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[Sell]: Beech squares
Hello, we are family-owned company, specialized in manufacturing of beech squares from Serbia. We have around 200m3 of squares in stock, both AD...
From: Sweden (11/30/2022)
[Sell]: MFC, MDF, Plywood, Veneer products
Group Losan, a Spanish company, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of Wood products, for furniture, decorative and equipment industries. We do h...
From: Spain (11/30/2022)
[Sell]: Birch and coniferous logs
We can offer birch and coniferous logs. Please contact us if interested....
From: Latvia (11/30/2022)
[Sell]: French oak square edged 27mm KD
 I am sales manager for the Grand Clos sawmill in VILLE-ISSEY (55) in the North-East of France. The sawmill specializes in sawing oak and pr...
From: France (11/30/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce & Pine boards, KD, 22x100x4000mm, 44x100x4000mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Edged boards; Species: Spruce, Pine; Volume: 100 - 1000 m3; Moisture: Kiln Dried 16...
From: Russia (11/29/2022)
[Sell]: premium quality wood pellets Avaialble
Specification item.... value Application.....Heating System Density....600kg/m3 - 800kg/m3 Diameter.....6-8mm Shape......Stic...
From: Austria (11/29/2022)
[Sell]: Radiata pine sawn wood
We are a Spanish export company, with sawmill in Chile. We export worldwide, Radiata pine sawn wood, cut to size for the client. Thickness: 16+mm, wid...
From: Spain (11/29/2022)
[Sell]: Wood pellets
The company dedicated to providing top quality bio fuels in the form of wood pellets. All our wood pellets are produced from locally sourced wood supp...
From: Hungary (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: Unedged European Elm boards
Unedged European elm boards for sale Kiln dry/Air dry/Fresh Quality - a/b/c Length: 2.5-3m Thickness: 25-80mm.....
From: Lithuania (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: White Pine and Spruce
MAR TREID EOOD is the biggest company in Bulgaria which trades with Dry TIMBER made from White Pine and Spruce....
From: Bulgaria (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce, Birch, Pine S4S planed KD lumbers supplier
 We are customize base company, we will cut to client size. We will supply from both American and European woods  Nominal dimensio...
From: Germany (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: Wood veneers
We are a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of natural wood veneers.  Our know-how and the strong relationship...
From: Spain (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood), Pine (Redwood) KD lumber
Russian Lumber Co. is offering softwood kiln dried lumber:  Spruce (Whitewood): 22/47/x100/125/150/175/200x3000-6000mm Pine (Redwood):...
From: Russia (11/27/2022)
[Sell]: Unedged European Oak boards
Unedged European Oak boards for sale. Kiln dry Quality - a/b/c Lenght: 2.5-3 m Thickness: 25-50mm .....
From: Lithuania (11/27/2022)
[Sell]: We offer high quality birch logs
We offer birch logs. Grade A, AB and B . lengths 2.7 and 3m. Also, offer spruce and pine logs lengths 2.8/2.9/3.0 m......
From: Latvia (11/27/2022)
[Sell]: Birch - hardwood excellent for Furniture, Flooring, Doors
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: North-...
From: Russia (11/26/2022)
[Sell]: Pellets 6mm
Hello! We offer wood pellets 6 mm, ash content 0.3%, big bag packaging. The cost of EXW Bursa Turkey or FCA Slovenia. Contact if necessary....
From: Slovenia (11/26/2022)
[Sell]: Construction laminated plywood
Our company headquartered in gr. Varna (Bulgaria) is a direct importer of wood products to the EU. We are a supplier of construction laminated plywood...
From: Bulgaria (11/26/2022)
[Sell]: Pine, Spruce wood sawn lumber,Decking,Fencing, Epal pallet
We are one of the biggest producers of wood in the Baltic States. All our products are manufactured in accordance with European and International stan...
From: Lithuania (11/26/2022)
[Sell]: European beech, oak, ash and maple
We are supplying European hardwood lumber and logs to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timber merchants in Germany, Europe and overseas. &n...
From: Germany (11/25/2022)
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