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[Buy]: Veneer american walnut
We want to buy veneer from american walnut cerificated FSC 1...
From: Romania (6/26/2017)
[Buy]: Ayous edged boards
We are looking for ayous edged boards KD 10-12% 38/40x90x180...
From: Germany (6/26/2017)
[Buy]: Natural ebony veneer
 We are one of the biggest furniture company in Turkey...
From: Turkey (6/26/2017)
[Buy]: Wood based toys
I am interested in sourcing wood based toy products. I will...
From: Ireland (6/23/2017)
[Buy]: laminated scantlings
Presently we are looking for laminated scantlings from WH...
From: Poland (6/23/2017)
[Buy]: spruce/pine timber
We are a Hungarian 3000m2 timber plot with office, wheel bar...
From: Hungary (6/23/2017)
[Buy]: Pine or spurce boards
We are looking for a lowest quality board (D grade) pine or...
From: Finland (6/22/2017)
[Buy]: Red Oak logs of European origin
we are looking for RED OAK logs A/B grade 3.0...
From: Germany (6/21/2017)
[Buy]: Children's furniture
I wholesale of tables and chairs for kindergartens are looki...
From: France (6/21/2017)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood
Dear Sirs, we are interested in buying interior birch plywoo...
From: Portugal (6/21/2017)
[Buy]: Pallet wood
Hello, we are looking for long term cooperation in fiel...
From: Czech Republic (6/20/2017)
[Buy]: Cherry ,Walnuts wood
I would like to ask you if your company would be able to sup...
From: United Kingdom (6/20/2017)
[Buy]: Spruce wood
I am looking for spruce wood, Planed, S4S for Export. Pls co...
From: Germany (6/20/2017)
[Buy]: Oak beams
Hello im looking for oak beams   dimensions&n...
From: Belgium (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: White oak
We are interested in buying white oak edging. We are pa...
From: Netherlands (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: Incense charcoals
Please inform us if you can provide us incense charcoals&nbs...
From: Greece (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
We are looking for supplier of birch plywood from Russia. &...
From: Germany (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: Decking
Please give me a quote for 600 m2 pie deck ( +/- 140 mm x 20...
From: France (6/14/2017)
[Buy]: Spruce timber
Spruce KD 18-20% timber 36/48 x 100/150 x 6000 mm. DDP...
From: Latvia (6/13/2017)
[Buy]: Beer tent furniture
Dear Mrs. and Sirs,  We are a family company and search...
From: Germany (6/13/2017)
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