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[Buy]: Plywood
Looking for truck loads of 1/2 4x8 construction grade plywood. For exterior use. Roofing, wall sheeting....
From: Canada (8/29/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood
Looking for yellow pine exterior use 1/2 plywood. Truck load. For roofing and wall sheeting.  ...
From: Canada (8/29/2023)
[Buy]: Soft-maple, Red oak , Rubberwood KD 7% to 9%
Need quote for major US Company with this being average monthly needs, FOB. Soft-maple (ACER RUBRUM) 4/4 = 8,000 BF 5/4 = 3,000 BF ...
From: Canada (8/24/2023)
[Buy]: birch natural laminated MDF
Need prices for birch natural and orefinished and laminated mdf with melamines. ...
From: United States (8/21/2023)
[Buy]: Azobe sleepers
Hell, Are able to advise pricing and delivery on below ekki/azobe sleepers.  ...
From: United States (8/17/2023)
[Buy]: Small Cabin House ( Custom Design )
We want to build 10 Small house structures using our design .  Please contact me so I can email our design & speak directly with y...
From: United States (8/15/2023)
[Buy]: Buy a 20 foot wooden container
I would like to buy a 20 foot wooden container. Please reply to my WhatsApp application so that we can discuss. -------- comprar un contened...
From: United States (8/14/2023)
[Buy]: Soft maple, red oak
Soft-maple 4/4 = 8,000 Sq Ft 5/4 = 3,000 Sq Ft  6/4 = 3,000 Sq Ft 8/4 = 6,000 Sq Ft Total = 20,000 Sq ft   Red...
From: United States (8/10/2023)
[Buy]: Whitewood studs
I am interested in whitewood studs export to Guyana. can you send me specs and prices?  ...
From: United States (8/10/2023)
[Buy]: 18mm plywood
Hello, What would be a price per sheet 1220mm X 2440mm. The quantity - 20ft container.  Looking for 18mm plywood, calibrated hardwood core, WBP....
From: United States (8/10/2023)
[Buy]: Red Oak Logs
Am interested in 16" - 18" - 16 ft log - Red Oak.  Would you please quote me for 6MBF / 24 ton.  Thank you....
From: United States (8/10/2023)
[Buy]: Yellow cedar
I am looking for some yellow cedar 1x4 for a home project. Can you help me?  Brgds   ...
From: Canada (8/8/2023)
[Buy]: Canopy curtains set that has Ropes and tassels
Hello Sirs; I purchased a bamboo canapy bed King Size here in Hawaii a few yearsago. I found out you made this bed from research. I wan...
From: United States (8/6/2023)
[Buy]: Bulk Paper Roll Purchase
I just want to introduce myself. I am starting a new venture in Canada for the export of paper rolls. My family already has a large business setup in...
From: Canada (8/2/2023)
[Buy]: Scaffold Plank
Scaffold Plank needed...
From: United States (8/2/2023)
[Buy]: Walnut and white oak logs and/or lumber
 Hi there. I’m messaging to look for a reputable supplier of walnut and white oak logs and/or lumber.   Logs, loads of 15,000bf up to...
From: Canada (7/31/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood Business
Hello  I represent a major formwork supplier in the United States  We are going to be making a big push for the second half of thi...
From: United States (7/31/2023)
[Buy]: Birch veneer logs
From: Canada (7/25/2023)
[Buy]: Teak
Looking for teak wood for flooring....
From: Canada (7/24/2023)
[Buy]: SYP Logs
Looking for SYP Logs. call 832 576 2359 in TX, USA....
From: United States (7/22/2023)
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