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[Buy]: Pellet
We're a pellet wholesaler. We work all year round you can have a quotation of your pellets.  The place of unloading is Via Veneto, 267...
From: Italy (3/21/2023)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
Hi, I’m just wondering if you stock or can make 18mm veneered birch plywood in oak, maple and ash veneer?  Regards...
From: Ireland (3/21/2023)
[Buy]: Particle board for door production
We are highly interested in the import of Tubular Particle Board, for this reason we would like to learn more about your company. If you are inte...
From: Russia (3/21/2023)
[Buy]: SPRUCE Wood
3000meter cubic SPRUCE Wood elements for Pallets KD Fob ore Cif Delyveri To PisaToscana Italy.  Pls send your best quotation best regards...
From: Italy (3/20/2023)
[Buy]: Finger joint door slats
Our company needs to produce the door once. If you have a product, we'd like to work with you. I want them to work for you. --------------- -----...
From: Turkey (3/20/2023)
[Buy]: Chip Board
Chip Board, fire rated 4’ x 8’ x 34mm, 44mm and 54mm 3’ x 7’ x 34mm, 44mm and 54mm  Also 3’ x 7’ x 38-40mm as well 4...
From: Oman (3/19/2023)
[Buy]: Machine Twin Shaft Debarker
I am looking for the machine of Twin Shaft Debarker for wood logs. I need to have your best offer for Twin Shaft Debarker Diameter of the drums...
From: Spain (3/19/2023)
[Buy]: Maple lumber
We produce high quality wooden toys and we are looking for material, respectively maple. We are interested in the following parameters of tiles:&...
From: Georgia (3/19/2023)
[Buy]: Wooden plates
Please, let us know if you can help us regarding our new project for wooden plates: Dimension: 280 x 55 x 5 mm Tolerance length 280 -0/+2;...
From: Romania (3/18/2023)
[Buy]: High Gloss Doors & drawer fronts
 We are looking for a supplier for High Gloss doors & drawer fronts for our bedroom cabinets . --------- ------------ -------------- -------...
From: United Kingdom (3/17/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood for concrete structures
We are interested in purchasing plywood. Interested in using 18mm and 21mm thicknesses for concrete structures. Which one would you recommend for the...
From: Latvia (3/16/2023)
[Buy]: Standard grade chipboard
Looking for prices on full mixed load of 12mm and 18mm P2 chipboard 2440 x 1220  Also prices on mixed loads of std mdf and moisture mdf in all th...
From: Ireland (3/14/2023)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
I am interested in birch plywood 1525x1525x12 mm II/II; II/III FSC 100%; FSC MIX CREDIT Plywood sizes may vary. Plywood demand will be about 1 tr...
From: Lithuania (3/13/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood Inquiry
We are interested in purchasing your Plywood Products. Please send me quotations terms of payment and delivery to my email below. Thanks Kriston...
From: Sweden (3/13/2023)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil
Looking for suppliers of sunflower oil....
From: Italy (3/12/2023)
[Buy]: Teak wood and other hardwoods
 Hello , I am looking for Teak and similar hardwoods for my company in Iceland. The sizes I need are mainly 63 x 125mm. or close to that...
From: Iceland (3/12/2023)
[Buy]: Douglas Fir
Hello,If you have Treated Douglas Fir CAC 0,06 / 0,31. I need many sizes 1x2x12, 1x2x16, 1x3x12, 1x3x20....4x4x20 i want to fill container,...
From: France (3/10/2023)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil - huile touresol oil
Hello, I am a wholesaler in France. I order several sunflower oil trucks every month  I want to know your price. If you are interested, we c...
From: France (3/10/2023)
[Buy]: Logs In Nets
We buy pallet quantities of logs pre-packed into nets, and resell these direct to consumers. I was wanting prices per pallet including delivery t...
From: United Kingdom (3/9/2023)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil
I need more information about your product 100% refined sunflower oil.  i need 24.000 mt x month total agreement 288.000 mt per year&nb...
From: Spain (3/9/2023)
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