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[Buy]: Chipboard
Dear Sir,  I am looking for a manufacturer. F90 mins (3x7 and 4x8 thickness .64mm) F60 mins (3x7 and 4x8 thickness .54mm) NFR Chipboard (3x7...
From: United Arab Emirates (10/21/2019)
[Buy]: Deckings from Tropical Hardwoods
Please offer Deckings and flooring in all dimenisiones and differnt grades like also Country Grade, for our Online shop in Germany, import 40-50 Containers per year...
From: Germany (10/21/2019)
[Buy]: Calibrated plywood
We are the plywood traders in India. We are starting import from Vietnam for calibrated plywood of 12,16,18 mm thickness in various faces. We are planning to visit V...
From: India (10/20/2019)
[Buy]: Charcoals
We are writing to inquire if you can send your company catalogue which has details of all the charcoal products you manufacture.We have a huge requirement and hope y...
From: United Arab Emirates (10/19/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
 I am an agent of a German wood company, which is very interested, to buy spruce logs. Length: 11,5 m (+30 cm free trim). Diameter (in the middle): 20...
From: Germany (10/19/2019)
[Buy]: Wood moudling
I need wooden moudling.The mouldings are made from engineered or artificial teak wood, pine wood, white wood......
From: India (10/19/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood
I am interested buying in teakwood. I want to how much u will charge for exporting wood to India. Thank you   .....
From: New Zealand (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: Kitchen cabinets
We will have couples large projects and need new suppliers of wood kitchen cabinets.  we can work with you.  Best Regards .....
From: United States (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: Beechwood
Our company is looking to buy Beechwood for one of our customers in the Middle East. We prefer origin in Bosnia.Croatia.Serbia or Romania where we save the lan...
From: Slovak (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: Doussie wood
Hello.  I am looking for Doussie wood. Would you please find availability possible.  I would be ready to sit for bargaining.  Waiting to hea...
From: Tanzania (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: Brich plywood
Hi sir! We are interested in 1220 2440 9 12 15 18mm cnf Karachi port ( pakistan)  can u please tell us what quality u have in brich plywood with grade...
From: Pakistan (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: MDF
Pls sent price and details of ordinary mdf and oak mdf .  Thanks .....
From: Bahrain (10/18/2019)
[Buy]: Furnirure
Our company manufactures and distributes chairs and tables in Italy. I am looking for new suppliers in Europe.  Please send us your catalogue. ------...
From: Italy (10/17/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce and pine timber
We are interested to buy spruce and pine timber.we are buying 120000 m3 per year......
From: Netherlands (10/17/2019)
[Buy]: Aspen logs
We want to buy selected aspen logs in Vologda . Requirements: first (second) res. Diameter from 24. No color change, minimum bitches. Working conditio...
From: Russia (10/17/2019)
[Buy]: IPE decking from Brazil
Dear Sir  Our company name is a decking system production company.  Please offer the followings Quotation.  1. wood name to be quoted: IPE/MASSAR...
From: Korea, South (10/17/2019)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood Hardwood
We are looking to purchase a container full of Birch Plywood for building indoor/outdoor climbing wall. Could you please make 21mm thickness 2.44m x 1.22m? What will...
From: United Arab Emirates (10/16/2019)
From: Malaysia (10/16/2019)
[Buy]: Beech lumber
We work on importing and exporting agricultural machineries and products. Recently, we have decided to import several containers of beech lumbers from Georgia,...
From: Iran (10/16/2019)
[Buy]: Yellow Balau Wood (25mm x 186mm)
Dear Sirs,  Kindly send your best price for the SUPPLY OF YELLOW BALAU WOOD (25 mm x 186 mm) with approx. length of +/- 6,000-7000 linear meters for our ha...
From: Qatar (10/16/2019)
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