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[Buy]: Laminated Scantling/Window
Hello, We need glued joists with dimensions of 70 x 45 x 6000 [mm] - Siberian Larch. If you have one, please write your offer for wholesale...
From: Poland (9/22/2021)
[Buy]: FSC white oak
Our customer are interested in purchasing new bulk of white oak lumber . Thank you....
From: Germany (9/22/2021)
[Buy]: Okoume lumber
 I'm interested for italian market on: - species: SAWN OKOUME - volume: open - quality: FAS - KD - thicknesses: mm. 25, 38,48...
From: Italy (9/21/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
I'm looking for spruce logs in big quantity for China export,   Quantity required 2000-5000 cbm / month.  Length 11.50 m + 30 cm f...
From: Belgium (9/21/2021)
[Buy]: HDF board and table worktops
I am interesting in purchasing wholesale laminated HDF board. I will cut these down and manufacture laminate flooring myself in the uk.   I...
From: United Kingdom (9/20/2021)
[Buy]: Hardwood saw logs
I am looking for suppliers of walnut logs and hardwood saw timber from north america.  I'm working as Wood and raw material sourcing manage...
From: Romania (9/20/2021)
[Buy]: Larch Decking
Hello, We are looking for producers of terrace boards - Siberian larch, siberian or scandinavian spruce and pine - and joists too. If you have gl...
From: Poland (9/20/2021)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
hello I am looking for raw and non-slip birch plywood as well as construction timber thank you ----------- -------- -------- bonjour je su...
From: France (9/20/2021)
[Buy]: Ebony/ Blackwoods wood
I'm an entrepreneur and a music workshop holder in Moscow, Russia. We build high quality musical instruments.  I'm interested in importing Ebony...
From: Russia (9/19/2021)
[Buy]: Firewood and briquettes
The company is interested in the products- firewood, pellets, briquettes.  Please, contact us for further information if you have available...
From: Poland (9/19/2021)
Dear Sir  Please provide a quote for the following item with delivery forecast and shipment cost to Muscat Oman  LUMBER HARDWOOD RED MIRANTI...
From: Oman (9/18/2021)
I am looking for LARCH AND PINE from Russia. Please send me some offers of your products.I am an Importer and Agent from Firenze-Italy- Thanks a...
From: Italy (9/16/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood 12mm & 9mm
Please quote us for Plywood 12mm & 9mm...
From: United Kingdom (9/16/2021)
[Buy]: Beech and oak wood
I am a buyer for a trading company in the Middle East and ask for a price request for beech and oak wood. If the price is competitive, my guaranteed m...
From: Germany (9/15/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I would receive best offer for a programming of approximately 800 plywood per month. Price for 18mm thick board. How many layers do it have? What...
From: Spain (9/15/2021)
[Buy]: Construction timber and panels
We have been active in east european countries for a long time (Ukraine, etc.) and deal with products made of hardwood, fruitwood, solid wood, which a...
From: Germany (9/15/2021)
[Buy]: Beech wood logs
Hello, we need, European beech logs  Medium Diameter: 30cm+, 30-39cm (40%), 40cm+ (60%)  Length: 2,3m+  Quality: AB...
From: Serbia (9/14/2021)
[Buy]: Ash planks
Hello sir ,  We are looking for white ash planks . We are a factory specialized in decking and cladding with our own patented invisible fixa...
From: Luxembourg (9/14/2021)
[Buy]: Beech laminate slats
My factory produce metal beds and frames metal beds. I ask you a request for collaboration and a price offer for beech laminate slats.  We u...
From: Romania (9/13/2021)
[Buy]: packeging
We are looking for boards in the attached dimensions for mining uses. special products of the right material please contact us. .....
From: Turkey (9/13/2021)
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