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[Sell]: Large pecan trunks
Trying to sell large pecan trunks over 15' in length and between three and four feet in diameter. For someone wanting to make funriture.....
From: United States (11/28/2022)
[Sell]: Doug Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar
Lumber wholesale & trading for all species ranging from SPF, Doug Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and many more....
From: Canada (11/19/2022)
[Sell]: Eucalyptus & Pine Logs
We have pine and Eucalyptus logs available from Uruguay as well as Maple,Spruce and Popular logs from British Columbia Canada.   Specie: Euc...
From: Canada (11/16/2022)
[Sell]: Woodchips
We have woodchips available from British Columbia, Canada  Birch/Spruce-Fir woodchips  And SYP woodchips.  Only on FOB B...
From: Canada (10/28/2022)
[Sell]: Hardwood lumber
Hello, My Sawmill is looking to start selling Kiln dried hardwood lumber from Central IL. I am expanding my network and grade production with various...
From: United States (10/21/2022)
[Sell]: Oak slabs
We mill slabs up to 36' We have oak We have Black Walnut Access to cedar...
From: United States (10/20/2022)
[Sell]: Oak Kiln Dried Board
Hardwood Board, Flooring, Stair Parts and Mouldings Manufacturer specializing primarily in Red and White Oak.  Kiln Dried Board capicity now...
From: United States (10/19/2022)
[Sell]: Teak wood
We are a wholesale supplier of premium grade teak wood from Africa. Teak wood available in large quantities, both as logs and Sawn timber per custom s...
From: United States (10/14/2022)
[Sell]: Teak, Tali, Doussie and Sapele wood
Maple Leaf Export is an established supplier of high-quality lumber and wood products with a commitment to ensuring our clients receive the highest qu...
From: Canada (10/9/2022)
[Sell]: Walnut 0-1SC, Walnut 2SC, Walnut 3SC, Walnut 4SC
Walnut 0-1SC ? Length 8" and longer Diameter 12" and up 2300USD/MBF   Walnut 2SC ? Length 8" and longer Diamet...
From: United States (10/3/2022)
[Sell]: Pellet woods
We can supply your company Pellets wood of any qunatity.   Presently we can ship world wide without hesitation.  An intereste...
From: United States (9/27/2022)
[Sell]: Thermally-modified lumber
In 2007 Westwood Heat Treated Lumber Corporation was the first who started production of thermally-modified lumber in the USA. We own one of five worl...
From: United States (9/20/2022)
Timberwire is delighted to to announce that the following wood, logs and lumber species are currently available.  Bubinga ( guibourtia demeu...
From: United States (9/4/2022)
[Sell]: Southern pine logs
SMF Holdings (SMF) is a large scale exporter of southern pine log located in the Southeastern USA. This private and family owned business founded in 2...
From: United States (8/30/2022)
[Sell]: Eastern Hemlock logs
We can supply all northern hardwoods and softwoods. We have very high quality Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis)logs and lumber available. Also Hard...
From: United States (8/19/2022)
[Sell]: Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple Veneer
Greeting's, We are located in West Central Wisconsin and have Red Oak, White Oak and Hard Maple Veneer we'd like to sell. Logs are cut 8'8", 9'8" & 1...
From: United States (8/15/2022)
[Sell]: Hardwood saw logs
We are selling American hardwood saw logs such as White Ash, Red Oak, and Walnut in the best market prices all the time. We have plenty of logistic...
From: Canada (8/15/2022)
[Sell]: Pine Lumber A grade
45x90 or we can do 45x100 even can do 50mm.    ELLIOTTE PINE A GRADE WITH SOME KNOT BUT PRETTY CLEAR NO WANE .....
From: Canada (8/8/2022)
[Sell]: Available Pine lumber for construction FOR PICK UP ONLY
*rough cut *Ungraded *Green/partially air dried 2x4x16 (60pcs) 2x4x10 (30pcs) 2x4x16 (200) 2x6x16 (60) 2x8x16 (64)&...
From: United States (7/27/2022)
[Sell]: 3,250 BF 8/4 Northern Hard Maple - Thermally Modified
Location: Northern Indiana Species: Northern Hard Maple from Quebec Canada Grade - Select & better color graded Thermo color - Roasted...
From: United States (7/19/2022)
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