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[Sell]: BALSAMO SWAN 4/4 8/4 5.500 BF
we are selling 5.500 bf approx, from Santos Mahogany(myroxylon balsamum) imported from South America.     Description: Santos Maho...
From: United States (10/25/2015)
     Dear. Sir.. We have teak round logs high quality directly from plantations in Nicaragua ...with circumferences 60 cm to...
From: United States (10/25/2015)
We have Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa), lumber in square logs of the best quality grade A , this wood is of Nicaraguan origin Central America, with all t...
From: United States (10/25/2015)
[Sell]: Standing Koa (Acacia) hardwood trees
We have a standing tree farm on the island of Hawaii (Big Island) approximately about 8 acres. Only the standing trees are for sale.  We are...
From: United States (10/23/2015)
[Sell]: Poplar Kiln Dried 1" (4/4) 3000 Board Feet
eisenwoodusa@aol.com - 3000bf Poplar Kiln Dried 1 Common & (1 & Better) RL & RW - Great Price......
From: United States (10/20/2015)
[Sell]: POPLAR 4/4 1 COMMON KILN DRIED 15000mbf
eisenwoodusa@aol.com - Poplar 4/4 1 Com, Kiln Dried High Quality 15000mbf, for Domestic or Export - Great Price......
From: United States (10/20/2015)
[Sell]: want to sale my from property
all mix wood to want sale at state Wisconsin USA some one who by wood call me at number 612-875-2328 .....
From: United States (10/19/2015)
[Sell]: Wood Pellets for Sale
Dingli biomass pellet is a new type of pellet fuel with outstanding commercial and environmental benefits compared to traditional fuel.   Q...
From: United States (10/16/2015)
Hand hewn beams!!! Hewed to your specifications. Custom Quality, Prices vary upon species and Quantity. .....
From: United States (10/8/2015)
[Sell]: Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
Hardwood and Softwood Furniture available for high volume supply.   Catalog or specific request is available.  Some species are Ac...
From: United States (9/26/2015)
[Sell]: Acacia Timber
Acacia Timber in steady supply.   All cut, dried and packed to specification.  FOB or CIF quoting is appreciated......
From: United States (9/26/2015)
[Sell]: Burmese Teak Lumber
Burma Teak, AD  POL ?Yangon or CNF  Shipment ?prompt   Thickness 4/4?& 8/4?  Width 6?...
From: United States (9/23/2015)
[Sell]: logs Round Wood
We currently have Cherry , Walnut , Ash, Red Oak , Hard Maple logs for sale. .....
From: United States (9/17/2015)
[Sell]: Oak Logs
We have 130 Acres of Oak Logs Harvesting this year need a buyer contact with offers most logs are 10" low to 27" high round end 10' to 20' long logs&n...
From: United States (9/15/2015)
[Sell]: Tali logs,ash logs and Teak logs for sale
Our company is special in wholesale trade and exporting wood round logs and square edged lumber, especially, tali (Erythrophleum ivorence), ash and Te...
From: United States (8/28/2015)
[Sell]: African Timber log woods
The?imber log woods, offered by the company, can be availed in standards and fixed dimensions. The high quality range of Timber Wood Logs is sourced f...
From: United States (8/28/2015)
[Sell]: Teak Logs For Sale
We are Manufactures, exporters and suppliers of african hard and soft wood timber and below are the various types of timber we have in stock for ready...
From: United States (8/27/2015)
[Sell]: oak trees
I have three oak trees,still growing and I am searching for an entity who would be interested in purchasing and harvesting the trees. The trees have c...
From: United States (8/21/2015)
Email us directly via the following email salesmanager@wijmawood.com for details  Wijma is a responsible, socially-aware and likewise succes...
From: Mexico (8/21/2015)
[Sell]: Ash logs, red oak logs, hickory logs
Ash logs, red oak logs, hickory logs, available.  Prices are cheap.  Welcome inquiries......
From: United States (8/15/2015)
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