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[Buy]: Balsa S4S
How much for 20 sticks at 50mmx100mmx1200mmx . What's the quality? Density? Do you cut to size ? How much for 20ft container of Balsa? ...
From: United States (11/10/2021)
[Buy]: Custom acoustic guitar
Looking for a qualified supplier for custom made flat-top acoustic guitars. I have design....
From: United States (11/9/2021)
I would be interested in your pellets, characteristics, availability, ex-works price, but preferably I would need a DAP Italy price (otherwise it woul...
From: United States (11/8/2021)
[Buy]: White oak lumber
Looking for FAS material in white oak  If you have large quantity of white oak for sale, please contact us....
From: United States (11/4/2021)
[Buy]: Ash Saw Logs
What is you container pricing for Ash Saw Logs?  I also need an offering of TL quantites of Eastern white pine lumber ....
From: United States (11/4/2021)
[Buy]: Hard Maple Natural Matte Gloss
I wan to buy Hard Maple Natural Matte Gloss. What is the availability subject hardwood ? I have a customer who needs 75 cases ASAP. &nb...
From: Canada (11/3/2021)
[Buy]: Door Skins
We are a woodworking company looking to import luan and moulded primed DOOR SKINS to our factory in Egypt. Please email us a catalogue. Thank you.&nbs...
From: United States (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Drawer slide quotes
I need drawer slide quotes. Please kindly reach me at email....
From: United States (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: 4/4 Aromatic Cedar
I am looking for the following : 6,000' up to full t/l of  4/4 Aromatic Cedar 1 Com/Btr KD If possible 5''+ Please advise if availa...
From: Canada (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Timber Frame Kiln Pavillion
Please give me price for Doug Fir or otherwise lowest price wood, rough cut, true dimension.  Pieces Size Length 3 6x8 14' 2 6x8 1...
From: United States (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Custom baseboard 8
I want to purchase custom baseboard 8. Please contact for product sizes....
From: United States (10/28/2021)
[Buy]: Foil Pvc and PP
I am looking for Foil Pvc and PP. Please send me information about your foils to make furniture and doors. ...
From: Mexico (10/27/2021)
[Buy]: Precut Lumber
Hi, I am reaching out from Calgary, Alberta and was hoping to get some prices for pre cut pallet lumber. I do not have a set quantity in mind that I w...
From: Canada (10/26/2021)
[Buy]: Hardwood lumber boards
Hello - I'm a local hobbyist woodworker and am looking for a local company in the pocono's where I can buy hardwood lumber (in the rough is preferred)...
From: United States (10/25/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood and MDF
We are interested about plywood and MDF Please contact us for details. Thanks a lot...
From: Mexico (10/25/2021)
[Buy]: MDF and MDP
 We are a big furniture manufacturer in Mexico,  now, we are looking for new suppliers overseas,  We need MDF and MDP,  Aprox: 3,...
From: Mexico (10/22/2021)
[Buy]: Floorings
Looking for suppliers of parquet flooring and more....
From: United States (10/17/2021)
[Buy]: Timber and wood products from Guyana
Hello, We are a Canadian based company, in the process of securing various types of wood and prices, with the aim of shipping to the middle east....
From: Canada (10/17/2021)
[Buy]: Acacia Woodchips origin Brazil
I'm a consultant and have a client looking for wood chips.  WOODEN CHIPS (4024) ***Origin: Brazil ***Packing: Bulk   ***Contr...
From: United States (10/15/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
I am reaching out in hopes of getting a quote for this product. We will be needing quite a bit. please give me a call at your earliest convenience. Th...
From: United States (10/14/2021)
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