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[Buy]: African Teak Iroko, 2'' and 3'' KD
I need 30,000 CFT of the above timber and request you to kindly provide the stock availability and lead time to deliver by return.  Regards,...
From: United Arab Emirates (12/6/2023)
[Buy]: Veneer
 We are interested in buying Supported Precomposite Veneer and Supported Precomposite Veneer Rolls. Please send information if it is possible the...
From: Chile (12/6/2023)
[Buy]: Rubberwood flooring
Enquiry flooring, shutters, others....
From: Nigeria (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: Red and yellow cedar logs
Now we're importing yellow cypress logs from Costa Rica and Guatemala. We’re interesting in red and yellow cedar logs from north american for long t...
From: China (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: Sandalwood logs and oil
We're interesting in sandalwood logs and sandalwood oil. Please offer us your price, specification, grade and more details, and attachment photos...
From: China (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: firewood logs
Hi I am setting up a company in England selling firewood logs and I am looking for a good supplier to do business.  I would like to buy in volume...
From: United Kingdom (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: White Oak sawlogs
HELLO, I'm looking for white oak sawlogs can you help? ...
From: Australia (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood
Interested in plywood from Russia...
From: China (12/5/2023)
[Buy]: Olive wood
Do you guys carry live edge olive wood slabs?...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Solid wood snare drums
I have one and love it. Wanted to investigate what is available. Thank you,...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Black Palm: Iriartea Deltoidea
Looking for information on black palm lumber. need to know what sizes, if this is KD and milled or raw. If you just sell the log by itself and what th...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Mahogany, Acacia and Teak Veneer
Looking to purchase a minimum of 10,000m3 per species, per year – plus, if the service and quality is good, they will investigate further species.&n...
From: Australia (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Malamine doors skin
Hi dear this is from Pakistan I want some details information about malamine doors skin if you can give me someone contact it will be very easy for me...
From: Bangladesh (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Pine wood sawn timber
Looking for pine wood sawn timber for furniture producing....
From: United Kingdom (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Lignum vitae logs
We need 1700 kg of lignum vitae logs to be shipped to Egypt of the following specifications  ⚫ 850 kg logs of diameter 10~14 inch ⚫...
From: Egypt (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Beech lumber
steam beech BC Grade, 50 MM and 38 Mm 2.2 Mettre...
From: India (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Cork products
We are interested in your cork products,cork rolls, cork sheets and cork tiles, cork underlayment in rolls . share your product catalog to our email b...
From: United Kingdom (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Finger jointed beech panels
Dear Sirs, We are interested in buying finger jointed and full stave edge glued beech panels.  Finger jointed panels we need in the followin...
From: Hungary (12/2/2023)
[Buy]: Film faced plywood
We are a trading company from Bulgaria. We are interested in recycled plywood with black paper. Thickness 20mm +/-0.5mm. size 1220x2440. Quantity fro...
From: Bulgaria (12/1/2023)
[Buy]: Door skin
Looking for Door skin, please contact us if you can supply....
From: Egypt (11/30/2023)
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