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[Buy]: Hardwood for parquet flooring
We are hardwood flooring contracting company. We are interested in teak, merbau/kwila, pynkado, sapele, wenge for parquet flooring and T&G flooring. Please advise po...
From: India (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Balsamo round logs
I want to buy wood balsamo round from Nicaragua country, i need 3 container per month. .....
From: Vietnam (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Pillars and wooden house
 I would like to build a canopy to run horses and riders when it rains. The measures are: 20 m (width), 40 m (length), 4 m (height). The pillars must...
From: Italy (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Wood Balsa and Plywood
Dear, I´m looking for a new solid wood companies to work with . We´re a company dedicated to distribution and marketing of wood . Our main clients are...
From: Portugal (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Beech Wood
 We are one of the leading metal/ wood furniture manufacturing companies in the GCC area, located in Dubai, UAE. Our plant covers an area of over 400,000 square...
From: United Arab Emirates (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Pine kd lumber
We are interested in buying pine kd lumber cnf karachi size 2x10x16 rough sawn and s4s......
From: Pakistan (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: OSB 11X1220X2440 CARB P2/ EPA
We are the furniture company in vietNam. Now we have demand for OSB. Pls kindly advise me some information as below:  1. Quotation OSB 1, 2, 3 (specialize...
From: Vietnam (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Purplhart logs
Requirement of Purplhart, Bruinhart, Look and DJI logs......
From: India (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Balsamo wood
I need buy wood balsamo round, please contact us ......
From: Vietnam (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Oak sawlogs
I buy oak sawlogs from 30 cm. St. Petersburg......
From: Russia (1/16/2020)
Hello, dear wood suplier We are specialized in two types of products. Window laminated profiles and door scantlings. We use ONLY spruce wood. All our products...
From: Slovenia (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Bog mats
We are interested in the bog mats - pls give me an indication of price for 100no mats - 5m x 1m x 100mm for delivery to Winchester, SO21 2LS UK. Many thanks  .....
From: United Kingdom (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Teak logs
We are interested in procuring teak logs. .....
From: Turkey (1/15/2020)
[Buy]: Timber house
Im interested in purchasing a 3 bedroom timber house 40'X 36'. No floor just the walls. Bedroom division is 10'X10' .....
From: United States (1/15/2020)
[Buy]: FSC MDF
We urgently need the following FSC certified materials:  1. MDF CAL SHEET. 4mm FORMAT. 1.83M X 2.44M (1830 X 2440) FSC CERTIFICATE  2. MDF CAL SH...
From: Colombia (1/15/2020)
[Buy]: Face veneer
Looking for Face veneer......
From: India (1/14/2020)
[Buy]: Beli wood, KD, RS, 4-side clear, dimensional lumber
We have been looking forward to our supplying partner who can supply stable large quantities of Beli wood, KD, RS, 4-side clear w/o any defect, in the sizes of...
From: Taiwan (1/14/2020)
[Buy]: Standard shapes plywood
I am looking for quality pre formed plywood shapes for my UK customers. Please contact me so that I can send you more information. Do you have any UK customer at th...
From: United Kingdom (1/14/2020)
[Buy]: S4S balsa lumber
We are the leading the Balsa woods buyer with the facilities in China, USA, Europe and Asia, and we have the different demands on S4S balsa lumber, glue blocks and...
From: Hongkong (1/14/2020)
[Buy]: Sapelli wood
Dear sir We are looking for 4 ctn 40' of sapelli  Size : 2200++ x 150 x 25 mm = 22 cbm 2200++ x 150 x 38 mm = 30 cbm 2200++ x 80 x 80 mm = 2...
From: France (1/13/2020)
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