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[Buy]: Solid wood dovetail drawer pull outs
I'm looking for solid wood pre-assembled dovetail drawer pull outs. Its that something you can manufacture? Thank you...
From: United States (6/5/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood for concrete forms
Plywood for concrete forms - 11mm thick, 1800x900mm with phenolic paper overlay  I am Global Procurement Manager. We have been buying from...
From: Canada (6/2/2023)
[Buy]: IPE Quote
 Interested in price per linear foot of IPE, finished lumber of dimension between 3 to 5.5 inches in width and 5/8 to 3/4 inch thick. (any stand...
From: United States (6/1/2023)
[Buy]: long lengths and widths of RWO white oak
I'm looking to source some very long lengths (up to 22 ft) and widths (up to 9 inches) of rift sawn white oak. We are contractors building a house in...
From: United States (5/28/2023)
[Buy]: Pricing for cedar lumber
Hi there,  I am inquiring on what your pricing would be for a lift of 2x4 and a lift of 1x6 cedar. Both at 8 ft lengths.  Thank you,...
From: United States (5/24/2023)
[Buy]: Recliner rocker
Love your rocker/recliner  Style number : 175-489-001 HWPW-VC(2-26mm/2-20 Ply) Do you still manufacture this recliner and where can I b...
From: United States (5/24/2023)
[Buy]: HDO concrete form plywood
We would like to know if your company can supply us with the Below Product: HDO concrete form plywood 19/32 x 5 x 8....(1,200 sheets)  We w...
From: United States (5/23/2023)
[Buy]: Walnut lumber for export
Hello I’m looking to purchase walnut lumber to build furnitures for a hotel. Can you please provide all of your walnut grades and cuts with pricing....
From: United States (5/22/2023)
[Buy]: Mahogany,teak,rosewood
Looking to import 40'container of mahogany,teak,rosewood and a wide variety of species. 4/4,8/4. Also interested in wide slabs...
From: United States (5/21/2023)
[Buy]: Kitchen producrs
Hello,  I am looking for a factory for a kitchen brand that I want to start. Do you have a full catalogue for your products?...
From: United States (5/19/2023)
[Buy]: African Hardwood Logs, lumbers
Seeking a reliable exotic hardwood supplier that can provide Kiln Dried Exotics in 4/4 , 8-4 planes and straight lined, Dried to USA Specs of 8 to 10%...
From: United States (5/18/2023)
[Buy]: White oak barrel stave
We are looking for white oak barrel stave. Can you provide it? Thank you....
From: United States (5/18/2023)
[Buy]: Formworks - 8 mm grade material of 4 foot by 8 foot
Requesting quote that competes with TDG Global TEKCOM Eco or EZ form products with face sheet used for concrete pour forms.   As one of the...
From: United States (5/17/2023)
[Buy]: Looking for a supplier for Container load of Plywood
We are a manufacturer of components for industrial cooling systems. We have increased our demand for plywood to make crates for our exports and have...
From: United States (5/12/2023)
[Buy]: Maple oak ash birsh logs
Looking for log pricing for summer 2023. I would like regular mailing of new pricing as things change.  Thank You 1071 South Albany Rd&...
From: United States (5/12/2023)
[Buy]: Wood doors
I am interested in purchasing wood doors. Please send me information on your products, thank you.  ...
From: United States (5/11/2023)
[Buy]: Garden lintern
Dear all,  We are interested on buying the Garden lintern to Mexico, please contact me directly by e-mail. Regards...
From: Mexico (5/11/2023)
[Buy]: Decorative plywood
We are a decorative plywood wholesale distributor and looking for new manufacturers......
From: United States (5/11/2023)
[Buy]: Birch doors
I am in need to find a mfg that can provide our company with PSRO and Birch doors for the US market.  I am interested in learning more about you...
From: United States (5/9/2023)
[Buy]: Wood cabinet components for the US
We are looking for a wood cabinet component manufacturers who can supply products for our customers in the US. Please contact me at your conveinence....
From: United States (5/7/2023)
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