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[Sell]: Natural wood veneers
We specialize in the production of natural wood veneers for the furniture industry, architecture and design. We offer natural beech and ash venee...
From: Italy (5/19/2022)
[Sell]: Beech lumber
Dear sirs,  We are a romanian company that produces beech lumber, cherry lumber, oak lumber. You can send us a price offer, the desired dime...
From: Romania (5/19/2022)
[Sell]: offer for plywood from stock in Tallinn, Estonia
We are in plywood business for 28 years and are working with most of the countries in Europe. We are selling about 35000m3 of plywood every year. We...
From: Estonia (5/19/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce Wall Paneling, Siding T&G High Quality
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall Panelling and Ceiling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested at Russia's North-West. Fine g...
From: Russia (5/18/2022)
[Sell]: MFC, MDF, Plywood, Veneer products
Group Losan, a Spanish company, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of Wood products, for furniture, decorative and equipment industries. We do h...
From: Spain (5/18/2022)
[Sell]: Hardwood Lumber from Republic of Georgia
Fir and beech hardwood Lumber from Georgia . Quality wooden materials......
From: Georgia (5/18/2022)
[Sell]: Wood pellets
The company dedicated to providing top quality bio fuels in the form of wood pellets. All our wood pellets are produced from locally sourced wood supp...
From: Hungary (5/18/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce, Pine Kiln Dried lumber from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering softwood kiln dried lumber:  Spruce 22/47/x100/125/150/175/200x3000-6000mm Pine 25/50x100/125/150/175/20...
From: Russia (5/18/2022)
[Sell]: Pine FJ Scantlings
We would like to offer you FJ Pine Window Scantlings 72x75; 72x76; 72x86; 84x86; 84x95. Length 6000mm.  The price is 1.350 EUR/m3 FCA Poland...
From: Poland (5/17/2022)
[Sell]: Beech wood flooring
we can on regular bases supply you beech flooring Sawn Timber Fresh / KD. Size; Thickness 19/25/32/50/75/100 mm Width: 75/ 100mm Lengt...
From: Netherlands (5/17/2022)
[Sell]: European beech, oak, ash and maple
We are supplying European hardwood lumber and logs to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timber merchants in Germany, Europe and overseas. &n...
From: Germany (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Oak wood best
we can on regular bases supply you Oak Sawn Timber Fresh / KD.  Size; Thickness 19/25/32/50/75/100 mm Width: 75/ 100mm Length : 1.8 ,...
From: Netherlands (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Pine / Spruce Sawn Timber Fresh / KD.
we can on regular bases supply you Pine / Spruce Sawn Timber Fresh / KD.  Size; Thickness 19/25/32/50/75/100 mm Width: 75/ 100mm Leng...
From: Netherlands (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood) Squares, KD, 30-95x30-95mm high grade
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Species: Spruce (Picea abies); Volume: 100-1000 m3; Drying: KD16%; Grading rules: GOST8486-8...
From: Russia (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Ash logs ABC and AB
Available Ash logs ABC and AB grade. WeChat:Biokorp.....
From: Serbia (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Oak (white) logs ABC and AB
Available Ash logs ABC and AB grade. WeChat:Biokorp.....
From: Serbia (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Wood veneers
We are a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of natural wood veneers.  Our know-how and the strong relationship...
From: Spain (5/16/2022)
[Sell]: Glued timber-KVH AND BSH
All dimensions glued wood KVH - longitudinally joined and BHS - thickly joined, up to a length of 13000 mm. Use for prefabricated houses......
From: Slovak (5/15/2022)
[Sell]: Birch Cuttings for Furniture, Doors, Flooring, Toys
Product: Components (Cut Stock); Wood type: Hardwood; Species: Birch (Betula); Volume: 30-150 m/3 per month; KD 8% Moisture Conten...
From: Russia (5/15/2022)
[Sell]: Poplar logs
offer big quantities of poplar logs. Diameter at brest hight 60-80cm - well pruned - logs still to be cut - if interested please contact for detailed...
From: Belgium (5/15/2022)
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