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[Sell]: African wood
We are exporters of all hard and soft African wood Hi Bro, below is the price Padouck Euro 348 Tali. Euro 480 Okan. Euro 2...
From: Cameroon (4/30/2022)
[Sell]: Okoume face veneer
Our company is one of the largest and most organised Okoume face veneer manufacturers in Gabon, Africa. Our vision is to supply best quality Okoume Fa...
From: South Africa (4/19/2022)
[Sell]: Okoume tali okan sawn wood
We are an african wood company based in Gabon. we can deliver okoume tali okan in general measures sawn if it can b of your interest please...
From: Gabon (4/16/2022)
[Sell]: okoume plywood and veneer
We have plywood factoey in Gabon, we produce full okoume plywood and veneer......
From: Gabon (3/25/2022)
[Sell]: hardwood- round logs for sale
Afzelia spp (bella africana) - Doussie (Afzelia Apa)  Anthonotha fragrans - Anthonotha (Kibokoko)  Anopyxis klaineana - Kokoti  Chloro...
From: Liberia (3/8/2022)
[Sell]: Padouk and Teak
Available we can meet your demand for top quality padouk,teak alongside other African tropical hardwood......
From: Ghana (2/8/2022)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
We have lumber and plywood factory in Gabon, we can produce full okoume plywood and marine plywood etc......
From: Gabon (1/23/2022)
[Sell]: FSC Eucalyptus, Acacia timber
We are wholesalers of FSC Eucalyptus, Acacia and produce sawn timber, transmission poles, veneer skins and edge laminated Acacia boards...
From: South Africa (1/14/2022)
[Sell]: export logs from Sierra Leone,France ,Colombia
We are french exporter logs and square from Sierra leone , France and Colombia.....
From: Sierra leone (12/23/2021)
[Sell]: Woods from west Africa
Lovely Dreams Industrial Group , Nigeria can supply several types of softwood and hardwood species from Nigeria such as Obeche (Ayous ,wawa , Samba ,...
From: Nigeria (12/12/2021)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
our Gabon's factory produce full okoume plywood, marine plywood......
From: Gabon (12/5/2021)
[Sell]: Carved wood products
Good day. I provide carved wood products from Durban South Africa. We have animal carvings and can do customised carvings on request......
From: South Africa (11/24/2021)
[Sell]: Tropical Timbers
We are a exporter of tropical Timbers from Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa (DRC) to the world...
From: South Africa (10/15/2021)
[Sell]: African wood
We are a wood exporting company in Cameroon based in the city of Douala. We have very vast hectares of forest log land and we exploit these wood on da...
From: Cameroon (10/10/2021)
[Sell]: Teak, Dabema, Iroko, Ohia, Okan
I am looking for buyers of Dabema, Iroko, Ohia, Okan, Teak(both sawn and round logs),Oboto, Emien, Tali, Doussie, Essessang,Iarandza, Pine, and Tiama....
From: Ghana (10/8/2021)
[Sell]: Teak wood, Doussie
We are Sandunamis Group Ltd and we supply teak wood, Doussie, Gmeliana, Tali, Rosewood etc....from Ghana, West Africa.  Kindly do well to co...
From: Ghana (10/3/2021)
[Sell]: Teak & Tropical Hardwood
The company operates with high standards and all the certifications to only trade legally harvested wood, coming from licit Teak plantations and natur...
From: Cameroon (9/5/2021)
[Sell]: Tropical woods
We are a timber company specialised in export of more than 32 species of exotic tropical woods. We deal in both logs and sawn timber.  We can sup...
From: South Africa (8/17/2021)
[Sell]: Eucalyptus tree
I'm selling mature eucalyptus tree for timber, wood and other products near Ndakaini dam. Kindly contact me if you are interested to buy. Thank you....
From: Kenya (7/19/2021)
Timberwire is delighted to to announce that the following tropical hardwood wood, logs and lumber species are currently available;  Abeche&n...
From: Cameroon (7/17/2021)
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