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[Buy]: Oak wood boards
we are furniture manufacturers from Lithuania, we are looking for suppliers of oak wood, we are interested in boards with thickness of 50 mm and 32 mm...
From: Lithuania (5/17/2024)
[Buy]: Sapelli wood - FSC
We are italian wood importers and the reason I'm contacting you is to see if we can close a deal on a 150 cubic metres of Sapelli.  I need t...
From: Italy (5/17/2024)
[Buy]: Timber sheet products - marine, egb board
Hello, we are currently reviewing our supply chain and looking for areas of improvement. We use a variety of timber sheet products and are v...
From: United Kingdom (5/16/2024)
[Buy]: Cat furniture - FSC ,LFGB certificate
I am responsible for the sourcing department of my company specializing in cat furniture residing in germany.   We are a relatively new bran...
From: Germany (5/11/2024)
[Buy]: Phillipen Rosewood, Petersianthus Quadrilatus
I am a luthier from the Netherlands. I have an assignment from someone from the Philippines who lives here in the Netherlands. I almost exclusively us...
From: Netherlands (5/10/2024)
[Buy]: Wooden boards
Interested in importing wooden products such as wooden boards and MDF board....
From: United Kingdom (5/9/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood from Europe
We are looking for new plywood suppliers in the whole Europe. Long-term cooperation is our goal. Please let me know if you can provide plywood:&n...
From: Lithuania (5/8/2024)
[Buy]: 25mm x 150 mm x 4800 mm
Please Price 25mm x 150 mm x 4800 mm Spruce or Pine. Delivered Johvi, Estonia. .....
From: Spain (5/8/2024)
[Buy]: Beech wood
We are a company that has been engaged in timber trading for more than 40 years. Looking for long-term beech wood suppliers in Europe Thanks and best...
From: Italy (5/7/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood
We are interested in purchasing plywood in Finland. Can you send me information on prices and sizes.  --------- -------- ------------  ...
From: Finland (5/7/2024)
[Buy]: 25mm x 150 mm x 4800 mm
Please make me an offer on 25mm x 150 mm x 4800 mm Saw Falling Side boards with FSC or PEFC Delivered to Johvi, Estonia.  Requirement is 12...
From: Spain (5/6/2024)
[Buy]: CLS or S4S Lumber/Timber
Okay to price at 2400 mm and 4800 mm 38 x 138 x 4800mm C16 CLS Treated UC2/HC2  38 x 140 x 2264mm C16 CLS Treated UC2/HC2  38 x 140 x 2...
From: Spain (5/6/2024)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
I am interesting for wood pellets for the German market. Kindly let us know, if you can provide such pellets and inform us about your conditions...
From: Germany (5/6/2024)
[Buy]: Firewood
 Naziv proizvoda: Tvrdo drvo / ogrjev - sortirano - BUKVA / na paletama  Po potrebi besplatan ležaj / po dogovoru Porijeklo robe: EU...
From: Germany (4/30/2024)
[Buy]: Redwood
We are UK timber wholesalers. I have a customer who would like to order:  - Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) - ⁠s4s - 20mm x 195mm x 4...
From: United Kingdom (4/30/2024)
[Buy]: Wood shavings
could you please tell me how much to buy 1 pallet with 48 brisquettes, wood shavings, thank you,...
From: Greece (4/29/2024)
[Buy]: Beech Wood Partners
hello We are a company that has been engaged in timber trading for more than 40 years. Looking for long-term beech wood suppliers in Europe...
From: Italy (4/28/2024)
[Buy]: beech wood
Hello, we want to know what is the price of beech wood per cubic meters to poti, georgia. we need 500 cubes first month than 2000 and more monthly&nbs...
From: Georgia (4/26/2024)
[Buy]: Prefabricated timber frame houses
We are International purchasing company . Our headquater is in Lyon .  We are in need of your wood house .please contact me ,then i can send you...
From: France (4/25/2024)
[Buy]: Beech wood panels
Interetsted in beech wood panels.Thank you for sending me your product list. Sincerely  ---------- Merci de m'envoyer la liste de vos...
From: France (4/24/2024)
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