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[Buy]: Red Meranti Finger-joint and laminated Blocks
Length 5900mm. Sizes 72mm x 88 mm, 72mm x 120mm, 72mmx 144mm. Container Loads CIF Rotterdam. All year round.  Please email or Whatapp...
From: Hongkong (3/22/2024)
[Buy]: Beech logs
Hello Sir, We have demands of beech logs, are you able to offer? Regards...
From: China (3/22/2024)
[Buy]: Pine wood chips
100% pine wood chips needed for export from Huelva, Spain,  We have a few questions about the product that you are offering: 1) Can thi...
From: United States (3/22/2024)
[Buy]: Frame molding sticks
Buy wholesale frame molding sticks for frame Rama gallery krakow....
From: United States (3/21/2024)
[Buy]: FILM FACED PLYWOOD 1220 X 2440 X 18MM
We looking for a Brown Film Face Plywood specification as mention below, I understand that your company deals with required Item. • FILM FACED...
From: United Arab Emirates (3/21/2024)
[Buy]: Pellets
Hello, I am a dealer/reseller from the Netherlands  and wanted to ask you how much a lorry with 1 to 3 pellets costs I would like to ha...
From: Netherlands (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Albizia bare core wood
Hello,  We are interested in purchasing Albizia bare core wood. Do you have this product available? Additionally, do you offer customization...
From: Pakistan (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Decking
 Decking for Outdoor MATERIAL:Lumber - African Teak QUANTITY:20,000 m2 THICKNESS:25mm WIDTH:190mm LENGTH:RL...
From: Qatar (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Commercial and packing ply to buy
We are importers of plywood in the UK. We are interested in commercial and packing hardwood plywood in 1220 x 2440 thicknesses 4 mm - 24 mm . Please...
From: United Kingdom (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Palo santo logs
We are looking for palo santo logs. If you have any information, please send to me.  Thanks & regards, Claire.......
From: Taiwan (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus
We are interested in 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus for upholstery frames. we are a plywood broker who buys container loads of plywood from Brazil ...
From: United States (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: timber planned
We are interested about plamnned timber and not planned in these dimensions : Planned timber 4000 x 195 x 19 mm and 4000 x 98 x 19 mm  No pl...
From: Romania (3/19/2024)
[Buy]: Japanese cypress and cedar
We are looking for Japanese cypress and cedar sawn timber. We would like to find a stable supplier for Japanese cyprss and cedar sawn timber.&nbs...
From: Taiwan (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Paper sack
Dear Sirs  please let us know if possible to sell us paper sacks we are a small sack plant to Sicily. Please Russian Paper free, and Fsc com...
From: Italy (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Cabinets
Cabinets wholesale, interested in importing cabinets...
From: United States (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Anti-slip plywood
We are manufacturing commercial vehicle floors. We are looking cheaper solution for birch plywood with hexa pattern(can be another also). An...
From: Finland (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Oak logs
We are a veneer manufacturure with our own slicing factory. We have stable demands of veneer logs, especially for red oak, white oak, and them some wa...
From: China (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Oil tempered hardboard
Please send prices for 8x4 hardboard Full 40fts to uk ...
From: United Kingdom (3/17/2024)
We hereby invite you to PROVIDE YOUR BEST RENTAL OFFER with payment terms and time of delivery for the Below mentioned material:  Project Lo...
From: United Arab Emirates (3/16/2024)
[Buy]: Ice cream Sticks
Please send us a quotation for wooden Ice cream Sticks...
From: Bangladesh (3/16/2024)
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