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Product Name: Production complex
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Production complex includes:

1) Automated line of preparing wood waste to briquetting:
drier; heater; rack of electrical equipment; ventilating binding; draft.

2) Complex for fuel briquettes of Belarus manufacture includes:
briquetting press of screw type, press year - 2009, capacity 450 kg/h; measuring hopper; electric box; lifting screw; fuel briquettes slicer.

3) Complex for fuel briquettes of Poland manufacture includes:
briquetting press of percussive type, press year - 2008, capacity 600 kg/h; electric box; transfer track.

The output:
Line№1 Fuel briquettes of Pini & Kay standard (octahedral), the size of the circle is about 70 mm. The length can be regulated.
Line№2 Fuel briquettes of Pini & Kay standard (trim), sixe: 50х50х320; The length can be regulated.

The complex also includes: Stationary chipper FARMI.

Dealings: composite equipment (three automated lines: the one is preparatory and two are industrial) for fuel briquettes production, and associated equipment (several stationary chippers for processing of waste wood and sawdust materials for the production of the required size).

The output: Fuel briquettes of Pini & Kаy standard.
Capacity: Line №1 of screw type ?450 kg/h.
Line №2 of percussive type ?600 kg/h

The complex has liquidation value because of the termination of the activity.
We are ready to provide services for the buyer including professional dismantling, loading and transportation of the equipment and assembling. In case of need, we are ready to assist with the repair and commissioning.
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Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide
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