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[Buy]: SPF timber
I want to import SPF sawn timber from Ukraine and please contact us for details... ...
From: Italy (7/5/2019)
[Buy]: Teak boards
Dear Sirs, I am looking for teak boards aprox 20X5X400cm If you can supply, please send ex wks price. Lumber to be exported to Hungary ...
From: Hungary (7/5/2019)
[Buy]: MDF Turn Key
I am looking for suppliers of MDF board for our projects. There is four MDF project in Ethiopia in four cities.  ------------ ------------ ...
From: France (7/5/2019)
[Buy]: Tissue Paper
We are leading manufacturer company of paper in Turkey. We need regular supplier for different type of paper.  Could you please send us y ...
From: Turkey (7/4/2019)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
Hello! I want to deliver woodpellets in Big Sacks, 1000 kg:s DAP. Carlshamn, Sweden. If you can supply , what price idea for a trial or ...
From: Sweden (7/3/2019)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
I need to buy 22-25 tons of wood pellets. How much would be the total cost if they are shipped to Port of Burgas, Bulgaria? And also, I want A1 p ...
From: Bulgaria (7/3/2019)
[Buy]: We search a nail manufacturer
Our company is searching for a producer of nails and guns for nails for the pallet production. Kindly contact me for all details... ...
From: Italy (7/3/2019)
[Buy]: Wooden Poles for electricity
Hello, I have 2 demands:  - 20 000 pcs of 12m the main one and also - 50 000 pcs of 9 m     More detail :&nb ...
From: France (7/3/2019)
[Buy]: Firewood and biomass
We will require >1 million MT of biomass per annum post 2020. ----------- -------------- --------- ----------- ----  I work for a 95% S ...
From: Ireland (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Film Faced Plywood panels
We are one of the largest importers and distributors of construction materials in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a current turnover in e ...
From: Turkey (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Custommade Teak Seat and Table plates
Looking for a company can produce custom made Teak wood seat and table plate accourding the drawings from a client... ...
From: Germany (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Wood pellets- Wood Briquettes - Sawdust, Briquette Charcoal
I am interested in the offert of wood pellets. What’s price in pellet A1  Bags 15 kg  I neeed 150-200 ton per month.  Poland   ...
From: Poland (6/27/2019)
[Buy]: 3 ply shuttering panles
Dear Sirs, I`m looking for a supplier of 3 ply shuttering panel, 1000x500x27mm, 3 layers 7+13+7mm. If You are able to provide it please cont ...
From: Poland (6/26/2019)
[Buy]: Greenheart timber 100 tons
Urgent requirement in various dimensions destination: azerbaijan quantity: 100 ton.. ...
From: Azerbaijan (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Palo Santo wood
Hello, please send us a quote for a container of Palo Santo wood. Thank you. .. ...
From: Spain (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Plywood
Hello, I want to import plywood and mouldings in Kembang Semangkok. .. ...
From: Belgium (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Raw chipboards thickness 8 and 10 mm
I am looking fo a raw chipboards in thickness 8 and 10 mm. I need the most optimal format for final format:  1400 * 1170 mm and 1400 * ...
From: Poland (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Mahogany for necks of guitars
Pls let me know possibility to import from you Mahogany for necks in timber dimension  2250 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm ( radial cut) ... ...
From: Slovak (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Skipper toboggan
I want to find a supplier of skipper toboggan . If you stock the above and please advise what price is it?    Thanks .. ...
From: United Kingdom (6/25/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood
Dear Sirs,  we are looking for a marine boat teak. Can you provide us with information we are interested in 13mm thick teak or some other di ...
From: Hungary (6/24/2019)
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