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[Buy]: Red oak log
Looking for red oak log import... ...
From: Bangladesh (6/14/2019)
[Buy]: MDF Boards
We're interesting in E1 Flame Retardant MDF board. Can I have the price for it?  Thank you so much.  .. ...
From: Singapore (6/13/2019)
[Buy]: Plywood
I am looking for a supplier of plywood product from Indonesia.  I am currently working as an agent to supply different products, particularl ...
From: Thailand (6/13/2019)
[Buy]: Columbia raintree logs
looking for the columbia raintree logs. please contact me... ...
From: China (6/12/2019)
[Buy]: Birch wood logs
We would like to import birch wood log  dia 800mm length 520mm  please provide  price deliver time payment ter ...
From: India (6/12/2019)
[Buy]: Teak
I require teak wood for India. I am presently in Moscow till 25... ...
From: India (6/11/2019)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
Dear Sir   I am looking for a partner company from VietNam that manufactures wood pellets and can supply stably.  Furthermore, we ...
From: Japan (6/10/2019)
[Buy]: Olivewood for fire and manufacturing
Please send me quotation for importing olive wood blogs and trunks shipping destination Ashdod port Isrrael Thanks.. ...
From: Lebanon (6/8/2019)
[Buy]: Big size white onions
Dear Sir, we are interested to buy twenty feet or forty feet white onions for our Dubai market. Please send us details and offers  we are tr ...
From: Australia (6/6/2019)
[Buy]: Ash logs
we are looking for Ash logs, please let me know if you can offer, base on CIF HCM (Vietnam). ------------ --------------- ------------- --------- ...
From: China (6/6/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce/pines/firs lumber
We import spruce/pines/firs lumber. We are end users in GuangDong province, China and our monthly quantity is around 400-500 containers; Spruce/P ...
From: China (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: KD Pine Sawn Timber
Looking foreword to import KD Pine from your esteemed company. Kindly revert back for more details. .. ...
From: India (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: Willow (salix alba)
I am a cricket bat maker from Australia and i am very interested in serbian willow to make into cricket bats. is this a product that you guys have?.. ...
From: Australia (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: Bamboo Blind Raw Material Rolls
My company imports rolls of bamboo blind material and makes blinds to size for customers throughout Australia.  We hope to find a producre who ca ...
From: Australia (6/4/2019)
[Buy]: Rosin X & WW grade.
Looking for a supplier of gum rosin X & WW grade... ...
From: India (6/3/2019)
[Buy]: Veneer
Looking for mahogany crotch veneer ... ...
From: United Arab Emirates (6/3/2019)
[Buy]: Olive wood
I'm looking for "Olive wood" with the following specifications:  20 Cubic Meters, Olive wood timber boards measures are: 1-2 meters length, ...
From: Israel (6/2/2019)
[Buy]: pine logs
We are india based trader holeseller require pine logs in a reguler basis... ...
From: India (6/1/2019)
[Buy]: Laminated flooring
We are decoration and trading company. and interested in laminated flooring. Please send us your catalog with price list of each item to our emai ...
From: Yemen (6/1/2019)
[Buy]: Ash Wood and Pine Wood
I am interested in different varieties of Ash Wood and Pine Wood. I would really appreciate if you could please send in a detailed quotation of ...
From: Pakistan (5/31/2019)
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