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[Buy]: 3 in Random rough sawn locust
Need random width. Same width doesn’t matter 3 in rough sawn locust to build bridge 20 ft long 10 ft boards. Can you help me...
From: United States (3/21/2022)
[Buy]: LIgnum Vitae
Im (phone:1-248-587-6363)looking for some Lignum Vitae Boards. What would be the cost?I live in the United States. ...
From: United States (3/20/2022)
[Buy]: European White logs
I live in Canada and supply a large veneer mill in China and flooring factory in Vietnam with North American hardwoods logs. We need European White l...
From: Canada (3/20/2022)
[Buy]: OEM Guitar Manufacturing
Canadian Company in need of OEM Guitar Manufacturing services. Hello, My company sells extended range DIY Guitar Kits, as well as finished guitar...
From: Canada (3/20/2022)
From: Mexico (3/19/2022)
[Buy]: Faux chimney project
Hi, Would you be interested in providing me with a quote to build a faux chimney on the roof of our house? I have all the materials! Need your expert...
From: United States (3/16/2022)
[Buy]: OEM Guitar Production
 Looking for Manufacturer for new guitar brand in the US. Is this something that you can help me with?    ...
From: United States (3/16/2022)
[Buy]: Monkey pod slabs
I want to import kiln dried monkey pod slabs by the container. ...
From: United States (3/14/2022)
[Buy]: FJL Gesso primed boards
I am interested in 1x4x16' gesso primed fjl boards, LVL Molding, FJL boards....
From: United States (3/13/2022)
[Buy]: Quila and rosewood from PNG
Hello,  Im interested in possibly importing some quila and rosewood to the united states to make custom furniture with. I'll be traveling to PNG...
From: United States (3/13/2022)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
Hi    I need Baltic birch. 12mm 6mm 3mm B/BB BB/BB cp/cp Thank you...
From: United States (3/10/2022)
[Buy]: Yihua Timber JH S3 33 A
I(510-589-6237 )am the Project Manager of Siosiua Pomee.I need to order 250 sq ft to repair damage to the existing floor....
From: United States (3/10/2022)
[Buy]: Red oak solid, teak, & coconut palm
I am looking for availability for red oak solid, teak, & coconut palm.  I live in Brooksville, Fl and was planning a trip up there next week. &n...
From: United States (3/9/2022)
We are looking for the manufacturer of birch plywood . Please contact us and send us the price.. we have the ten containers ready to order.. ...
From: United States (3/8/2022)
[Buy]: 1x3 Lumber into Southern California
Interested to buy your 1x3 lumber delivered into Southern California. Thanks You....
From: United States (3/7/2022)
[Buy]: Prefab FOB St Vincent Grenadines
Dear Sir I'd be interested in a FOB SVG price for a three bedroom....
From: Canada (3/7/2022)
[Buy]: Cuting cedar 1x6 t&g
I was wondering if you had any 1x6 t&g yet. I'm in smithers...
From: Canada (3/6/2022)
Our goals is to find the best products and suppliers with who GT can make a long term business relation and take advantage of our experience in Mexica...
From: Mexico (3/6/2022)
[Buy]: Beech wood - 100 conts - destination of Turkey
I would like to make an inquiry for price quotation.  Here is the specifications: Beech wood Lumber Grade: AB/Super Thickness: 5-...
From: United States (3/5/2022)
[Buy]: Teak logs and blocks
Im currently a sourcing executive and want to explore the possibility of doing export of teak round logs and/or processed teak blocks . Our primary...
From: United States (3/4/2022)
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