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[Buy]: Wood pellets
I´am a danish company and i´m interested to find a reliable suppler of wood pellets and briquettes to distribute to my customers.  if you are interested d...
From: Denmark (10/24/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood
We want to import plywood and sell in our country.Please let us know your product catalog and prices......
From: Nepal (10/24/2018)
[Buy]: A4 paper 80gsm
We want to know a price for a4 paper 80gsm.\ Delivery time and delivery price to Romania......
From: Romania (10/24/2018)
[Buy]: Supply of pacific koa
 Hi There, Im interested in finding a supplier to supply us with koa slabs.Could you please supply me with prices and shiping cost to australia.  ...
From: Australia (10/23/2018)
[Buy]: Pine/Redwood (Pinus silvestris)
Dear Sir,    I would like to know the price for Pine/Redwood (Pinus silvestris) with grade A / B / AB with humidity 14-16%.  I am interested in buyi...
From: Tunisia (10/23/2018)
[Buy]: burma slicing and timber products
Hi sir I'm interested burma slicing and timber products ,pls give me your products details and prices in India and send me image's of products thank you .....
From: India (10/23/2018)
[Buy]: Briquettes and Pellets
Our company is currently trading wholesale. Our purpose now is to expand the company and commencing sales of pellets and heat logs, and we are therefore looking for...
From: Sweden (10/23/2018)
[Buy]: Treated wood for villas
Hi, we are building a total of 7 single story villas and will need a substantial amount of wood over the next 2 years. We are anticipating starting to build the firs...
From: Greece (10/23/2018)
[Buy]: Rosewood
I am interested in buying 10 containers of Rosewood from Ghana......
From: South Africa (10/23/2018)
From: India (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: MDF, Fire Retardant Chip board and Melamine Chip board
We would like to enter into MDF and Look forward to your reply.  -------------- ------------- --------------- ------------ -------- ---------  TTC(Olayan...
From: Saudi Arabia (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood import to the US
 Hi: I'm interested to import p5/8 plywood to Miami FL US. Please contact me by e mail or phone to discuss. .....
From: United States (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: LVL
We are one of the most leading building company of eco-friendly and passive houses. We would like to be offered the quotation for the below LVL. - 38 x 180...
From: Korea, South (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: Treated wood
Requested Volume: 120 m3 Price including shipping Location: Libya Dear Sirs  we are wood trader located in libya intersting to buy treated wood l...
From: Libya (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: Cumaru logs and lumber
I import cumaru logs. could you send us images of the cumaru . Regards, .....
From: Spain (10/22/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood and mdf
Our company is one of the Big joint company for wood work in Kuwait. Also Beside of our wood works, we are Dealing with of all kind of Woods kiln dried, Beech ,...
From: Kuwait (10/21/2018)
[Buy]: Import wood
We want to establish relationships in the field of international trade with the knowledge of the market for the first time. the Algerian market in this field we are...
From: Algeria (10/21/2018)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
We are searching for EnplusA2 wood pellets (size: 6mm) . Trial order is 1 F.T.L (Full truck load) and after that, if everything is O.K, the client will sign a...
From: Greece (10/19/2018)
[Buy]: Qwila sawn wood
I am intrested in qwila sawn sizes in conts.Pls advise intrest.  .....
From: India (10/19/2018)
[Buy]: 18mm Plain Partical Bord
Dear Sir  We looking For 18mm Plain Partical Board Brand Nepal Bord in Guwahati Assam India.  so please your requested to forward us the details of author...
From: India (10/19/2018)
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