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[Buy]: Wood pellets
I have interest in wood pellets, can you kindly send me photos, prices and details of your commodity?   My company is based in Italy. C ...
From: Italy (10/21/2020)
[Buy]: Larch lumber
 We are buying siberian larch products on regular basis. Our main products are: a) Edged larch, dim. 25/50x125/150x3000/4000/6000 mm, kd dry ...
From: Slovenia (10/21/2020)
[Buy]: Paper overlaid decorative plywood
Paper overlaid decorative plywood with grooves and without grooves 4x8x2.8mm (actual) as well as 4x8x2.8mm (actual 2.6mm).  Please offer you ...
From: Oman (10/21/2020)
[Buy]: Oak wood
Dear Sir,  We are one of the main wood importers in Portugal. We are looking for : - structural woods with autoclave treatment&nbs ...
From: Portugal (10/21/2020)
[Buy]: Bedaru wood ( dadaru = Samala )
We are looking for daru daru wood(Bedaru ) for flooring. If any pleace give prices and sizes. Yours,  .. ...
From: Finland (10/20/2020)
[Buy]: Pine boards
Can you offer us boards dry in the dimensions 31/32 x 105 keeping dry in 5 m. delivered to 79843 Unadingen. Thank you Best regards  .. ...
From: Germany (10/20/2020)
[Buy]: Ipe and other decks
We want to import ipe and other decks... ...
From: Turkey (10/17/2020)
[Buy]: Bamboo bowls and plates
 Hello,  I am interested in a bulk purchase of bowls and plates made of 100% bamboo. I understand that the manufacturing process involves pr ...
From: Romania (10/15/2020)
[Buy]: Grandis eucalyptus 20 annual contracts 1x5 "
We are looking for a supplier of Eucalyptus Grandis 1x5 ", approximately 20 containers per year Quality: FAS KD Please, if you are inte ...
From: Denmark (10/13/2020)
[Buy]: Pine glued blanks
We want to buy glued blanks for the production of AA grade furniture boards. Wood species: pine. Volume: up to 100m3 per month. Require ...
From: Russia (10/13/2020)
[Buy]: Furniture catalog and price lists
We retail and wholesale import products such as dining set, sofa sets, tables, sun beds. ----------- -----------  In addition we started to ...
From: Turkey (10/13/2020)
[Buy]: 3 layer engineered flooring with clic oiled
Looking for high quality europe size hardwood flooring,3 layer engineered flooring parquet ... ...
From: Germany (10/12/2020)
[Buy]: Bed slats
Im looking for bedslats beech full truck load. Could you please offer it? Beech 53x8mm , in different lengths. Thank you.. ...
From: Hungary (10/12/2020)
[Buy]: Olive wood logs
Please advise what is the MOQ for logs or boards are they green air or kiln dried Thanks .. ...
From: United Kingdom (10/12/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood for indoor
 Our company is in Istanbul, Turkey. We need plywood products that I will detail below. If you have these products, please inform me of thei ...
From: Turkey (10/11/2020)
[Buy]: OEM production guitar parts
I am interesting in bulk production of guitar parts. .. ...
From: Germany (10/9/2020)
[Buy]: MDF, Chipboard and Plywood
I own a trading company is northern France. We are currently looking for a MDF supplier in China for a long-lasting business relationship. I would li ...
From: France (10/8/2020)
[Buy]: Pellets
I would like to buy pellets from a hungary company.I would like to know if you send to Romania and how much would the transport cost?.. ...
From: Romania (10/7/2020)
[Buy]: Oak planed timber
Hello, I am building a staircase and require two stretchers 3.6mtrs 32mmx220mm Do you supply planed timber? thank you.. ...
From: United Kingdom (10/7/2020)
[Buy]: Softwood timber for furniture production -- pine
We are a furniture manufacturer based in the United Kingdom looking for sawn softwood timber. Having looked on your website, pine is probably the best ...
From: United Kingdom (10/7/2020)
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