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[Sell]: Pallet wood from Latvia
Here is your reliable supplier of pallets or pallet timber  Do not hesitate to contact me for your needs  Whatsapp: +37124429179&n...
From: Latvia (5/18/2024)
[Sell]: Solid and engineered French oak flooring
We are a Belgian factory ( parketfabriek remmery) that is specialized in the production of solid and engineered French oak flooring. Our family i...
From: Belgium (5/18/2024)
[Sell]: 12 mm Marine Okoume plywood 300 m3 ready in Istanbul freezo
12 mm Marine Okoume plywood 300 m3 ready in Istanbul freezone Very competitive pricing.....
From: Turkey (5/17/2024)
We are looking for regular buyers all over the world. Also available ASH/ MAPLE/BEECH 1,2 and 3 grades. Available for order worldwide.   dim...
From: Norway (5/17/2024)
Texpol sp z.o.o is one of Europes best producer and distributor of forestry products such as premium wood pellet, Mdf , Firewood, plywood, timber, lum...
From: Poland (5/17/2024)
[Sell]: Birch Frame Scantlings S4S (PAR) for Sofas manufacturing
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Strips; Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: Western Russia; Moisture Con...
From: Russia (5/16/2024)
[Sell]: Wholesale larch timber
Factory based in Romania with 29 years of experience in wood industry, we sell wholesale larch timber. We are looking for serious partners to sell out...
From: Romania (5/16/2024)
From: Romania (5/15/2024)
[Sell]: Steamed Beech Veneer
We offer the following stock of Steamed beech veneer AB grade, shorts, door length and panel length. Crowns and quarters. Quantity appr...
From: Spain (5/15/2024)
[Sell]: Film Faced Birch Plywood for Formwork
Species: Birch hardwood (all plies through); Thickness (mm): 18; Formats (mm): 2440x1220 & 2500x1250; Glue: WBP; Film: 120 gr/m2;&...
From: Russia (5/15/2024)
[Sell]: H20 Formwork Beams
We are looking for a serious strategic partner-distributor from the Middle East of H20 formwork beams 40x200x3000/3300/3600/3900mm with sales volumes...
From: Russia (5/15/2024)
[Sell]: Birch hardwood is excellent substitute for Maple, Alder, Ash
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Moisture Content: KD 8%; Grades: Select, 1 Co...
From: Russia (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Spruce / Whitewood Boards, S4S, 2Com, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8"
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Surfaced boards; Species: Spruce (Whitewood); KD: 16% KD; Surfacing: S4S; Grad...
From: Russia (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Oak from Croatia
We are company from Croatia interested in selling our Oak logs, we have high quality Oak with potential yearly export of 700.000m3 and looking for a l...
From: Croatia (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Plywood and veneer of natural birch
MaxPly was established in 2013 and has since grown into a successful worldwide business, one of the leading manufacturers on the European plywood mark...
From: Bulgaria (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Wood veneers
We are a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of natural wood veneers.  Our know-how and the strong relationship...
From: Spain (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Euroepan Hard and Softwood
Delivery of softwood and hardwood (larch, DGL, pine, oak logs or sawn timber according to your specifications).  As a renowned company in th...
From: Austria (5/13/2024)
[Sell]: Oak planks
Hello,  We are pleased to offer sale of mismatched oak planks with a thickness of 27mm, a length of 2.20m+ and a capacity of 300m3 per month...
From: France (5/12/2024)
[Sell]: Douglas Fir
We are a sawmill based in France in the middle of Massif Central and specialised in Douglas Fir (pseudotsuga), with a yearly production of 30 000 m3 -...
From: France (5/11/2024)
[Sell]: European beech, oak, ash and maple
We are supplying European hardwood lumber and logs to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timber merchants in Germany, Europe and overseas. &n...
From: Germany (5/11/2024)
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