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[Buy]: Red oak flooring
Looking for 2 1/4 Red oak flooring, pre-finis....
From: United States (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Seeking Cabinet Materials
We are seeking suppliers of cabinet materials....
From: United States (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Pro Form Film Face Plywood
Hello,  Can you please provide a quote and lead time on the following Pro Form Plywood sheets?  42 crates (or 3 containers) - 15mm...
From: United States (4/6/2023)
[Buy]: Fir/larch flooring
Can you send me regarding the type of flooring you manufacture? I'm interested in fir/larch flooring planks, tongue & groove. Thank you, ...
From: Canada (3/29/2023)
[Buy]: Yellow Cedar Lifts
Phone- 778.668.6685 Would it be possible to get full lift delivered budget of the following. Keep in stock in Surrey, BC: 3x8x8 3x10x8&...
From: Canada (3/29/2023)
[Buy]: Gmelina log
Gmelina log quote request....
From: Canada (3/27/2023)
[Buy]: Pine wood and treated for termites
Hello- I am looking to make a purchase for the following items: 2"x4"x15" 1033 units/month Bundles 400 each  2"x6"x48” ...
From: United States (3/26/2023)
[Buy]: Wood Straight Baton
Please provide as a quote for the below item. Item: Wood Straight Baton 36 inch.  PN:1000188  Qty.60  Thank you!...
From: United States (3/25/2023)
[Buy]: Yorkite Backer
Need to order at least 3000' of yorkite backer tan/brown 0.015" roll. Do you have any available? Phone-920-686-5145...
From: United States (3/23/2023)
[Buy]: Sipo & Sapelli FAS 300 M3
Sipo & Sapelli FAS 300 Cubic Metres CIF Miami. 26, 52, and 80 mm thicknesses 365 cm length THIS IS REAL AND FUNDED ....
From: United States (3/22/2023)
[Buy]: Quarter Sawn White oak lumber
Phone 810-300-3445 - I am looking to purchase some premium Quarter-sawn White Oak: 500' 4/4"x12'; 200' 6/4"x10'; and 200' 8/4'x10'. I am located in No...
From: United States (3/21/2023)
[Buy]: Baltic Birch supplier
Hello, looking for a supplier for Baltic Birch plywood 1/8"-3/4" in Guangzhou. Would like rough idea of pricing and availabilty for sheets between 1/8...
From: Canada (3/21/2023)
[Buy]: Veneers
Looking for Chinese veneers . 5mm+. ...
From: United States (3/20/2023)
[Buy]: Southern yellow pine wood
I am looking to get a quote for 1 container of southern yellow pine wood for pallets for FOB cost. The size are :  38mm x 89mm x 1200mm ...
From: United States (3/16/2023)
[Buy]: Mdf and plywood
We are interested in decorative mdf and plywood ( parota, walnut, okume, pencil cedar, tzalam) 4.2 , 12 , 15,18mm -- -- -- Hello I am the...
From: Mexico (3/15/2023)
[Buy]: Flooring
We are currently in the process of value engineering a job, and we are looking for quotes for 10,000 square feet of flooring. After reviewing your web...
From: United States (3/14/2023)
[Buy]: High strength Specialized plywood
Can you make 28 mm thick plywood; 19 plys ?...
From: United States (3/13/2023)
[Buy]: Precision plywoods for build cabinets from Indonesia
We started on sale materials for build cabinets with small company and i wondering know if you do delivery to Texas USA...
From: United States (3/11/2023)
[Buy]: Teak wood
Hello, I'm reaching out to see if you are able to sell rough cut kiln dried teak lumber in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 thicknesses in the highest grade. &n...
From: United States (3/10/2023)
[Buy]: European Beech lumber
We are looking for an European Beech lumber supplier. Do you offer E.Beech lumber or logs only? ----- ----- ------ If you can inform us...
From: United States (3/8/2023)
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