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Hello, we are furniture producer and looking for new longterm partner for buying wood. Can we get final cut planks to dimentions? We are looking for IPE wood. We wou...
From: Slovenia (7/24/2021)
[Buy]: Rough Cut Cherry - flooring
 Hello - I'm wondering if you could give me an estimate to turn my rough cut cherry (milled in March '20) into cherry flooring for my home. I think I have arou...
From: United States (7/23/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce lumber
I would like to know cube meter price of spruce wood price....
From: Estonia (7/23/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
The company would like to have the preforms for plywood thickness 18mm, 15mm, 8mm, 5 -------------- -------------- ----------------   Bonsoir,l entrep...
From: Cameroon (7/23/2021)
[Buy]: Furniture - coffee tables
I am loooking for a manufacturer of furniture. Please send pictures of your products. I am mainly interested in your coffee tables. Email is best way to send....
From: United States (7/23/2021)
[Buy]: Pine wood/teak wood
We are interested for : 1. Teak woo log Round 3' up Length 7' up 2.PINE WOOD Thickness=19MM WIDTH=286MM LENGTH=10'12', 14',16'pls...
From: Bangladesh (7/23/2021)
[Buy]: MDF 3/4"
We need 1000 Sheets of MDF 3/4" one side white. We manufactures kitchen cabinets throughout Canada.  ...
From: Canada (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood sheets quote
I would like to get a quote for a plywood order. Can you please send me a quote for 18 Packages (50 PCS) of 18x1220x2440mm. I understand that is the number of...
From: United Kingdom (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar siding
I want to know if you have 10 inch bevelled cedar siding at your company, if so what are the costs of the siding? Thanks...
From: Canada (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Melamine boards
I am interested in importing 183 * 244 melamine boards in various colors. I would like to know what are the requirements to import, prices, quantities, in port? Than...
From: Colombia (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Walnut wood
Hello!  I am looking for kiln dried american walnut. Unedged 50-60mm thick. Aprox 10m3....
From: Latvia (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
Hello,   We currently looking spruce logs to buy.  11.5m +30 (spruce) diameter +20  Around 30x40 HC containers, monthly needed around...
From: Lithuania (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
Hi. Good day please. Just ask about the prices of plywood and phenolic. How many pieces are there in a crate and how much? Thank you !...
From: Philippines (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Guitars and parts
We currently have a business that sells, guitar parts and guitars and we are looking for a source for this.   Are you open to working with us based in...
From: Australia (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Wood shavings
We are verymuch interest to buy 40ft container loads wood shavings good quality in 20 or 25 kg bags. Please send your proposal by email.  Thanks and regar...
From: Bahrain (7/22/2021)
[Buy]: Teak
Dear Sir, I am looking for sawn teak boards KD using teak from plantation of 25 years at least....
From: India (7/21/2021)
[Buy]: Basswood lumber
We are looking for 5/4 inch(32mm) thick basswood lumber used for Shutters and Blinds....
From: United States (7/21/2021)
[Buy]: Reclaimed Railways Sleepers
Hi, I'm looking to purchase 1 truck load of reclaimed railway sleepers Grade A, must be right angle edge, no curved and no rounded edge.  How much for del...
From: United Kingdom (7/21/2021)
[Buy]: Wooden/bamboo blinds
I represent a blind manufacturer from Poland.  Can you send us your acctual offer for wooden/bamboo blinds components, pls? ----------------- -------------...
From: Poland (7/21/2021)
[Buy]: Larch ,Spruce wood
I need 30 containers total per month. 1)Larch wood ‘Sangi’ KD (MC Under 15%) S2E2 24x48x3985mm  2)Spruce Dimension lumber 1x4 KD (...
From: China (7/21/2021)
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