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[Buy]: 10 Spanish Cypress back and sides sets grade..1a
I am interested to buy 10 Spanish Cypress back and sides sets..grade 1a for Flamenco guitar. Ship to Miami Florida USA. Can you send pics of 1a sets...
From: United States (12/29/2022)
[Buy]: Pachyloba lumbers
I would like you to provide me with the specification, prices, and dimensions of your lumbers. Also, I want to know if you can ship it to Algeri...
From: United States (12/28/2022)
[Buy]: Exotic woods
I live in Lake co. I build guitars. I am looking for exotic woods for my builds....
From: United States (12/23/2022)
[Buy]: Teak
Looking for 750 pieces of teak 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 7' long Please advise if available, with pictures pricing, and date to load container 'Thank you...
From: Canada (12/22/2022)
[Buy]: Brasilian Hardwood
I am a Canadian in Brasil looking for the following products IPE, JAtoba, Garapa, Cumaru, Tigerwood 750 pieces 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” x 7...
From: Canada (12/22/2022)
[Buy]: Empty shipping containers in the US and Canada
We are looking to purchase some empty cargo containers in the US and Canada? We can consider available or gate buy deals. Please let me know. Hoping...
From: United States (12/22/2022)
[Buy]: Ash logs
We are a sawmill in China. I'm wondering if you sell any ash logs? Thank you,  ...
From: Canada (12/21/2022)
[Buy]: Photo frame,
I am looking for a crafts manufacturer from China.  Are the photo frames available in quantity of 20? Is that just the metal frame or does it com...
From: United States (12/20/2022)
[Buy]: Wooden furniture from Vietnam
We are the importer of furniture, textile, flooring and etc for chain stores and etc. Our customer will visit Vietnam around 1/6/2023, if they would l...
From: United States (12/20/2022)
[Buy]: Long bamboo poles
Looking for long bamboo poles....
From: United States (12/19/2022)
[Buy]: Beech veneer logs
We currently are looking for some beech veneer logs to import to China. Specs: 50cm+, length 4.5m+ May I ask do you have any beech veneer logs to sell...
From: Canada (12/19/2022)
[Buy]: Cork Block, and Wedge
Hello,  My company is looking for a cork vendor for a couple of our Yoga products. Would you be able to help us? Please let me know. Have a...
From: United States (12/16/2022)
[Buy]: Alaska Hemlock,Sitka spruce logs require
I want to get quote from you. FOB Prince Rupert port. Hemlock 4,000/m3 to 15,000/m3 gang 15%  std. 45  20” plus 30%...
From: Canada (12/16/2022)
[Buy]: Spruce and hemlock wood
Dear, We are looking for Spruce and hemlock wood with quantity of 20-30K cubic meters/month. Please send details to my email if you are able to provid...
From: United States (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Laminated mdf shelves with CARB/ P-2 certified
We need laminated mdf shelves with the following specifications: = size: 462 mm * 462 mm * 15 mm thick = laminated top and bottom and all 4...
From: United States (12/11/2022)
[Buy]: Guitar catalog
I would like to buy some guitars. Can I get a catalog?...
From: United States (12/9/2022)
[Buy]: Doors an cabinets for a US-based project
I am looking to source doors for a large condominium project in the US. We are also looking to source kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Please note that...
From: United States (12/9/2022)
[Buy]: Quotation of petrified wood
We are interested in petrified wood, we are interested in raw material, we need only the slates of petrified wood. We also design furniture. So we're...
From: Mexico (12/3/2022)
[Buy]: Gents Cambridge Ches furniture
Gents Cambridge Chest do you still make this furniture ? and why can buy one, cherry wood wood spec. Regards  ...
From: United States (12/3/2022)
[Buy]: Balsa wood
Do you have a catalog with MOQ and pricing that includes balsa sheets for hobbyists? ...
From: United States (12/3/2022)
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