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[Buy]: Teak
I want full colour teak wood from cemroon...
From: India (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Sawn pine timber
We are buyers(Importer) for softwood lumber. We are looking to deal in sawn pine timber. Can you please guide us with the following. Thank you,...
From: India (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood for packing
I am looking for plywood for packing purpose. Request you to please let us know prices for below sizes. Price in FOB / CIF Nhavasheva Port, India. 18mm : 8...
From: India (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Wood Blinds
Interetsted in Wood Blinds ....
From: Saudi Arabia (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Okoume face veneer
we need okoume face veneer...
From: India (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood
Hello - I am interested in sourcing Plywood to Canada - what are the different types you sell?...
From: Canada (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Full falcata plywood
I need full falcata plywood CNF nhava sheva ,mumbai 5mm, 7mm, 11mm, 17mm...
From: India (5/18/2024)
[Buy]: Australian Cypress
Hi I'm searching for 3 1/4" x 3/4" Australian Cypress. I only need 65 square feet. Vancouver Phone: 757-709-8403 Any help is greatly appreciated:) ...
From: Canada (5/17/2024)
[Buy]: Oak wood boards
we are furniture manufacturers from Lithuania, we are looking for suppliers of oak wood, we are interested in boards with thickness of 50 mm and 32 mm, production of...
From: Lithuania (5/17/2024)
[Buy]: Sapelli wood - FSC
We are italian wood importers and the reason I'm contacting you is to see if we can close a deal on a 150 cubic metres of Sapelli.  I need the Sapelli to b...
From: Italy (5/17/2024)
[Buy]: Maple veneer
Can you please provide the following maple veneer? minimum order quantity? Sheet sizes? (Thicknesses from 0.6-0.8) Is the any specific grades - ABC?...
From: Australia (5/16/2024)
[Buy]: Reconstituted Veneers
Looking for a supplier of Reconstituted Veneers....
From: United Arab Emirates (5/16/2024)
[Buy]: Timber sheet products - marine, egb board
Hello, we are currently reviewing our supply chain and looking for areas of improvement. We use a variety of timber sheet products and are very much intere...
From: United Kingdom (5/16/2024)
[Buy]: Soundproofing installation for warehouse
Hi there, I have a warehouse and office in Hong Kong that needs soundproofing in certain areas. Can we arrange a visit to provide a quote?...
From: Hongkong (5/16/2024)
[Buy]: Parquet Floor inquiry
Currently restoring a space of 2500 SF we have a wood parquet floor that was apparently supplied by your company 40+ years ago. I have photographs of the original b...
From: United States (5/15/2024)
[Buy]: 18 mm medium MDF
Hello , can you send me prices for your raw medium MDF 18mm Thick? Also send me your catalog. I am interested in purchasing large quantities to export to Hondur...
From: United States (5/15/2024)
[Buy]: Spruce Lumber Quote Request
Hello, I am from Ontario, Canada, I am interested in purchasing Product - Grade A Spruce S4S Lumber, Dimensions - 140 mm X 27 mm X 3000 mm, Quantity - One...
From: Canada (5/15/2024)
[Buy]: Cabinets
Looking for a supplier of Cabinets from Vietnam...
From: Australia (5/15/2024)
[Buy]: Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
1. Reclining Sofas (1,2 & 3 seaters) Leather with manual reclining mechanism / lever (not electrical operated) 2. Arm Chairs 3. Dining Table, Rectangular 6...
From: United States (5/14/2024)
[Buy]: Door components
Hello, are you able to produce finger jointed pine stiles and rails for our door construction? Size is 32x28.5mm and lengths are 1995mm, 2215mm and 2415mm. We order...
From: New Zealand (5/14/2024)
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