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[Buy]: 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus
We are interested in 21 mm 9 ply Eucalyptus for upholstery frames. we are a plywood broker who buys container loads of plywood from Brazil ...
From: United States (3/20/2024)
[Buy]: Cabinets
Cabinets wholesale, interested in importing cabinets...
From: United States (3/18/2024)
[Buy]: Types and sizes of indigenous woods
Hello, I'm a private woodworker in California, USA looking for options for a Tongan inspired project piece (something small like a box). I'm wonderin...
From: United States (3/16/2024)
[Buy]: White Laminated plywood
We have a factory in Miami, USA where we produce Kitchen cabinets and we are looking for White laminated plywood, the attachment has a sample of the...
From: United States (3/15/2024)
[Buy]: Doors inquiry Canada
Looking for suppliers of doors....
From: Canada (3/12/2024)
[Buy]: Laminated plywood
 Hi, we are going to Vietnam, business travel and we would like to visit you, i am interested in laminated plywood.  Thank you...
From: United States (3/11/2024)
[Buy]: Wooden wall paneling
Looking for a local supplier.  We would like to know if you can supply us below wooden wall paneling * 10 inch Wooden Wall Paneling. *...
From: United States (3/6/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood
Looking for plywood and osb supplier in China...
From: United States (3/1/2024)
[Buy]: Mouldings and Dowels
We are looking for a new supplier of Mouldings and Dowels. ....
From: United States (2/29/2024)
[Buy]: Primed FJ Pine Mouldings
I am a trim supplier located in Florida. Would you be willing to sell one 20ft shipping container of mouldings ? What options do you have for finger j...
From: United States (2/27/2024)
[Buy]: Yellow Pine & Ash Wood, Grade A or B
Looking for yellow pine and ashwood in the following sizes. This is will be a very large order just so your warned. Yellow Pine & Ash Wood, Grad...
From: Canada (2/23/2024)
[Buy]: Film face plywood
How much is the cost of 15mm film face plywood?  Delivered to USA-NEWYORK - New Jersey...
From: United States (2/23/2024)
[Buy]: Construction lumber
Hi I’m looking to buy construction lumber  2x4 16'(USA dimensions) Delivered to USA-NEWYORK - New Jersey...
From: United States (2/23/2024)
I am looking to buy SYP logs 40 x 40 of the above specification per month loaded in containers del dock....
From: Canada (2/22/2024)
[Buy]: Teca or caoba de Panama
We are a wholesale distributor of more than 185k industrial products in Canada. We are looking for mahogany or teak wood from Central America (Panama)...
From: Canada (2/21/2024)
[Buy]: Prefab houses, quality building materials
We have a trip coming up to Surabaya in early April of this year. We are looking to learn about building material opportunities for building houses on...
From: United States (2/17/2024)
[Buy]: bar stool
we are looking to order 10 more barstools for our client. can you please email me so i can send you my request? thanks, ...
From: United States (2/15/2024)
[Buy]: azobe sleepers
We want to buy azobe sleepers....
From: United States (2/14/2024)
[Buy]: Full Poplar, poplar mixed plywood
Hi,  Please let me know if you would be able to suplly a plywood for FOB 180-200 USD/CBM. Please let me know which wood essence, the grade a...
From: Canada (2/14/2024)
[Buy]: Import Teak to India from venezuela
We have a family business in teak wood in India. We are looking for teak wood logs and sizes to export it to India. Please let me know if we can conne...
From: United States (2/13/2024)
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