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[Buy]: Chipboard
We are one of the biggest furniture manufacturers of the region. we are interested i an raw chipboard material in the size :  1.83 x 3.66&nb...
From: Azerbaijan (4/20/2023)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
Dear Sir/Madam I'm interested in buying birch plywood 3-4-5-6 mm. Do you offer these products?  Are they available? Can I have a quote for t...
From: Hungary (4/18/2023)
[Buy]: Paper bag products
1. keen to be in touch with manufacturer making paper products - grocery bags, shopping bags and mailing bags 2. order will be in 20' FCLs 3...
From: United Kingdom (4/15/2023)
[Buy]: Enquiry Wood Supplier
 Our special need is a manufacturer that can produce baby playpens .  --------- ---------- ------------------ ------------ I am respons...
From: Germany (4/14/2023)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus plywood
We are interested in eucalyptus plywood . what factories are u using to produce this , if they are in linyi area i would be interested to se...
From: United Kingdom (4/14/2023)
[Buy]: Birch wood
Please let us know if you can provide us with the following orders: Seven layers of birch wood. Bending radius 4000, dimensions 792 x 53 x 8...
From: Italy (4/13/2023)
[Buy]: White pallets
Please send me a offer for 15.000 tons white pallets , fob.price. ...
From: Netherlands (4/13/2023)
[Buy]: Wenge wood wirh FSC
I look for wenge wood elments to produce kitchen countertops. ...
From: Denmark (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Oak planks
Looking for a good supplier for edged oak in 38/50 mm, rustic grade without sapwood, lengths 2/3/4m Fresh cut....
From: Hungary (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Oak Friezes
We are looking for european oak friezas: 25/26/27x40/50/60x250-500  Quality: Qf1a/Qf1ax/Qf1axx Humidity: fresh AD or KD: 300m3/Mo...
From: Poland (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Abies Alba - European Silver Fir
We are searching for a supplier of “Abies alba” – referred to in English as European Silver Fir.  Description of Abies alba / white fi...
From: Germany (4/12/2023)
[Buy]: Ash wood paneling
I'm interested in ash wood paneling   26*52 C4J és C7J PaC-System® 20m3   ...
From: Germany (4/11/2023)
[Buy]: Parquet
We are very in the importation of wood flooring. We are the main importers of of luxury apartments interior and exterior doors also commercial do...
From: Malta (4/10/2023)
[Buy]: Oak wood prices
 We have a company, looking for one more wood supplier. We are looking specially for oak. In different sizes. Edged and 1" , 1,5" and 2". From 2...
From: Sweden (4/10/2023)
[Buy]: Spruce wood
3000 meter cubic KD spruce wood elements for Pallets quotation Cif and Fob to Italo Port Livorno...
From: Italy (4/7/2023)
[Buy]: larch elements, logs
We are buyer for high mountain larch elements, also logs, beech tree, spruce and pine  We sell a lot in our market in Slovenia. Are you sell...
From: Slovenia (4/6/2023)
[Buy]: Solid treated green pine
Hi i would like to know if your company have available solid treated green pine wood beams ?...
From: Portugal (4/5/2023)
[Buy]: Pellets
Hello, I would like to a discount on several trucks delivered in 6594 Beauwelz, Belgium. 15 kg bag of pellets.  -------------- -------------...
From: Belgium (4/4/2023)
[Buy]: Softwood timber
Hello. We're interested in a 100-1,000 tons of wood. Soft wood, leaf wood. Between 35 and 45%. Fraction 30-50 mm With delivery in Slovakia the fee is...
From: Slovak (4/4/2023)
[Buy]: Rice husk pellets
Hello, Im intersted in buy rice husk pellets For first time maybe 23 tons. Can you send me offer for mail? BR  ...
From: Poland (4/3/2023)
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