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[Buy]: Engineer hardwood flooring
I am interested in engineer hardwood flooring multilayer.  .....
From: Canada (4/18/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
We need buy MDF sheets of medium density with the next especifications Width 61" Large 121" Thickness 1/2" Are an special dimensio...
From: United States (4/17/2021)
[Buy]: Need a Guitar Manufacturer
I need a guitar manufacturer, what are your minimum order quantities per SKU? .....
From: Canada (4/17/2021)
[Buy]: Building materials
We are looking for new suppliers of wood-based panels.Please send us your details on wooden products and their prices.....
From: United States (4/16/2021)
[Buy]: Boxes
Looking for a manufacturer of wooden boxes for cigar. Please have someone contact me for quotes . The number above is also my whatsup number .....
From: United States (4/15/2021)
 We are interested in purchasing the products below from your establishment. 1/2" X 48-1/2 X 96-1/2 HPVA A-1 PS Cherry VC (Softwood Fir) Cor...
From: United States (4/15/2021)
[Buy]: Need plywood
I need 1000 sheets of plywood CDX grade  500 4 X 8ft 3/4 inch 500 4 X 8 ft 1/2 inch.....
From: United States (4/15/2021)
[Buy]: Cumaru, Ipe decking
I need 19 mm x 140mm Ipe decking......
From: United States (4/14/2021)
[Buy]: Parota wood slabs for table tops
My business partner and I are looking for a reliable source oh high quality parota slabs to be used for table tops, bar tops and coffee tables. We are...
From: United States (4/14/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
Looking to purchase LVL, Plywood, and/or OSB....
From: United States (4/14/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
I am building a skookum greenhouse and plan to use 6"x6" cedar. I am looking for a price on 20x12'x6"x6" good quality with as few cracks as possi...
From: Canada (4/13/2021)
[Buy]: Custom pallets
I'm wondering if you are able to make custom pallets? If so, please send me your email address, then I can send you some pictures of what we're lookin...
From: United States (4/12/2021)
[Buy]: Ipe - rough or milled
Looking for Containers of 1 x 6 or 19 x 145.....
From: United States (4/11/2021)
[Buy]: OSB
Looking pricing and availability on OSB......
From: Canada (4/9/2021)
[Buy]: Lumber for construction
I?? preparing to fly to Vietnam to purchase all lumber amd material needed for a home I?? building in California. Can you provide me with a bid......
From: United States (4/8/2021)
[Buy]: Basswood lumber
We are looking for #1 common, 5/4 basswood lumber Can you ship to United States of America?.....
From: United States (4/7/2021)
[Buy]: MDF 12MM
From: Mexico (4/7/2021)
[Buy]: Buying Ipe and Cumaru
19 mm and 25 mm Ipe and Cumaru FOB USA.....
From: United States (4/6/2021)
[Buy]: cypress logs
buying cypress logs please call or txt 912-327-0255.....
From: United States (4/6/2021)
[Buy]: OSB
Interested in OSB. Would like to order in 40HQ container volume. Need 7/16" , 1/2", and 3/4" tongue and groove. The 7/16" and 1/2" are square edge and...
From: United States (4/1/2021)
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