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[Sell]: Thermo ash decking, siding, flooring
Thermo ash Decking, Siding, Flooring.  Parametrs Width 130/100/80/60 mm, Thickness 20 mm, Lengs 800/1200/1600/2000 mm.....
From: Poland (2/1/2023)
[Sell]: Pellets
Latop Energy is enterprise manufacturing pellets built using unique technology and equipped with Amandus (Kahl) lines made in Germany. We use agricult...
From: Czech Republic (2/1/2023)
From: Spain (1/31/2023)
[Sell]: European beech, oak, ash and maple
We are supplying European hardwood lumber and logs to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timber merchants in Germany, Europe and overseas. &n...
From: Germany (1/31/2023)
[Sell]: Oak Lumber
Specifications  Volume 16 - 180 m3 per month Thickness 20 - 50 mm Measurement type under bark Width F...
From: Ukraine (1/31/2023)
[Sell]: Spruce and Pine Packaging, Pallet Wood
Product: Edged boards; Species: Pine, Spruce; Volume: 100 - 1000 m3; Thickness: 15-50 mm Width: 50-150 mm Length: 500-3000 mm...
From: Russia (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: Birch boards KD8%, Select, 1Com, 2Com
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: North-...
From: Russia (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: Oak Timber, strips, sawn wood
Oak Timber, Oak Strips, Oak Sawn Wood Quality: A, B, C, D & Rustic   immediate availability.....
From: Romania (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: We offer high quality birch logs
We offer birch logs. Grade A, AB and B . lengths 2.7 and 3m. Also, offer spruce and pine logs lengths 2.8/2.9/3.0 m......
From: Latvia (1/30/2023)
[Sell]: European logs and lumber
Beech logs and lumber Oak logs and lumber Square edged oak in fix width Ash logs and lumber Sycamore logs and lumber Poplar l...
From: Germany (1/29/2023)
[Sell]: Wood veneers
We are a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of natural wood veneers.  Our know-how and the strong relationship...
From: Spain (1/29/2023)
[Sell]: White/Brown European Ash strips for sale
White/Brown(Core) European Ash strips for sale. Fresh sawn Quality- 3/4 sides clean Thickness- 26mm; 32mm Width- 40mm-100mm L...
From: Lithuania (1/28/2023)
[Sell]: Spruce & Pine boards KD, 22x100mm, 44x100mm, 3-4m long
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Edged boards; Species: Spruce, Pine; Volume: 100 - 1000 m3; Moisture: Kiln Dried 16...
From: Russia (1/27/2023)
[Sell]: White/Brown European Ash for sale
White/Brown(Core) European Ash for sale. Edged Fresh sawn Quality- 3/4 sides clean Thickness- 26mm; 32mm Width- 100mm+ L...
From: Lithuania (1/27/2023)
[Sell]: KD Pine and Spruce Lumber
Pine and Spruce Lumber available. KD 8%-12% , thickness:24mm, 30mm+ whatsapp: +48587310573.....
From: Poland (1/27/2023)
[Sell]: Pine, Spruce wood sawn lumber,Decking,Fencing, Epal pallet
We are one of the biggest producers of wood in the Baltic States. All our products are manufactured in accordance with European and International stan...
From: Lithuania (1/26/2023)
[Sell]: Pine, Spruce lumber for Australia 35x70/90mm; 45x70/90mm
Looking for a market in Australia for Spruce and Pine framing lumber KD16% all planed arround 35x70mm, 35x90mm, 45x70mm, 45x90mm up to 6000mm long. Ot...
From: Russia (1/26/2023)
[Sell]: European Oak,White Ash and Beech logs and lumber
Oak, Ash and Beech logs and lumber. Thickness:30mm+ Diameter: 40cm+ whatsapp: +48587310573.....
From: Poland (1/26/2023)
[Sell]: Steamed Beech Veneer
We offer the following stock of Steamed beech veneer AB grade, shorts, door length and panel length. Crowns and quarters. Quantity appr...
From: Spain (1/26/2023)
[Sell]: Birch and coniferous logs
We can offer birch and coniferous logs. Please contact us if interested....
From: Latvia (1/26/2023)
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