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[Buy]: Wood railway sleepers and firewood
Hello,  We are an agricultural supplies company located in the West of Ireland. We have been in business for over 20 years and are interested in ...
From: Ireland (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: Teak hand carved headboard
I(phone:7143368468) am trying to purchase a teak Queen size hand carved headboard from a place I visited in Phenom Penn in 2010 a Ross the street from ...
From: United States (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: FSC Cut to pine wood
We are looking for Cut to pine for furniture making.  Pl reply .. ...
From: India (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: Beech element
Thick 50*Width 80*Length 500-600mm or Thick 80*Random Width* Length 500-600mm , mixed A and B grade . KD or Lightly steamed accepted... ...
From: China (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: MDF
From: Saudi Arabia (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Mdf/blockboards
We are looking for suppliers of MDF/blockboards/plywood. to our stations in middle East and Africa,advise if you do exports... ...
From: United States (7/9/2020)
Hello,  I am looking to manufacture my toy and I was wondering if you can help me with that. .. ...
From: United Kingdom (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Quotes for white oak wood
Please send us Quotation for Unedged White Oak, KD (26mm, 32mm, 38mm,50mm thickness)  All prices are CFI, shipping to Cat Lat Port, HCMC. If ...
From: Vietnam (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: 1500 - 6000 Scaffold Boards Per/Month
Hi,  My company is looking for a new supplier of unbanded scaffold boards. Please could I get a quote for 1500 3.9m boards delivered to the ...
From: United Kingdom (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Chickboard
I am interested in chickboard,please send your prices... ...
From: Pakistan (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Meranti (Dark Red or Red) wood
Dear Sir/Madam, I am living in Auckland, New Zealand. Recently, I have a new company project for construction planning in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietn ...
From: New Zealand (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Walnut logs
Hello  Our company is a furniture factory and looking for logs of walnut wood. Because we are a company that mainly produces wood slabs ...
From: Korea, South (7/9/2020)
[Buy]: Merbau and PNG Rosewood
Could you please forward CIF Price for Merbau and PNG Rosewood,100x100 mm Mixed Lengths. PNG Walnut, 200x60 mm.   Our sel ...
From: Australia (7/8/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood
Hello,  I have a buying enquiry for export of plywood for below specifications. 80×36 80×33 80×32 72×30    ...
From: India (7/8/2020)
[Buy]: Red meranti wood,plywood,venerr
We are one of the leading business group in the Kingdom Of Bahrain .We are interested to import red meranti wood,plywood,venerr for our various projec ...
From: Bahrain (7/8/2020)
[Buy]: Door skin
Dear Sirs , I am interested in more information from door skin who manufacture . Best regards .. ...
From: Costa Rica (7/8/2020)
LOOKING FOR IPE WOOD.prefer to contact by mail due to hours difference... ...
From: Bahrain (7/8/2020)
[Buy]: Teak wood
I have monthly requiremnts for teak logs 15 contaimer... ...
From: India (7/7/2020)
[Buy]: Beech wood
Hello  We want to buy beech wood for İran, can i ask the price of beech wood? .. ...
From: Iran (7/7/2020)
[Buy]: Purchase of a woodmizer machine
We deal in timber cutting and currently we hire a machine for cutting therefore we want to buy and own one for the company use. Therefore kindly ...
From: United Kingdom (7/7/2020)
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