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[Buy]: Purpleheart,BarraLocus
I need a quote for the following species: Purpleheart  BarraLocus  I would like to know the price for a container of each species, ...
From: Brazil (4/24/2018)
[Buy]: Sawn timber spruce, pine
I need a quotation of sawn wood, follow the measures I have to obtain wood PINUS:  1.20m X 0.090m X 0.018m 2. 1.20m X 0.145m X 0.014m&n ...
From: Brazil (4/24/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden doors
We need to buy doors, for our new building project. We are a construction company in Argentina, years ago, we have purchased materials for our bu ...
From: Argentina (4/20/2018)
[Buy]: Deckings , Ipe , Massaranduba , Tatajuba, etc.
Please advise if you have availability deckings and S4S.  I await your response to provide measurements, descriptions and quantities... ...
From: Brazil (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Bamboo plates and cutlery
 I work for a company that sales home products and I´m interest in knowing the cost of your bamboo plates (smooth and patterned)  Thank ...
From: Uruguay (4/17/2018)
[Buy]: Jacareuba
Im interested in importing large amounts of jacareuba (Santamaría for is here in Belize) I would like more information about the company, and other h ...
From: Belize (4/10/2018)
[Buy]: Mahogany
Need 14% moisture KD mahogany in containers a full year program.   .. ...
From: Dominica (4/6/2018)
[Buy]: Mahogany
Need 14% moisture KD mahogany in containers a full year program.   .. ...
From: Dominica (4/6/2018)
WOOD IMPORTERS LIST 2018. more info at:  https://gumroad.com/l/woodimporterslist2018  I am at your disposal,  João Victo ...
From: Brazil (3/26/2018)
[Buy]: Paulownia wood sheet
Please, give me a quote of a 40ft container of Paulownia wood sheet of 4' x 8'x18mm... ...
From: Nicaragua (3/23/2018)
[Buy]: OSB for Bolivan Market
Im interested in OSB boards. We are producers of Plywood, hardboard and particle board in Bolivia, we import many panels from Brasil, Argentina, ...
From: Bolivia (3/21/2018)
[Buy]: Wood pellets and eucalyptus wood
I am an international business broker and I am looking for:  1. For customer in Asia, look for a supplier of 200 m3 to 500 ms3 monthly of eu ...
From: Colombia (3/16/2018)
[Buy]: Saman Wood
I am a distributor of Saman wood, located in Ecuador. I want to find new suppliers... ...
From: Ecuador (2/23/2018)
[Buy]: SBY-1165 Burma Teack DC - 5,000 pieces, in thickness 0.50 m
 We would like to purchase 5,000 pieces of SBY-1165 Burma Teak DC in thickness 0.50 mm. I’d appreciate if you can send us the price and deli ...
From: Mexico (2/22/2018)
[Buy]: Gypsum panels
I want to quote the price of a container of 40 ", full of gypsum panels (GYPSUM) of the standard sizes (2.20m X 1.20m X 11mm), take it to the site (in ...
From: Ecuador (2/6/2018)
[Buy]: MDF
We are presently sourcing MDF material used for Furniture. Could you kindly provide a price quotation for the following: 1- 1/4" x 49 x 47, white ...
From: Belize (2/6/2018)
[Buy]: Skirting
We need accurate skirting board in mdf covered pvc... ...
From: Costa Rica (1/23/2018)
[Buy]: 80 cm up teak logs
looking for pricing  80 cm up teak logs 4 containers per month .. ...
From: Costa Rica (1/22/2018)
[Buy]: Furniture
We are interested to find a new source of furniture for our store. we like to know if you can send us a catalog or a link to see your products.  ...
From: Panama (1/13/2018)
[Buy]: Teak,bálsamo and Cumare flooring
I am interested in your floor, teak, balsam and Cumare products, please contact me for more information... ...
From: Guatemala (1/5/2018)
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