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--) Production complex

Production complex includes:

1) Automated line of preparing wood waste to briquetting:
drier; heater; rack of

Ltd. VudAlyans  [ Belarus ]

--) Weining Unimat 500

It is a precision machine that can be easily adjusted to diverse conditions when chipping, sawing, and profiling. Using

Ltd. VudAlyans  [ Belarus ]

--) Automated line of preparing wood waste to briquetting

Specification: The line includes wood waste drier, wood waste breaker, power feed unit of raw stock, ventilator of heat

Ltd. VudAlyans  [ Belarus ]

--) Hydraulic press

Specification: Hydraulic press TRK was designed for wood workpieces bonding under pressure. There is a possibility of in

Ltd. VudAlyans  [ Belarus ]

--) Woodworking equipment

The line includes:
旴riquette machine;
旾ntermediate tank;
昑rack cable;
昐piral drive;

Ltd. VudAlyans  [ Belarus ]