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[Buy]: White oak friezes
We are looking to source 1 x 40' container ea 6 weeks of White Oak rips, KD, Clear 1 Face :  Approx 55% of quantity in 27 x 80 x 2400 A...
From: United States (2/7/2024)
I’m looking to get some information about interior doors from Indonesia. I live in the USA i’m trying to order a container if you have some pictu...
From: United States (2/5/2024)
[Buy]: investing in Forestry Projects
Hi we are a Canadian Company that currently have forestry projects in Cameroon and DRC, and interested in Investing in Ivory Coast https://greentreesc...
From: Canada (2/5/2024)
[Buy]: Side chair
I am looking for a side chair from made for Pulaski furniture corp with number Dorlahd012306...
From: United States (2/4/2024)
[Buy]: Looking for a manufacturer of custom guitars
We make custom guitars for high level musicians and want to expand to have our own line of guitars. We are looking for a company to manufacture our li...
From: United States (2/4/2024)
[Buy]: Marine Grade Plywood -Okoume sheets
Hello, I am looking for pricing on a mixed 40' container of marine grade plywood in 1088 grade. Can you quote me on the Okoume sheets in full units i...
From: United States (2/1/2024)
[Buy]: Interior and Exterior Millwork products
Hello, We are looking to expand our sourcing options and saw the investment your company is making in Argentina. We want to expand our suppliers...
From: United States (1/29/2024)
[Buy]: Doors &Jambs
Looking for a manufacturer of Doors &Jambs from Brazil....
From: United States (1/25/2024)
[Buy]: Hardwood flooring
 Hello- we are looking to buy containers of hardwood flooring and would like to see if we can get a catalog of the products you offer in 3/4" sol...
From: United States (1/24/2024)
[Buy]: Baseboard price
I would like to know the prices for baseboard 1x6 and 1x6 pine. Thanks...
From: United States (1/19/2024)
[Buy]: Sound proofing material Quote
Hello, Im interested in your product Sound proofing material, can you send a catalog and info sheet? Thank you...
From: United States (1/17/2024)
[Buy]: Wood flooring Inquiry
Hello. I am looking to secure a Wood Flooring Manufacture with certifications for the North American market USA and Canada. Upon selecting p...
From: United States (1/15/2024)
[Buy]: CDX Pywood
Looking to buy containers of CDX plywood used for the roofing and construction industry. 5/8 inches thick and 8 x 4 feet in dimension. Delivery port i...
From: United States (1/12/2024)
[Buy]: Need flooring
Looking for a few boxes of your engineer flooring .I can send pics....
From: Canada (1/7/2024)
[Buy]: Wood slab
I'm looking to buy a slab of solid wood (100x230x5 cm) to make a table top. I would like to know if you could provide it. If you give me your email I...
From: United States (1/5/2024)
[Buy]: Kelela boards
Looking to see what you have in stock particularly in Kelela boards. ...
From: United States (12/27/2023)
[Buy]: imorting petrified tables
We are importers of wood flooring from indonesia and would like to discuss importing Petrified wood tables ....
From: United States (12/27/2023)
[Buy]: Gibson Birds eye maple neck
I need a price for a Gibson Birds eye maple neck grade 5A...
From: United States (12/27/2023)
From: United States (12/20/2023)
[Buy]: Furniture
I am furnishing an Airbnb and would like to see your furniture catalog to order pieces. ...
From: United States (12/19/2023)
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