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[Buy]: acrylic& MDF board
Thanks, shall I asked yr best FOB price on UV MDF  panel board & acrylic board on variety thickness ?  as well as what will be it ...
From: United States (8/23/2017)
[Buy]: Cabinet doors
I need cabinet doors, Please contact us.  .. ...
From: United States (8/22/2017)
[Buy]: Shutters components
We are looking for wood components to build shutters. Please advise if you can export to US ?.. ...
From: United States (8/19/2017)
[Buy]: Briquette Business
Looking for briquette suppliers to supply a large grocery chain in the US.  .. ...
From: United States (8/19/2017)
[Buy]: Chipboard
We are a paperboard converter in Canada. I would like to inquire about chip board in rolls. We currently use 300 metric tonnes per month... ...
From: Canada (8/18/2017)
[Buy]: Gmelina logs
We are looking for suppliers of Gmelina logs , please quote for Gmailna logs for India destinations. .. ...
From: Canada (8/17/2017)
[Buy]: Basswood
We are looking for a manufacturer of basswood. .. ...
From: United States (8/16/2017)
[Buy]: Red Cedar Logs
I'm looking to try and see what is your advrage length of your logs are, I'm building a log cabin, and need too see what your lengths of your logs be ...
From: United States (8/15/2017)
[Buy]: Meranti Plywood
Looking for Meranti Plywood for USA Market. Please provide pricing on Meranti plwyood . .. ...
From: United States (8/11/2017)
[Buy]: Sapele mahogany raw logs
Hello, I am researching on where we can import Sapele Mahogany raw logs from.If you sell Sapele Mahogany raw logs and and can ship to Canada,please co ...
From: United States (8/11/2017)
[Buy]: Kitchen Cabinets
We are looking for suppliers in Vietnam to supply our company Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen cabinet components (doors).  ------------- ---------- ...
From: United States (8/10/2017)
[Buy]: Rubber wood F.J.L boards
We are looking for Finger Joint Laminated (F.J.L) Panels, Edge Glued (E.G.) Panels, and Squares from Rubber wood.  We are a leading producer ...
From: United States (8/7/2017)
[Buy]: Gmelina logs
We are lookinbg for a supplier of Gmelina logs. If yes, please quote your prices for Girth 90cm and up length 5.8 meters. -------------- -------- ...
From: Canada (8/3/2017)
[Buy]: Hardwood Floors
I'm looking to purchase some Hard Wood Floors, below is the specifications needed. Brizilian Cherry / American Cherry Width: 3.25 Inch  ...
From: United States (8/2/2017)
[Buy]: Oak boards
Looking for pricing 1x6" oak boards rough cut one side for horse fence around 1600 ft thanks  .. ...
From: United States (8/2/2017)
[Buy]: Calibrated plywood
We are looking for a supplier who can supply construction plywood in large quantities. Calibrated plywood, 18MM. I need to know your pricing and lead ...
From: United States (8/1/2017)
[Buy]: Rustic Olive Laminate Floor
I am looking for Wellington rustic olive laminate flooring in the 8 mm. I need to know where I can purchase this floor. I live in northeast Georgia. ...
From: United States (7/31/2017)
[Buy]: Wood flakes for OSB and MDF
I'm looking for a large quantity of wood flakes to make OSB and MDF for our new project. Can you give me some information for your products? If we buy ...
From: United States (7/27/2017)
[Buy]: Teak lumber
Hello, I am a major architectural and design company. We are interested in purchasing teak lumber. We will use it for one of our projects, we wan ...
From: Mexico (7/26/2017)
[Buy]: Carribean pine
We are very interested in Pino Caribe with the following measures and conditions. Please quote each measure individually. 20-24cm x 5.8m 25 ...
From: United States (7/26/2017)
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