Logs
We are an established company with all the certificates necessary to export. Our team counts with years of experience in the export business and maint ...
From: United States (2/16/2018)
[Buy]: Pine plywood and pine lumber
Hello, I would like to gather some information on the plywood from Russia. I am interested in prices on your Pine plywood rated sheeting (C grad ...
From: United States (2/14/2018)
[Buy]: Spruce or Pine Square Edge
We are looking spruce & pine for our customers. Please let us know what you can offer in the following sizes as we are looking 25-50 containers per mo ...
From: United States (2/14/2018)
[Buy]: Bent plywood handle
We are designing a line of Canadian made products and require a bent ply wood handle for a briefcase. Can you send me your email address so that ...
From: Canada (2/13/2018)
[Buy]: Antique pine beams
I am looking for suppler of antique pine beams. I need to order  3@ 10" x 14" x 20' 4@ 6" x 8" x 12' 8@ 6" x 8" x 10' 4@ 10" ...
From: United States (2/13/2018)
[Buy]: MDF
we are looking for is as follows:  Product: MDF  Form: Sheets / Panels.  Usage / Application: Side-"walls" for an outd ...
From: United States (2/12/2018)
[Buy]: Precut lumbrer for pallets
Looking for precut lumber 1067mm x 89mm x 18mm for pallets please give me a price per board will order 40ft containers at a time shipped to port of ho ...
From: United States (2/11/2018)
[Buy]: Tam Vong and Gai bamboo
We are interesting in Tam Vong and Gai bamboo. Can you send catalog of your bamboo products? .. ...
From: United States (2/10/2018)
[Buy]: Cabinet doors
I need cabinet doors, Please contact us. .. ...
From: United States (2/8/2018)
[Buy]: Birch Sawn Wood
I am looking for birch sawn wood to import. Hopefully the monthly purchase will reach 500 cubic meters. Please contact us if you are interested. ...
From: United States (2/7/2018)
[Buy]: Teak products
I am interested in a supply of teak products for my wood store. I am located in British Columbia, Canada.    Do you have a c ...
From: Canada (2/7/2018)
[Buy]: Tropical hardwood
We build custom wood doors, I am interested in importing mahogany and other tropical hardwood to the US to use in our doors. Please advise.  &nbs ...
From: United States (2/7/2018)
[Buy]: Precut lumbrer for pallets
Please give me a quote on 3 containers of 1x6 1x4 and 2x4 all 42" .. ...
From: United States (2/7/2018)
[Buy]: Paulownia Wood Plywood
I’m interested in buying Paulownia Wood Plywood Panel (Grade A or B).  Please confirm if this is something I can import from you, if yes, I’ll ...
From: United States (2/6/2018)
[Buy]: Quarter round
I need some 1/4" quarter round to finish a cabinet to hold in a glass panel. Do you carry this? Thanks .. ...
From: Canada (2/6/2018)
[Buy]: precut lumber for pallets shipped to port of Houston
In need of 3 40ft containers of precut lumber 19mm x 89mm x 1067mm and 19mm x 140mm x 1067mm and 37 x 89mm x 1067mm   Please give me a ...
From: United States (2/6/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden dowel rods
We are looking for 2000-5000 3/4" x 36" wooden dowel rods, to be shipped to Portland, Oregon, USA  .. ...
From: United States (2/5/2018)
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