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[Buy]: Oak
Hello,  Dear Sir I looking for oak  Oak 27 mm KD +/- 8 % not square edge   Wdith 190mm +   Length min after cut c ...
From: Poland (12/12/2017)
I am looking for a manufacturer of door and Windows in Poland for the french market. Please send me your business contact and products catalogs.  ...
From: France (12/12/2017)
[Buy]: Cladding timber
 Hello, I am interested in what products you can offer, my company uses lot's of cladding for our own projects but we also sell cladding in the ...
From: United Kingdom (12/12/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood 6 mm c/c
Dear, Sirs. We are interested in c/c 3 mm 1525*1525 mm about 300 m3 and also cp/cp 18 mm 1525*1525 mm and 6 mm c/c for UK market.  & ...
From: United Kingdom (12/11/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood from 3mm to 18mm
Dear Sir & Madam, I would like to inquire about your product the Plywood, how much each of this from 3mm to 18mm and also do you have a supplier ...
From: Oman (12/11/2017)
[Buy]: White oak timber
We are interesting for white oak timber fresh or dry square egged length 2000mm and up with 120mm and up and thicness 70% 50mm and rest 30% 27mm . We ...
From: Greece (12/11/2017)
[Buy]: Furniture
Dear all, One of our clients is interesting on furniture. Please send me your catalogue for nightstand tables, coffe tables, cabinet with dr ...
From: Spain (12/11/2017)
[Buy]: Kitchen doors
Please send me a catalog of wood doors and kitchen with retail and wholesales prices .Please quote prices in dollars .. ...
From: United Kingdom (12/10/2017)
[Buy]: Beech wood boards
I am looking for solid board in Beechwood from Romania for main volume. Payment guaranteed.Let me know your interest.  Regards   .. ...
From: France (12/8/2017)
[Buy]: Balsa wood
Hello, We are looking for suppliers of Balsa wood. We are two enterpreneurs starting a new business producing our own surf boards. Based on ...
From: Belgium (12/8/2017)
[Buy]: Spruce , Fir-logs, Pine-logs
I am looking for Spruce logs, Fir-logs, Pine-logs. This is a monthly requirement for our chinese client . Sincerely, .. ...
From: Germany (12/7/2017)
[Buy]: Unfinished European oak timber
I would like to to buy unfinished European oak in planks.  If you can supply, please send me the quotation .  Looking forward your repl ...
From: Italy (12/7/2017)
[Buy]: Pellet 6mm 15kg En plus A1, din+
Hello , we are in need of pellet 6mm 15kg En plus A1, din+.  Please give me the price with delivery to PL Katowice. Regards  .. ...
From: Poland (12/6/2017)
[Buy]: Pellet
Please send me offer for 1.000 ton of pellet in Big Bags, . ---------------------- ------------------- --------------------- -------------- ----- ...
From: Spain (12/5/2017)
[Buy]: Pellet 6mm 15kg bags
Buy 6mm pellets, 15kg bags, EN plus A1 class, Din +. Please give me the price with delivery to PL Katowice.  First deliveries only cash ...
From: Poland (12/5/2017)
[Buy]: Ekki logs
We are looking to secure 2000/3000 tonnes of Ekki logs on a monthly basis. We are hoping to travel to Monrovia in the next 2 weeks to meet some s ...
From: Ireland (12/4/2017)
I'm looking for a hardwood supplier. Please send me a quote for IPE Decking and CUMARU Decking, 21x145x10'+ S4S E4E. 1 container 40' (I ...
From: France (12/3/2017)
[Buy]: Spruce lumber
We need about 100m3 spruce 52x115 4-6m. Pls offer,Gallos Athens -Greece .. ...
From: Greece (12/1/2017)
[Buy]: Basralocus wood price per cbm
We are looking for the prices of following available types from istanbul.  1. Basralocus  2. Bolletrie  3. hgland Gronfo ...
From: Turkey (12/1/2017)
[Buy]: pellet 6mm 15kg En plus A1
I am interested in 6mm pellets, 15 or 20kg bags, EN plaus A1, din +. Please send me your cerificate. Please provide an offer per ton wi ...
From: Poland (12/1/2017)
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