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Antique Furniture Designs Ltd. (incorporating A.W. Murfin & Sons)


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Description: Antique Furniture Designs Limited (incorporating A.W. Murfin & Sons) have a manufacturing facility that gives total quality control. Every operation from the preparation of raw veneers through to polishing is completed in house. The careful integration of traditional and contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques, combined with highly skilled crafts-men and women, ensures that our furniture meets the requirements of todays lifestyle. We are successfully harnessing technology without compromise to design or quality.
Main Products: Fine replica period furniture manufacturing for more than 30 years...
Website: www.awmur.com

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Noble Heritage Home Furnishings


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Description: Manufacturer of beautiful wood furniture and handmade accessories in China that will enhance any decor and will be enjoyed for years to come.
With inspiration from antiques and designs from different parts of the world, Noble Heritage has designed and
crafted furnishings and accents for the most important public areas in your life and home. The dining room, living room, family room, study, home-office and your place of business. We have fashioned furniture that complements your good taste and adds to the ambiance of your most important settings.

OEM is welcome ! Tel:0757-86283373 Fax:0757-86283372 E-mail: sales@noble-heritage.com
www.noble-heritage.com Online Catalog

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Prima Putra


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Description: We are manufactuer of antique furniture. Each item is hand made, not massed produced by machinery. All timber turnings are hand turned out of solid timber.
Main Products: Antique furniture, Cabinet, Chair, Table, Bed

Website: www.primaputra.com

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Golden Teak Garden,CV


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Description: Manufacturer of teak furniture. Supply capacity: 5 CTR 40FT per month.
Website: www.goldenteakgarden.com

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Description: A solid wood furniture manufacturer based in Indonesia, and  specialized in solid wood tables (Meranti, Mahogany, Teak...)
Straight tables, Round Tables, Oval Tables, Extension Tables (oval, straight)

All our furniture is machine made.All the used wood is KD below 10%.
The construction of the tables are developed and controled by experienced Wood engineers from Germany. We guarantee you no open glue lines, no cupping of the table top and no big cracks in the table top.
Website: www.indoorfurniture.info

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H A L E GmbH


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Description: Our main office - H A L E GmbH - is established in Austria. We produce our own furniture designs and also we produce furniture and furniture elements from our customers drawings or samples.
Please visite at first our web site - to see what we can do for you - it's only an overview for you. If you want to know more regarding our possibilities - please come in contact with you.
In this time we export to Germany, Swizzerland, Netherlands, US, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain.
Website: www.hale-trading.com

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