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[Sell]: Walnut Lumber KD
American Walnut   Length 6' - 10' Width 10??& up Thickness 6/4??  Serious and interesting buyer should contact me for more de...
From: United States (1/31/2023)
[Sell]: Eastern White Pine Lumber
We are family-owned sawmill business located in New Brunswick, Canada. WE produce Mill run, Kiln Dried lumber. We process different species, but our m...
From: Canada (1/31/2023)
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Sawlogs Bark On - Fresh Cut 13.5'/19.5'/26.5'/39.4', 12"+ 2SC at US$125.00/MT CIF HCMC/Cat Lai Port 3SC at U...
From: United States (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: Eastern White Pine lumber and more
We are the exporter of Eastern White Pine lumber. We also offer Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Sugar, Idaho White, Red and Southern Yellow Pine. Along with En...
From: United States (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: Hard Maple components, squares, dowels
Our company is one of the premier suppliers of Hard Maple components, squares, dowels, and dimension stock to manufacturers of musical instruments and...
From: Canada (1/29/2023)
Hickory Rotary Logs bark on - Fresh Cut Logs 3SC, 8'6"+, 13"+ US$1,690.00/MBF CIF HCMC/Cat Lai Port US$1,725.00/MBF CIF Haiphong Port&n...
From: United States (1/29/2023)
[Sell]: Beech Logs and Lumbers
 We can supply your company beech Logs and Lumbers of any qunatity.   Presently we can ship world wide without hesitation. &n...
From: United States (1/27/2023)
[Sell]: Eeastern White Pine
We produce 1-1/8" 4"-12" rough EWP KD Looking for a market for low grade. could load containers if needed. .....
From: United States (1/26/2023)
[Sell]: Baltic Birch Plywood
PLY SUPPLY INC is a privately-owned wholesale distribution company of BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD, Film Faced Plywood, and accessories to the woodworking com...
From: Canada (1/26/2023)
We can supply top quality American Walnut Lumber / Boards, Logs and Table top slab Logs in different qualities / grades. Made in USA quality, strict g...
From: United States (1/25/2023)
[Sell]: Birch, Red Oak and Maple Veneers
We are the largest producer of decorative rotary cut hardwood veneers in Canada ( Birch, Red Oak and Maple) and can offer your company a reliable, con...
From: Canada (1/24/2023)
[Sell]: Custom lumber cuts, slabs, boards
Custom lumber cuts, slabs, boards, posts and more. No current bid limits....
From: United States (1/24/2023)
Western Hemlock Sawlogs Debarked #2 grade, 21"+, 26'+ US$950.00/MBF CIF Shanghai/Yantian/Qingdao Port US$1,020.00/MBF CIF HCMC/Cat Lai...
From: United States (1/23/2023)
[Sell]: Cedar cants
Looking to market my eastern red cedar cants multiple size, located in south central Missouri....
From: United States (1/20/2023)
[Sell]: HT-KD lumber
We owned sawmill and lumberyard business and supply HT-KD lumber at required moisture content to local customers and retail businesses. We sell 1” &...
From: Canada (1/20/2023)
[Sell]: Precut pallet and Canadian softwood
Pacific Prince Investments Inc. has been in the forest product industry since 1990. Currently, SPF Precut Lumber, a division of Pacific Prince, operat...
From: Canada (1/17/2023)
[Sell]: Custom cabinetry
We are high-end custom cabinetry who strives to meet the demands of some of the wealthiest clients. We aim to do whatever it takes to make meet the ob...
From: United States (1/16/2023)
[Sell]: Teak Lumber for Sale
9,000 board feet of kiln-dried teak lumber are available right now in Fort Pierce. Different dimensions listed below looking to sell for about $11.00...
From: United States (1/6/2023)
[Sell]: Woodchips
We have Woodchips available.  Birch/Spruce-Fir: FOB , Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada.  SYP, ,FOB Morehead, USA   ...
From: Canada (1/2/2023)
[Sell]: High premium quality EN1 wood pellets
Economic efficiency: Wood pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a...
From: United States (12/16/2022)
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