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[Buy]: OSB
I am looking for supplier of OSB boards....
From: United States (8/12/2022)
Dear Sirs Please receive our greeting, we are contacting you with an inquire for wood pellets for a Customer in Italy, as per the below deta...
From: Mexico (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Baltic Birch Plywood
I am interested in Containers of Baltic Birch Plywood in 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 4x8 sheets, BB/BB. Please quote to Port of Houston, Texas....
From: United States (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Logging
I'm looking at buying possible acreage property. I'm interested to find out what kind of deal we could make if I could get logging done to offset some...
From: Canada (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: IPE/cumaru marine decking
 Please provide pricing on the following:  Finished size 25 mm x 145 mm x 3,657 mm Pre-groved both sides   Ipe and Cumar...
From: Canada (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Colored MDF
I am looking for colored MDF import to Utah, USA...
From: United States (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Baltic Birch Plywood
I am interested in containers of Baltic Birch Plywood, 4x8 sheets, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, BB/BB...
From: United States (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Plywood panels
Good Morning - are you still making plywood panels for old auditorium chairs? I used to buy products from you back in the day and have recently run...
From: United States (8/9/2022)
[Buy]: European Beech Timber
 Could you offer good quality Beech sawntimber for export? 50mm thick, 120mm width and up, 2.2M length and up. Good AB quality or basic...
From: United States (8/6/2022)
[Buy]: Hardwood plywood
Hello, Please advise what products you have available that are 1" hardwood plywood, prefinished and clean face.We want to add new suppliers. ...
From: United States (8/4/2022)
[Buy]: Teak wood
Interested in teak wood and decking. We are a direct importer and Manufacture....
From: United States (8/4/2022)
[Buy]: JM-6 wood handle in 60”
I am interested in your Jm-6 handle. I was wondering what 500-1000 cost to buy and if the plastic tip could be made in black instead of white? How man...
From: United States (8/4/2022)
[Buy]: Green Douglas Fir Wood 
I am interested in purchasing whole logs(timber) of Green Douglas Fir Wood for CONSTRUCTION purposes which will be exported to China. ------...
From: Canada (8/1/2022)
[Buy]: Maple baseball bats
I want to purchase ash and maple baseball bats for fall my boys and if you can supply, please cotact me....
From: United States (8/1/2022)
[Buy]: Sapele wood
Our company interested in Sapele wood squares. We are focus on the production and install on wood doors and windows for impact.  Awaiting f...
From: United States (7/27/2022)
[Buy]: MDF
I am interested in getting MDF AND MDP BOARDS TO BUY FROM BRAZIL . Can u contact me at +17185302671 on WhatsApp....
From: United States (7/27/2022)
[Buy]: MDF, melamine MDF and melamine
Looking for MDF, melamine MDF and melamine . Please email or WhatsApp at number provided...
From: Canada (7/25/2022)
[Buy]: Lumber products inquiry
We are a commodity trading company located in Surrey, BC, and currently looking for lumber products, hard wood, soft wood, and wood chips, etc. I am c...
From: Canada (7/19/2022)
[Buy]: Guitar build
I would like to have you build out guitars for me, I don't have any luthier experience but do have great designs for a new guitar line please let me...
From: United States (7/18/2022)
[Buy]: Lumber and OSB
Could you please provide a quote for 8.205 CuM of lumber and 19.571 CuM of OSB 3 and also a 20 foot long sea container for delivery to Halifax, Nova S...
From: Canada (7/15/2022)
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