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[Buy]: Hardwood Handle Blanks
We are looking for a vendor to supply Hardwood Handle Blanks. KD, Clear Hardwood, Rough Doweled, All Solid, PET, MC 6-8%. All diameters 41.3mm round ...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus or Pine wood for furniture
We are looking for sawn wood in Eucalyptus or Pine wood in the below sizes. They will be used for sofa wooden frames  We are a furniture imp ...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: 5.2mm x 4 x 10 hardwood plywood veneer core
 I am interested in purchasing some Malaysian Luan ( hardwood plywood veneer ). Please send me some information regarding pricing and quanti ...
From: Canada (5/23/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce timber
I am looking for spruce timber 6x6x10 12 pieces I am also looking for 2x6x10 6 pieces.  Could you give me you price for individual pi ...
From: Canada (5/21/2019)
[Buy]: African ebony ( diospyros crassiflora )
I want to import the following diosptros crassiflora (african ebony ).  1 20 ft container 19 cubic meters 12cm x 17cm x 180cm .. ...
From: United States (5/20/2019)
[Buy]: Oak & birch flooring
Hi,  We are an importer of white oak flooring in NJ USA. We are looking for manufacturers in Ukraine and very interested in white oak and bi ...
From: United States (5/16/2019)
[Buy]: Guitars
I am looking for a good company who can produce high quality guitars for my brands.  What would be the minimum order of electric guitars for an ...
From: Canada (5/16/2019)
[Buy]: lumber
We are looking for kd pine 38 x 89 x 2440 and 3660  38 x 140 x 3660 in A grade and mill run del to Altamira Mexico ...
From: Canada (5/16/2019)
[Buy]: Boxwood
I want to buy boxwood. Do you ship to Canada? Can you give me a quote for boxwood per board foot? I assume you use this measurement for quotes bu ...
From: Canada (5/12/2019)
[Buy]: Walnut lumber
I need 4/4 walnut lumber, kiln dried graded ... ...
From: United States (5/11/2019)
[Buy]: T&G cedar
Looking for t&g cedar lumber. Please advise your best prices.   .. ...
From: Canada (5/9/2019)
[Buy]: kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Our company is in Miami, Florida, and we import kitchen and bathroom cabinets for wholesale contractors. We are interested in importing wood products ...
From: United States (5/9/2019)
[Buy]: Gmelina wood
looking to buy 10 to 20 containers of gmelina cut lumber and logs different sizes, please contact me, we take FOB pricing price per Cubic meter or bo ...
From: United States (5/8/2019)
[Buy]: SYP Logs
I am looking for regular supply of SYP Logs. .. ...
From: Canada (5/8/2019)
[Buy]: Pacific forest from Chile
We work with Pacific forest from chile and are looking for companies to work with .  .. ...
From: United States (5/7/2019)
[Buy]: Masonry heater kits
We are looking for a manufacturer of masonry heater fireplace kits... ...
From: Canada (5/1/2019)
[Buy]: Softwood lumber 6/4 x 8
I want to purchase softwood lumber 6/4 x 8 for my project... ...
From: United States (4/26/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
I am looking for a price on some cedar 28 - 4x4 by 8 feet and 112 - 2x6 by 10 feet long  Thanks .. ...
From: Canada (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Plywood
We are a cabinet manufacturer and looking for plywood pricing, 3/4" x 4 x 8, shipped to Canada.UV birch interior, better grade exterior either birch o ...
From: United States (4/24/2019)
[Buy]: SYP Lumber
I'm looking for suppliers of SYP Lumber   for exploring . Please advise your products details. What sizes and grades? Volume per m ...
From: Canada (4/19/2019)
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