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[Sell]: Ready to load Ayous ,Okan, Iroko ,Sawn Lumber
We have in Cameroon ready to load Ayous lumber ,Sapeli and Azobe with zebrawood ,Conatct us for a quote . Thanks.....
From: United States (5/2/2024)
[Sell]: Eastern White Pine Lumber
We are family-owned sawmill business located in New Brunswick, Canada. WE produce Mill run, Kiln Dried lumber. We process different species, but our m...
From: Canada (5/2/2024)
[Sell]: walnut, cherry, hickory lumber and logs
Sawmill and timber supplier for walnut, cherry, hickory, and yellow cedar. Roughsawn lumber and sawlogs available....
From: United States (4/29/2024)
[Sell]: Logs and Round woods, OSB and Ply wood
we can supply you Logs and Round woods, OSB and Ply wood.  contact us for all kinds of logs and ply woods.  Whatsapp: +1832429522...
From: United States (4/22/2024)
[Sell]: Hardwood lumber and edge slabs
We stock hundreds of thousands of board feet of over 20+ species of wood in varying thicknesses. We kiln dry our wood to 7-9% moisture content and our...
From: United States (4/18/2024)
[Sell]: Red oak white oak logs
We are looking for buyers specialize in log exports mainly eastern red cedar and walnut red oak white oak burr oak post oak ash sycamore cottonwood hi...
From: United States (4/12/2024)
[Sell]: Veneer Walnut, White Oak, Burr-Oak, and Ash
Looking for buyers for Veneer Walnut, White Oak, Burr-Oak, and Ash. At this time. Call for more info ask for Vincel Simmons 660-287-6160...
From: United States (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Southern Yellow Pine
We are exporter of Southern Yellow Pine. We have established an efficient and reliable distribution network to satisfy the growing international dema...
From: United States (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: North American logs and lumber
We are manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of North American Softwoods and Hardwoods. Our species include:  SPF, DG/FIR, HEM/FIR, SOUT...
From: Canada (4/1/2024)
[Sell]: White ash Boards
Im sitting on 10000 board feet of white ash. Hoping to get a price or some guidance on selling it to you or someone. thank you. ...
From: United States (3/21/2024)
[Sell]: White oak
I have a white oak tree about 230 years old for sale I have cut it a 20ft length and it's about 5 ft across it is solid in the center please text 2097...
From: United States (3/20/2024)
[Sell]: Pine , spruce, oak, maple, beech wood logs and lumber
contact us for your requirements.....
From: United States (3/11/2024)
[Sell]: Hardwood logs and scanned logs
North American forests grow large volumes of high-value species with physical properties and decorative characteristics that are appreciated globally....
From: United States (2/25/2024)
[Sell]: Walnut and White Oak logs
We specialize since over 30 years in the Export of American hardwood logs primarily walnut and white oak. Other species are available as well- just i...
From: United States (2/19/2024)
[Sell]: Lumber 2x2's and 2x4's
Lumber 2x2's and 2x4's. I can offer them by the truckload if you are interested....
From: United States (2/3/2024)
[Sell]: Myrtle wood logs for sale
I have several 9 ft logs various sizes .....
From: United States (1/25/2024)
Hickory Rotary Logs bark on - Fresh Cut Logs 3SC, 8'6"+, 13"+ US$1,690.00/MBF CIF HCMC/Cat Lai Port US$1,725.00/MBF CIF Haiphong Port&n...
From: United States (1/23/2024)
[Sell]: Firewood
NY NJ Firewood is a reputable and reliable firewood supplier serving the New York and New Jersey areas. We are passionate about delivering top-notch f...
From: United States (1/16/2024)
[Sell]: Exotic Zebrawood Tropical Hardwoods Saw logs And FAS Sawn
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Product name: Zingana / Zebra Wood Construction Timber, FAS Timber, Square Logs, Planks, Saw Logs, Why...
From: Canada (1/11/2024)
From: United States (1/9/2024)
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