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[Buy]: Teak and Sapele
Looking to import milled Teak and Sapele....
From: United States (4/18/2024)
[Buy]: TSCA certified MDF
I order approximately 6000 sheets of 12mm 4X8 sheets in 2023 . I need TSCA certified MDF....
From: United States (4/16/2024)
[Buy]: Counter Tops
I wanted Counter Tops in Purple Heart or Cocobolo... Good to hear from you !...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Buying a pine wood in large amount
Hello there, we are visiting savannah for one wood exporting to India. I would to meet in person on Monday or Tuesday anytime, kindly please let me kn...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Wheat straw toilet paper
Hello, We are interested in toilet paper made from straw fiber pulp. Please quote, 200 sheets 3ply, 6 rolls per pack. 6packs per master carton. P...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Teak wood - old growth, quarter sawn
We are Custom Furniture manufacturer and looking for pricing on teak. Hoping to understand your full inventory and board foot pricing.   Ide...
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Alder Veneer
Looking for an international source of alder veneer....
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Melamine woodgrain
Melamine woodgrain color catalog.  We are a current customer. I have questions  Thank you...
From: United States (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: Need specific product
I am looking to purchase Morning Chestnut Planks please 16.2213 Soft 33757112A...
From: United States (4/3/2024)
From: United States (3/27/2024)
[Buy]: redwood cedar 2 x 10 ten foot lengths
 Good afternoon we are looking to purchase a large volume of the above sized lumber could you please your best cost for 300 pieces. redwood ce...
From: United States (3/27/2024)
[Buy]: Bellawood , Brazilian Cherry
Hello, I'm looking for a couple of boxes of Bellawood 3/8" Brazilian Cherry, 3" wide. Do you have any or know where we can look? Thank you!...
From: United States (3/23/2024)
[Buy]: Pine wood chips
100% pine wood chips needed for export from Huelva, Spain,  We have a few questions about the product that you are offering: 1) Can thi...
From: United States (3/22/2024)
[Buy]: Frame molding sticks
Buy wholesale frame molding sticks for frame Rama gallery krakow....
From: United States (3/21/2024)
[Buy]: 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus
We are interested in 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus for upholstery frames. we are a plywood broker who buys container loads of plywood from Brazil ...
From: United States (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Cabinets
Cabinets wholesale, interested in importing cabinets...
From: United States (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Types and sizes of indigenous woods
Hello, I'm a private woodworker in California, USA looking for options for a Tongan inspired project piece (something small like a box). I'm wonderin...
From: United States (3/16/2024)
[Buy]: White Laminated plywood
We have a factory in Miami, USA where we produce Kitchen cabinets and we are looking for White laminated plywood, the attachment has a sample of the...
From: United States (3/15/2024)
[Buy]: Doors inquiry Canada
Looking for suppliers of doors....
From: Canada (3/12/2024)
[Buy]: Laminated plywood
 Hi, we are going to Vietnam, business travel and we would like to visit you, i am interested in laminated plywood.  Thank you...
From: United States (3/11/2024)
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