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[Buy]: Laminated flooring
Hello, we are an Utah based company, with sourcing office in Shenzhen. We are looking for lamianted flooring for our projects and wholesale business i...
From: United States (2/2/2023)
[Buy]: Walnut logs
Looking for a good source of walnut logs to mill....
From: United States (1/31/2023)
[Buy]: Hardwood flooring
I need to buy Yihua Timber 20 (S3) hardwood flooring, Handscraped.  Thanks   ...
From: United States (1/30/2023)
[Buy]: Spanish cedar
We are looking to buy 8/4 spanish cedar 8 to 16 ft awaiting your reply many thanks. ...
From: Canada (1/29/2023)
[Buy]: Prefab home for st. vincent
Interested in purchasing a prefabricated home for st. Vincent/Bequia. could you please email me you models and prices. Thank You ...
From: Canada (1/28/2023)
[Buy]: Neck blanks
Please give me a price for the 5A Maple neck blanks. I watched your video about your products and really like the look of the wood. I have...
From: Canada (1/25/2023)
[Buy]: Rubber wood
I'm in charge of the purchase order in Productos Mendoza.  We are searching a "RUBBER WOOD" around a cont 20" (8000FT) , the measure that Iam sea...
From: Mexico (1/24/2023)
[Buy]: H20 wooden beam
Hello  I found Your offer for H20 wooden beam, and need some more information: 1. How long will take production time 2. Do You have som...
From: United States (1/24/2023)
[Buy]: Kingfa WPC products
I would like to receive a current catalogue of the WPC Kingfa flooring products. We met with a sales rep at the Canton Fair back in 2019.  ...
From: Canada (1/18/2023)
[Buy]: Okoume timber from Gabon
We are looking for new manufacturer of okoume timber from Gabon, and we would very much like to explore this with your esteemed company. One curr...
From: United States (1/17/2023)
[Buy]: Bamboo canister
Hello, I am looking for a company that manufacturers tea canisters (SMALL) If you doesn't make such a product, can you recommend a company that does T...
From: United States (1/15/2023)
[Buy]: Swietenia mahogani
I’m on St Croix looking for 32 4" x10"x10' boards....
From: United States (1/11/2023)
[Buy]: Eucalypts plywood
I'd like to source Eucalypts plywood. 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm 1220x1830 (4x6) 1525x1525 (5x5)....
From: United States (1/10/2023)
[Buy]: Particle board , Plywood
Looking for particle board , plywood from Brazil. Can you please quote, 17mm (11/16") Particle board with the 2 faces - Quantity 3593 sheet...
From: Canada (1/9/2023)
[Buy]: Door and windows
Looking for new supplier of wooden doors and millwork. Please email me your catalog and line card.  Thank You  ...
From: United States (1/9/2023)
From: Mexico (1/4/2023)
[Buy]: Burl Species wood
I would like to know what Burl Species you have available to export into the USA.   ...
From: United States (1/4/2023)
[Buy]: 17 inch skate board
If it pleases you, can you tell me if your company manufacturers 17 inch skateboards for children?  ...
From: United States (1/4/2023)
[Buy]: Hemlock logs
Looking for Hemlock logs t/l 10-16" diam 40' long (or as close to 40 as possible)  Thanks, ...
From: United States (1/2/2023)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
We are looking to buy A grade plywood 8ft by 4ft 100 sheets 3/4 inch 20 sheets 1/4 inch Tatiana...
From: United States (12/31/2022)
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