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[Buy]: Cameroonian wood
We have been importers of Cameroonian wood for many years: IRoko, Tali, Sapelli...etc, We are interested in your products...
From: Spain (7/23/2024)
[Buy]: birch plywood
I am a sales assistant in Polish company. We are looking for a manufacturer of plywood. Could you provide with assistance how much one piece of 100% b...
From: Poland (7/18/2024)
[Buy]: Packing meterials
We are currently looking for suppliers who can provide 3 different packing meterials :  Lot 1 – pallets and pallet collars Lot 2 – custo...
From: Estonia (7/17/2024)
[Buy]: Hardwood plywood panels
Hello, For one of our construction sites, we need different hardwood plywood panels. I need :  - 31507 units, panels dimension of 650mm...
From: Belgium (7/16/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood
Our company is looking for wood exportation enterprises. we would like to import to Algerie plywood and others   We would like to request a quo...
From: France (7/16/2024)
[Buy]: PLYWOOD, 100% Birch, WBP
We are spanish imported and from 20 years we buy 4-6 containers every month. That´s the products: PLYWOOD, 100% Birch, WBP, grade BB/BB, lo...
From: Spain (7/15/2024)
[Buy]: Softwood / pallet timber 1st grade request
I would like to enquire about softwood / pallet timber (Pine/Spruce) / 1st grade/ KD 18%  proposal EXW your collection place and FCA (neares...
From: Lithuania (7/15/2024)
[Buy]: Acacia wood
We are a Hungarian company, and I am interested in that you sell acacia wood too ? If you do what kind of finished goods ? Sincerely...
From: Hungary (7/15/2024)
[Buy]: Ipe decking
The company is dedicated to the sale and application of decks and parquets.  I would like a quote for Ipe decking.  In sizes 21×145×2100.....
From: Portugal (7/12/2024)
[Buy]: white spruce or douglas wood
I need to buy white spruce or douglas wood. Please contact me at that number or at my email Thank you....
From: Italy (7/12/2024)
[Buy]: limber wood
Intresed in limber wood...
From: Albania (7/9/2024)
[Buy]: West African wood.
My name is Richard from Ghana. My team and I are very interested in working with you on importing West African wood. If a collaboration is possible, l...
From: Germany (7/7/2024)
[Buy]: Bedslats
Dear Sir / Madam, We would like to get quotations for a few bedslats dimensions. Full 1*40' HQ containers. Looking forward to your reply Many thanks B...
From: Spain (7/7/2024)
[Buy]: Pine logs
We are writing to inquire about the availability of Pine Logs. We are particularly interested in sourcing logs with the following specifications: ...
From: Germany (7/5/2024)
[Buy]: PLYWOOD.- Core Birch 100%
We are spanish imported and from 20 years we buy 4-6 containers every month. That´s the products: FACE FILM.- Core Poplar, also Birch, 2500...
From: Spain (7/4/2024)
We are interested in a line of guitars oem to our country can you send information about these. thanks...
From: Spain (7/3/2024)
[Buy]: Infinity Seating Solutions
Hi, I'm looking to source tables for cinema seating. Can you do bespoke sizing?  ...
From: United Kingdom (7/2/2024)
[Buy]: Pyinkado 600 x 90 x 15 mm
Pyinkado 600 x 90 x 15 mm...
From: Czech Republic (7/1/2024)
[Buy]: Semi finished products
I am looking for RUBBER WOOD laminated finger jointed products  Please send me some pictures and prices for usual stair cases panels and posts as...
From: France (7/1/2024)
[Buy]: Oak Sawn Veneers
Dear Sir/Madam,  I am the Commercial Director at Arts du Bâtiment, based in French Polynesia. We are interested in obtaining a quotation for the...
From: France (6/30/2024)
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