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[Buy]: Wheat straw toilet paper
Hello, We are interested in toilet paper made from straw fiber pulp. Please quote, 200 sheets 3ply, 6 rolls per pack. 6packs per master carton. Paper USA&nbs...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus logs or core veneer
We are looking for large volume suppliers logs and veneer from Aurgentiana...
From: India (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Particle boards 18mm
I am writing to inquire about the availability and pricing of 18mm particle boards from your company. We are currently in need of a substantial quantity of 18mm...
From: United Kingdom (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
Interested to buy taeda pine lumber...
From: Philippines (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello. I am interested in the costs involved for a run of guitars (100 - 200) shipped in a container to Australia. I am looking at becoming a wholesaler for a brand...
From: Australia (4/12/2024)
[Buy]: MDF and OSB
Having buyer for MDF veneer oak, rustic oak, OSB 2 and OSB 3. Regards,...
From: India (4/12/2024)
[Buy]: Teak wood - old growth, quarter sawn
We are Custom Furniture manufacturer and looking for pricing on teak. Hoping to understand your full inventory and board foot pricing.   Ideal to be: old g...
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Alder Veneer
Looking for an international source of alder veneer....
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood birch 12
We are a furniture company located in Portugal and we are looking for partners to supply us Plywood.  I kindly as your best price [€/m2] for a truck/MOQ...
From: Portugal (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Melamine woodgrain
Melamine woodgrain color catalog.  We are a current customer. I have questions  Thank you...
From: United States (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: Poplar sawn timber
 I'm looking for Poplar, KD, Rough-sawn, 1st grade: - Quantity: 40-60 CBM per month - Spec: KD (8-12% moisture), rough sawn is OK, 1st grade - Di...
From: United Kingdom (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: african timber
we buy regular african timber can contact +97150####...
From: United Arab Emirates (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: chairs
Hello, We sell HORECA furniture in France and Europe. I would like to receive your catalog of bentwood chairs and price list please. Thanks...
From: France (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: Core Board - M400 440GSM SIZE: 850MM
We want source core board M400 440GSM our quantity need 25 ton, help check able have suitable core board can support us? hope canget your feedback with soonest. ...
From: Malaysia (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: Walnut sawlog from US
The company is a hardwood timber sawmill and merchant located in the north east of Italy. We are a long standing family-owned business, we’ve been buying Walnut sa...
From: Italy (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood Supply - Honduras
We would like to contact you about plywood supply :  4mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 25mm   Can you please send us prici...
From: Honduras (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: Pine and Oak grade A sleepers
Hello,  I'm interested on full loads of pine and oak grade A sleepers.  30 loads per year.  Can you send me prices and photos of your material? D...
From: Spain (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: High-quality teak logs
I would like to introduce our company is a sole proprietorship and is one of the few leading lumber companies in Pakistan. Established in 2004, the company has a ric...
From: Pakistan (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: Wood chip
We want to buy wood chip for China pulp mills. If your company can export wood chip for pulp making, please feel free to contact us at samhugh @ 163.com for further...
From: China (4/8/2024)
[Buy]: Rosewood and eberny
We are interested to the rosewood and eberny, ask for a catelog....
From: China (4/7/2024)
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