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North America Lumber Market -- Canada/USA
U.S.: Historical & Current Lumber Prices Reports By States -- Update monthly or quarterly
Please click following links to find the timber prices infomation in some states of U.S.
AR -Arkansas



NH - N
ew Hampshire

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  • Arkansas
    Timber Price Reporting for Arkansas
    provides links to summarized timber price information for Arkansas, neighboring states, and the Southern region.
  • Michigan Stumpage Price Reports
    The report is published quarterly (October, January, April, July) and is based on data from the previous 12 months.
  • California - Timber Yield Tax and Harvest Values Schedules
    The California State Board of Equalization publishes twice a year tables of stumpage value for differnet regions, species, and log size. Adjustments are offered for logging system, for particular counties, and for particularly small volume harvests.
  • Southern New England Stumpage Price Survey - Conn. and Mass.
    This survey is a result of joint efforts of Cooperative Extension at the Universities of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and the state forestry agencies in CT and MA. Median, minimum and maximum prices are reported by species with separate statistics for east and west of the Connecticut River. The combined results are duplicated on each of the two web sites above, so if you do not find the most recent period on one of them, try the other.
  • Florida - The Florida Forest Steward
    This quarterly newsletter to lanwowners and resource professionals has a section titled "Timber Price Update" that gives ranges for pine chip-n-saw and plylogs, plus softwood and hardwood pulpwood.
  • Illinois: IL Timber Prices
    The Illinois Timber Prices newsletter is issued twice each year by the IL DOA - Agricultural Statistics Service and the IL DNR - Division of Forest Resources. Stumpage and F.O.B. prices are based on surveys of licensed timber buyers, and reported by species group and product.
  • Indiana: Forest Products Prices and Trend Report, from Purdue Extension
    The 2002 report is available online in PDF format from this page and reports prices based on a mail survey of Indiana mills. Follow the link for FNR 177W and look for updated reports on this page.
  • Kentucky: Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture
    This survey by the Kentucky Division of Forestry produces seasonal reports describing delivered log price ranges for four regions of the state by species group, product and grade.
  • Louisiana: Quarterly Report of Timber Products
    Published by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, this regular newsletter reports prices for five areas of the state. Note that prices reflect total volume and total value ratios paid from bid and negotiated sales, and do not represent inter or intra-company transactions and long-term contracts. The report: (1) provides a guide for private timber owners in determining stumpage prices regionally or stateside, (2) establishes annual stumpage price figures for severance tax purposes, and (3) determines the timber value for use-value assessment of forest land.
  • Maryland: Maryland/Delaware Stumpage Price Report
    The stumpage price report is a cooperative effort between MD Cooperative Extension, MD Dept. of Agriculture, MD Dept. of Natural Resources-Forest Service, DE Forest Service, and MD Tree Farmers and Forest Landowners. It is consolidated and distributed three times per year by the University of Maryland. The prices are collected from consulting and state agency foresters in four price-reporting areas throughout MD and DE.
  • Maine: Annual Stumpage Price Report
    The Maine Department of Conservation publishes annual prices paid to landowners for a wide variety of species and product classes, both statewide and broken out by county. At present only the 2001 report is available online. See also the online version of the Northern Woodlands Magazine.
  • Mississippi: Timber Price Reporting in Mississippi
    The Mississippi Timber Price Report is a bimonthly survey of stumpage and delivered timber prices in Mississippi. It is developed through the cooperation of public and private members of the forestry sector with the Mississippi State University Extension Service to provide an accurate picture of timber market activity. Prices are compiled for four market regions across the state by polling cooperators from the forest industry, public agencies, consulting foresters, and landowners. Prices for standing and delivered logs are available for 8-9 product groupings extending extend back to spring of 1997.
  • Missouri: Missouri Timber Price Trends
    Produced by the Missouri Department of Conservation, Forestry Division, this series of quarterly reports tracks market prices for stumpage and delivered logs. Reports on the stumpage market are received from Missouri Department of Conservation Resource Foresters and private consulting foresters. Stumpage refers to timber sold on the stump and does not reflect delivered mill prices. Reports on the log market give delivered log prices and are compiled from reports submitted by sawmills and other wood processing plants. Prices are reported for three regions and for various product and species groups, extending back to mid-1999.
  • Montana: Quarterly Log Prices
    Under the sponsorship of the U.S. Forest Service, Lolo National Forest, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research in the University of Montana-Missoula’s School of Business Administration developed a system to provide current mill-delivered prices for timber products in Montana. These prices are based on quarterly surveys of Montana timber processing plants. Prices are reported quarterly by product type and species, spanning 1998 and 1999.
  • Nebraska: Timber Talk
    This newsletter by the Nebraska Forest Service reports quarterly mill prices by species and grade, in PDF format.
  • Ohio: Ohio Timber Prices
    The Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service reports delivered and stumpage sawlog prices for three regions of the state and for various species groups. Data are only posted for Fall 2000 and Spring 2001, with a notice that the report will not longer be updated.
  • Oregon: Log Price Information
    The Oregon Department of Forestry reports delivered log prices for various regions, species and product groups. Price reports are available quarterly back to 1977.
  • Pennsylvania: Timber Market Report
    The Pennsylvania Woodlands' Timber Market Report gives prices paid in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for standing timber (stumpage) and for logs delivered to sawmills. Prices are reported quarterly for each of four regions since 1992, with prices reported for hardwood and softwood pulpwood and for sawtimber for a variety of species groups.
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Forest Products Bulletin
    The Forestry Division of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture produces a quarterly newsletter which includes delivered prices for various species groups in three regions of the state. Thus far only the most current Bulletin is available online.
  • Texas: Texas Timber Price Trends
    Texas Timber Price Trends is a bimonthly publication of the Texas Forest Service reporting average prices paid for standing timber, commonly called the "stumpage price." Average stumpage prices are calculated from actual timber sales as reported by more than 60 cooperators active in the East Texas timber market. Values are weighted by volume sold to filter out the effect that size of sale has on price paid. Thus, the average price reported is the average price paid per unit of wood, NOT per average timber sale. Price series for five or more product categories are reported for two reporting regions from eastern Texas and extending back to 1984.
  • Vermont: Vermont Forest Quarterly Stumpage Survey
    Get the most recent quarter's mill prices from the Northern Woodlands Magazine web site or go to the source, the more comprehensive University of Vermont Extension web site. Low, medium and high prices for the most recent quarter are reported for species groups and for three regions in each state. It is described as the longest running, quarterly stumpage price reporting system in the country.
  • Washington: Stumpage Value Determination Tables
    The State of Washington's Department of Revenue offers tables of stumpage prices by species group, hauling distance and quality. New tables are produced twice a year with historical prices available back to the early 1970's.
  • West Virginia Timber Market Report -- Quarterly Average Stumpage Price
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin Timber Stumpage Price Trends
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources annually estimates average stumpage rates in twelve zones across Wisconsin from sales data collected by foresters. Data are reported in three tables: The first table has average prices for trees that will be sawn into lumber or sliced for veneer. The second table has average prices for pulpwood (measured in cords) that is used for paper making and fuel. The third table has stumpage prices for trees sold for specialty products such as posts, poles and Christmas trees.
  • The use of trade, firm, or corporation names in this page and linked publications is for the information and convenience of the reader. Such use does not constitute an official endorsement .
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