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[Buy]: MDF
We are looking for a manufacturer in Brazil.We import 8 containers per year.The following is what we need: We use premium hardwoods, environmenta ...
From: United States (10/14/2017)
[Buy]: Birch Dowel rods
Our company is the largest distributor of dowel rods & wood turnings. We would be interested in getting pricing on Birch Dowel rods and craft sticks a ...
From: United States (10/13/2017)
[Buy]: Birch Dowel rods and craft stick
Our company is the largest distributor of dowel rods & wood turnings in the U.S. We would be interested in getting pricing on your Birch Dowel rods an ...
From: United States (10/13/2017)
[Buy]: Fence boards
We have a project we need to put up fence boards. We are putting the posts up today and will need to put the boards/slats up soon. 8' tall. 21' x 15'. ...
From: United States (10/13/2017)
[Buy]: Custom cigar boxes
Looking for a company willing to build custom cigar boxes to my specifications. I am eagerly await hearing from you. I am best contacted after 4pm. CS ...
From: United States (10/12/2017)
[Buy]: Dining room Bench 72 inches long
I am looking to purchase Dining room Bench 72 inches long . Do you make any dining room benches. I am coming to Chiang Mai on November 10... ...
From: Canada (10/11/2017)
[Buy]: Red Oak
I'm looking to purchase 4/4 Red Oak Grn and KD, 2 and 3 com. as well as KD hard maple 2+3com. May I get a quote from you on the above specifications? ...
From: United States (10/9/2017)
[Buy]: Dimensional lumber
Seeking plywood or dimensional lumber from Brazil... ...
From: United States (10/6/2017)
[Buy]: 3mm thick plywood
I would like to know if you can supply 3mm thick plywood to us. Please send pricing. We would ship it to the US on a small plastic pallet.   .. ...
From: United States (10/6/2017)
[Buy]: FSC Eucalyptus Grandis
We are looking to buy FSC Eucalyptus Grandis and import to vn. .. ...
From: United States (10/4/2017)
[Buy]: Zwarte Kabbes,White Pinto-Locus,Purpleheart
Our company in Canada is looking for following wood logs species for export to our sister concern in India. Please quote your best prices with availa ...
From: Canada (10/4/2017)
[Buy]: Pine wood planks
We are interested to buy Pine wood planks (10-20 containers/month) to begin with. 4"- S1S length 3.9 Please give your best price. FOB Brazil port. &n ...
From: United States (9/29/2017)
From: United States (9/27/2017)
[Buy]: Prefabricated greenheart house
I need a 3-bedroom prefabricated greenheart house for saint lucia... ...
From: United States (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Wood doors
Hi, we got a new house poject and need a lot of new doors. .. ...
From: Canada (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus grandis peeler veneer logs
We are interested in Eucalyptus grandis peeler 3SC and 4SC veneer logs, diameter 30"+ cm. Can you please provide quotes?  Please contact me at lp ...
From: United States (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Whita ash wood
We are a construction company and want to purchase some whita ash 6 inches either green or KD .  .. ...
From: Canada (9/20/2017)
[Buy]: Wooden Candle lid
Hello- I am interested in purchasing a large quantity order for wooden lids for a glass jar for a candle similar to one I bought that you manufac ...
From: United States (9/19/2017)
[Buy]: Logs/timber from Africa
I am the owner of a plywood manufacturing company based in Lucknow, India. We are thinking to import logs/timber from Africa. I have few questions:&n ...
From: United States (9/18/2017)
[Buy]: Bulk plywood purchase
 Hello,  To begin with, we are looking to buy 200m3 of 15mmx1220mmx2400mm plywood select sheets. In the future, we will be interested t ...
From: Canada (9/17/2017)
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