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[Buy]: Balsa wood
Looking to partner with balsa wood producers and understand all potential areas of supply. .. ...
From: United States (7/19/2019)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
I am interested in purchasing plywood and other wood products and shipping to Juneau ,Ketchikan and anchorage akare ... ...
From: United States (7/17/2019)
[Buy]: TEAK logs
 We are USA based company with our subsidiary operating in India and south east asia. We are currently exploring the opportunity to import impor ...
From: United States (7/16/2019)
[Buy]: 6x6 10ft long cedar post
Hi, Just wondering if you have any 6x6 cedar post and 10 ft long. I will need 10 of them. thanks .. ...
From: Canada (7/16/2019)
[Buy]: Prefab home
I am a private buyer interested in a small, prefab home made of lumber. I plan on moving to Saint Lucia and woukd like information to assist in my dec ...
From: United States (7/15/2019)
[Buy]: Pine Wood
We are a leading importer of Pine wood.we import 50.000 m3 monthly.Our company is located in Guangzhou of China. now we would like to purchase 10.000 ...
From: United States (7/8/2019)
[Buy]: Plywood for engineered floor
Looking for 7mm, 9mm, 12mm BB/CP plywood core for engineered floor , prefered suppliers from Ukraine. please contact me at the Email avobe thank you ...
From: United States (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: Guitars Build quote
I am planning a 100 Guitars pre-order for next year and wanted to have a quote on full builds without pickups and electronics. I heard only great thin ...
From: Canada (7/2/2019)
I am interested in oak logs. Please send us your price.   Thanks .. ...
From: Canada (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: logs and lumber
We would like to do business for logs and lumber. Please call us or email us... ...
From: United States (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: SPC panels
Please price for SPC panels, q-ty 25000 - 30000m2/month ( to USA ).. ...
From: United States (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: Bamboo Cutting Boards
I am looking for a manufacturer who can produce bamboo cutting boards from VietNam .  I represent a group in the United States of America l ...
From: United States (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
Hello, I would like a price for a lift of 2x4x12' lumber And rough cut. Thank you in advance .. ...
From: Canada (6/29/2019)
[Buy]: Firewood
I am looking for a truck and maybe a pup of logs for firewood. I want to ask for a cost as well when could you deliver if you can supply. .. ...
From: Canada (6/27/2019)
[Buy]: 18 foot round oak poles 5
I need a price for round oak poles 40 of them... ...
From: United States (6/26/2019)
[Buy]: Douglas fir MDF panel
Looking for Douglas Fir sawn cut MDF 1" thick good 2 sides, or veneer sheet. .. ...
From: Canada (6/26/2019)
[Buy]: Siding
We are looking for a company who can cut 1x8 or 1x10 bevel siding and if so what's the cost?  .. ...
From: Canada (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Teak decking and bath items
We have several customers that have asked us to work on teak bath items for them. You were kind enough at the time to send me information on some ...
From: United States (6/21/2019)
[Buy]: Fence Lumber
I'm looking to completely rebuild the fence around my property in Smithers; ideally in cedar. I got a quote from Castle but according to people I've r ...
From: Canada (6/21/2019)
[Buy]: Wood mouldings
We are searching for wood mouldings manufacture in Indonesia to be exported to our companies in USA, UK, and Australia. Our montly purchase is 15-18 x ...
From: United States (6/20/2019)
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