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[Buy]: Wood deck from Thailand
Looking for new suppliers of wood deck,flooring tiles with plastic base. Will arrive in Bangkok Nov 29 and would like to meet....
From: United States (11/5/2023)
[Buy]: Teak
Looking for good quality burmese teak.    i need good burmese with deep color , send me wood photo and per q meter price to my mail and also...
From: United States (11/3/2023)
need a price quote for LUMBER, SOFTWOOD.  The details are below and specs are mentioned. Please quote accordingly.  The price should be th...
From: United States (11/2/2023)
[Buy]: Exotic hardwoods
I sell around 70 species of exotic hardwoods. I am always looking for a new source to get lumber from. I'm interested in quite a few on your pdf list....
From: United States (11/1/2023)
[Buy]: Engineered(Reconstituted) Wood Veneer
We would like a sample for our new Residence Inn project. Can you please send VICWOOD EV OAK #601-1BDS to 10892 Chicory Trail, Mattawan, Mi 49071...
From: United States (10/30/2023)
[Buy]: Triplay
I'm interested in selling triplay in Baja California area. Mexicali, Tijuana and ensenada. In the past, I offer Tigerply but my client asked for more...
From: Mexico (10/30/2023)
[Buy]: Laminate floor and MDF moulding
Looking for a manufacturer of Laminate floor,V-groove plank,foam underlay and all kinds of MDF moulding .  The company is a newly incorporat...
From: Canada (10/30/2023)
[Buy]: Guitar Manufacturing Services
I'm interested in OEM/ODM manufacturing services for our electric guitar products. If you are offering these services at this time I would love to le...
From: United States (10/25/2023)
[Buy]: Walnut round logs
Looking for quote for 10 containers of walnut round logs to Mundra, India. ...
From: Canada (10/18/2023)
[Buy]: Quebracho Blanco(White) bark
We are looking for a supplier of Quebracho Blanco bark for immediate shipment to our distiller in the Dominican Republic....
From: United States (10/18/2023)
[Buy]: Rattan furniture
Looking for rattan furniture manufacturer. Please whatsapp me - 4087975283...
From: United States (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Shutter componnets
I am looking for a factory who can supply Paulownia/poplar gesso primed shutter componnets, Louvers/Stiles/rails/Tilt rod/Frames etc. ask the proforma...
From: Canada (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Spruce plywood
Hello,  Im looking for spruce plywood will need sizing quote based per 1-(Pallet) of 120 of 4'x8' Thickness 1-120 3/4" thickness ...
From: Canada (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: Douglas fir logs
I have a question about export logs, I am looking for someone who sells Douglas fir logs with a diameter of 1.1m(43.3’’) and a length of 11.5m(452...
From: Canada (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: QTD Chestnut #5392-2877 and Fumed Eucalypyus #5392-2877
I handle a lot of the Custom Hardwood layup for our Company that supplies the Metro NY Market. I have a request for these two Veneers by you and am l...
From: United States (10/11/2023)
[Buy]: Residence Inn Atlanta Finish Sample
Hello, we are working on the renovation of a Residence Inn in Atlanta, GA. We are looking for samples for the prototypical casegoods. Please let me kn...
From: United States (10/4/2023)
[Buy]: Stairs
Would you be able to produce cat stairs that are 7ft? ( sturdy, non wobbly that can eb disassembled) for somewhere in the ballpark of $100-$150?...
From: Canada (10/3/2023)
[Buy]: Cedar
I am looking for cedar in Lebanon...
From: Canada (10/1/2023)
[Buy]: Hardwood Logs
Hi I am looking for some stumps or sawlogs larger then 1.5-2m diameter. ...
From: Canada (10/1/2023)
[Buy]: Fraemply Combi 19mm x 1220mm x 2440mm
I would like to inquire after your Frameply.  19mm thick x 1220mm wide x 2440mm long  22mm thick x 1220mm wide x 2440mm long ...
From: Canada (9/29/2023)
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