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[Buy]: Skirting
We need accurate skirting board in mdf covered pvc... ...
From: Costa Rica (1/23/2018)
[Buy]: 80 cm up teak logs
looking for pricing  80 cm up teak logs 4 containers per month .. ...
From: Costa Rica (1/22/2018)
[Buy]: Furniture
We are interested to find a new source of furniture for our store. we like to know if you can send us a catalog or a link to see your products.  ...
From: Panama (1/13/2018)
[Buy]: Teak,bálsamo and Cumare flooring
I am interested in your floor, teak, balsam and Cumare products, please contact me for more information... ...
From: Guatemala (1/5/2018)
[Buy]: Cypress wood
We want to buy cypress wood logs if you have stocks Pls contact I am already in Ecuador Gauyaquil... ...
From: Ecuador (12/19/2017)
[Buy]: Door skin. and meranti wooden door
We are interested in importing wood doors and door skin. Please send us your prices and specifications of the door, forms of payment, wood or veneers ...
From: Chile (12/13/2017)
Please send me a proposal of 10,000 tons of wood pellets per month.   .. ...
From: Brazil (12/8/2017)
[Buy]: lumber for roof
Dear Sir/Madam  Hope all is well. I am looking for the best c.i.f price for the follow to the address below.  1. 10 lengths of 3"x ...
From: Dominica (11/30/2017)
[Buy]: Melamine in MDF and PB
We buy Melamine in MDF and PB 4x8ft in thickness 12, 16, 18 and 25mm with CARBII certification. I will apprecited you let me know if you have the ...
From: Mexico (11/29/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood
I am looking at plywood and would like to make  Intact to explore that possibility.     Thanks .. ...
From: Guyana (11/28/2017)
[Buy]: Wood for cabinets & frame construction
I want to purchase wood for cabinets & frame construction. I need pricing on various wood products. .. ...
From: Colombia (11/23/2017)
[Buy]: Hardboard
 We are a company from Brazil that is strong in hardboard. We want to look for other suppler partners. Our monthly volume is around 400,000 ...
From: Brazil (11/15/2017)
[Buy]: Ash logs
We are in need of ash logs in large quantities for export on a continues effort.  Can you provide or source this material for our company. & ...
From: Mexico (11/15/2017)
[Buy]: Film Face Plywood 18mm
We are looking for Plywood  Back/Face Pencil Cedar, Bitangor,White Birch Core: CombiCore, Poplar 2.4mm-2.5mm 4x8 4.2mm 4x8 & ...
From: Mexico (11/13/2017)
[Buy]: Particle boards
I am interested in import particle board. So as soon as possible, please give me information by email to know everything about the prices and the qual ...
From: Colombia (11/9/2017)
[Buy]: Hardwood lumber for flooring and fencing
I am looking for hardwood lumber for flooring 1x6x10' 195 boards good quality best price  aslo 1x4x8' hardwood fencing 480 boards  ...
From: Belize (11/9/2017)
[Buy]: Pine Plywood
I need a aquote of: 1. Pine Plywood 1/2"x4┤x8? 600 units  2. Pine Plywood 1/4"x4┤x8? 800 units  3. Pine Plywood 3/4"x4┤x8? 320 units   ...
From: Honduras (10/11/2017)
[Buy]: IPE Lumber
Hello Sir,  Can you quote me FOB Brazil  IPE 19mmx140mmx3-6m AD 1x40 container  Regards.. ...
From: Guyana (10/6/2017)
[Buy]: MDF - 2.20 X 2.75 X 15MM
 Please, I work with Import in Brazil and I`d like to know if you Export MDF 2.20 X 2.75 X 15MM. If ok, I`d like to know the terms and conditons ...
From: Brazil (10/4/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood, MDF Board, Hardboard
We are a German company established since more then 50 years in the Dominican Republic. We are interested in Plywood, MDF Board, Fiberboard and&n ...
From: Dominica (9/18/2017)
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