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[Buy]: Wooden columns
Hello, I would like to know the price of electric wooden columns, especially for 10 meter long wooden columns, for reference. My orders always excee...
From: Egypt (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Marine plywood
Just ask if you have marine plywood or ordinary plywood 1"x 8 x4. That's a lot. Thank you.  -------------- ------------- magtatanong la...
From: Philippines (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Rattan furniture
Looking for rattan furniture manufacturer. Please whatsapp me - 4087975283...
From: United States (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Veneer
We want to purchase face and core veneer ....
From: Vietnam (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: oak shelves
Hi I am looking for 3 lengths of white/light oak to make into shelving im looking for 95 width, 250 depth and approx 35-40 mm thick...
From: United Kingdom (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Need shuttering plywood 8x7'
We need shuttering plywood in large volumes.....
From: Uzbekistan (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Shutter componnets
I am looking for a factory who can supply Paulownia/poplar gesso primed shutter componnets, Louvers/Stiles/rails/Tilt rod/Frames etc. ask the proforma...
From: Canada (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Teak logs
Required african teak logs...
From: Bangladesh (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Looking for various teak wood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry,
Phone: +91 7620736987 Looking for various teak wood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, Mahogany wood etc to import in India......
From: India (10/14/2023)
[Buy]: Some parts
We are a sandblasting company and source some parts from China. We have a container leaving in end of Oct from Qingdao and hve some space to fill up t...
From: Australia (10/14/2023)
[Buy]: Lasercut Arkitekladan
I would like to get a quotation for laser cutting of plywood and mdf, 3 mm.   See attached dxf for the design (ARKITEKTLADAN 20231012) ...
From: Sweden (10/13/2023)
[Buy]: Packing Wooden box & Crates
Dear Sir,  We need packing wood,wooden box & Crates for machine packing. Please contact,  If you are intested.  With regards,...
From: India (10/13/2023)
[Buy]: 21mm Flooring plywood
Enquiry: 110 sheets x 21mm flooring plywood...
From: Vanuatu (10/12/2023)
W are looking for new suppliers of hardboard....
From: Australia (10/12/2023)
[Buy]: Spruce plywood
Hello,  Im looking for spruce plywood will need sizing quote based per 1-(Pallet) of 120 of 4'x8' Thickness 1-120 3/4" thickness ...
From: Canada (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: Douglas fir logs
I have a question about export logs, I am looking for someone who sells Douglas fir logs with a diameter of 1.1m(43.3’’) and a length of 11.5m(452...
From: Canada (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: Jointed pine boards
We hereby request a quotation for the supply of jointed pine measuring 45x34, length 3 m.  Waiting for a reply, Greetings ...
From: Italy (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: Natural wood rotary cut keruing face veneer
We are interested for these as per following spec: Keruing/Gurjan Face Veneer Premium quality from round logs and rotary cut . Thickness: 0....
From: Bangladesh (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: QTD Chestnut #5392-2877 and Fumed Eucalypyus #5392-2877
I handle a lot of the Custom Hardwood layup for our Company that supplies the Metro NY Market. I have a request for these two Veneers by you and am l...
From: United States (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: RUF briquette beech,oak
We are looking for RUF-Brikett with sample RUF DDP D 94431 Pilsting. ------------ ---------- Wir suchen RUF-Brikett with sample RUF DDP D 94...
From: Germany (10/10/2023)
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