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[Buy]: Pine edge glue panels 18mm
 Dear Sir, I am interested in edge glue panels 18mm Pine specie. If you produce please contact me in South Africa  Regards .....
From: South Africa (2/26/2018)
[Buy]: Particle board production line
Dear Please note that we are interested about the production of particle board in Algeria so we want you to send us a quotation of a production l...
From: Algeria (2/23/2018)
[Buy]: Meranti and hardwood
Hi im looking to buy mixed hardwood and red meranti, please send me prices of hardwood. 1 container. CIF price.   thanks .....
From: Mauritius (2/17/2018)
[Buy]: White and red wood
We are a Tunisian company located in Sfax, marketing the wood and drifts. There is a supply of white and red wood for the following sections:&nbs...
From: Tunisia (2/16/2018)
[Buy]: Pine logs
I need pine logs (diameter up to 14 cm), please advise your price per ton or m3......
From: Egypt (2/14/2018)
Good Day.....needing a CIF price to South Africa of 4000 sheets per month of Masonite 3mm x 1220 x 2440......port of delivery is East London or Coega...
From: South Africa (2/13/2018)
[Buy]: Softwood
We want to buy softwood.We have 30 years experience in the field of wood .we are importing timber from America and Europe (pine, spruce , beech ,oak...
From: Egypt (2/13/2018)
[Buy]: Film faced plywood 122 x 244 x 15
Look for Regular SHIPMENTS OF FILM FACED PLYWOOD 122 x 244 x 15 and 18 BLACK FILM to be delivered to DJENDJEN Port VIA Break BULKS.  -------...
From: Algeria (2/8/2018)
[Buy]: Pine
I need urgent quotation and info on the following:  75 x 50 x 4.2 KD pine 2 cubes second grade 75 x 50 x 3.6 KD pine 2 cubes second gra...
From: South Africa (2/8/2018)
[Buy]: Marine Plywood 18mm
I wish to order Plywood Marine from China. Kindly advise how to proceed.  Regards, .....
From: Mauritius (2/2/2018)
[Buy]: Round Pine pole
Treated pine pole(HC4)  dimension  50 mm, 75mm (length up to 3m) 100mm, 125 mm , 150mm (length 5.8m).....
From: Mauritius (1/31/2018)
[Buy]: MDF
We"r an Algerian comapany specialised in importing wood and timber from STORA ENSO, and we want to start importing MDF and semilar products from Europ...
From: Algeria (1/27/2018)
[Buy]: Raw MDF
Dear Sir, Madam, We take this opportunity to declare our intention to purchase RAW MDF from your organization . Our company is duly organized an...
From: Tunisia (1/25/2018)
 I NEED CRANE MAT 25TON CAPACITY.L-6MX.W-1.5MX THK.0.3M 32NR IS REQUIRED VERY URGENT. ---------- --------- --------------------- ------...
From: Nigeria (1/24/2018)
[Buy]: Round Logs for SPF and Eucalyptus
Our MDF & HDF manufacturing project is our recent project that we expect to start the production in Q2 of 2018. Our monthly procurements from the wood...
From: Egypt (1/22/2018)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
I want to ask about prices of birch plywood grade c 3mm ....interior .....
From: Egypt (1/19/2018)
[Buy]: Red sander wood
Am from uganda and intrested in red sander wood pls send me the price of grade A B and C.....
From: Uganda (1/19/2018)
[Buy]: Gypsum boards
We specialise with interiors and would like to import gypsum boards. please send to us the price list for the various sizes and grades. .....
From: Kenya (1/18/2018)
[Buy]: Sliced veneer
I am the Chief Procurement Officer, national leader in Morocco for wooden packaging, pallets and other timber products.We are looking for sliced venee...
From: Morocco (1/18/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wooden components
I am looking into the possibility of an outsourced manufacturer manufacturing dowels components from Pine for us. .....
From: South Africa (1/16/2018)
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