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[Buy]: Veneer
 We are interested in buying Supported Precomposite Veneer and Supported Precomposite Veneer Rolls. Please send information if it is possible the...
From: Chile (12/6/2023)
We are manufacturers of musical instruments in the city of Campinas, in the State of São Paulo, in Brazil.  I want to buy raw wood, simply...
From: Brazil (11/26/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood laminated
We are intersting in plywood laminated in both sizes in black color in 18 mm . we need to know the MOQ.Prices , THANKS ...
From: Colombia (11/20/2023)
[Buy]: MDF Spec sheet
Hello I was wondering if you could provide a spec sheet for one of the MDF we have purchased since one of our clients is requesting it. Checking the p...
From: Mexico (11/6/2023)
[Buy]: Triplay
I'm interested in selling triplay in Baja California area. Mexicali, Tijuana and ensenada. In the past, I offer Tigerply but my client asked for more...
From: Mexico (10/30/2023)
[Buy]: Croatian Oak for New Project
Hello I'm working at the finitures of my Italya house and I'm interested to consider Croatian Oak for Doors Parquet and others application, could I c...
From: Chile (10/8/2023)
[Buy]: Marine plywood
I am considering a boat building project. It would require 28 sheets of the 9mm x 4' x 8' Okoume BS1088 marine plywood.  Does your company sel...
From: Panama (10/1/2023)
[Buy]: Phenolic three-layer plywood films
I am the sales representative of RUC, a Peruvian company that is interested in importing phenolic three-layer plywood films with dimensions of 1.22 x...
From: Peru (9/18/2023)
From: Peru (9/17/2023)
[Buy]: OSB fenolic plywood
From: Peru (9/6/2023)
[Buy]: MDF and MR MDF
We are located in Dominican Republic. We are distributor of Lumber, Plywood, MDF, Melamine, Hardware, Varnish and other derivatives products. &nb...
From: Dominica (8/30/2023)
[Buy]: MAsonite 2mm
We are looking for supply of Masonite board 2mm. Do you sell this product?...
From: Brazil (7/13/2023)
[Buy]: Purchasing of costum made doors
We would like to have a number of costum made solid doors for our school buildings to be made from klin dried hard wood . 41 3/4 W x 78 1/2 H x 1 1/...
From: Belize (7/5/2023)
[Buy]: Laminate flooring
I am looking for laminate flooring from China. Now we want to know your catalogue and prices to request a quote for buy one container of your pro...
From: Argentina (6/27/2023)
[Buy]: Southern yellow pine
Hi I am looking for pine wood in 2x6x14ft , around 8 containers per month in mexico , state of mexico , hope we can do business ...
From: Mexico (6/25/2023)
[Buy]: Quotation for Rotary Cutter Blades
I am looking for rotary cutter blades made in Turkey. Could you please send to me a quotation with your best prices to may e-mail adress: I also have...
From: Brazil (6/15/2023)
[Buy]: Wooden boxes for cigar
Hello. I am looking for a manufacturer to make Cigar box juggling and send them to Honduras and/or Nicaragua.   Thank you. - -&n...
From: Mexico (6/11/2023)
[Buy]: Garden lintern
Dear all,  We are interested on buying the Garden lintern to Mexico, please contact me directly by e-mail. Regards...
From: Mexico (5/11/2023)
[Buy]: Briquettes
I am contacting you on behalf of ASPROMA S.A. We are a sawmill and forestry company based in Guatemala. We are looking for Briquettes delivered to Gua...
From: Guatemala (4/30/2023)
[Buy]: MDF
We are looking for a supplier of MDF, Melamine Board,Film faced plywood from China.  I am general manager of my enterprise. Our company make...
From: Peru (4/28/2023)
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