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[Sell]: Siberian Larch Cladding, Siding, Wall Panelling, Fencing
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Siding, Cladding, Wall Panelling, Ceiling, Fencing manufactured of Siberian Larch harvested in Eastern Siberia.  ...
From: Russia (7/2/2018)
[Sell]: Eucalyptus logs and pine logs
For export eucalyptus logs and pine logs.  Also available: Balsa, cumaru, ipe, jatoba, mascarey, saman, teak.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (7/1/2018)
[Sell]: Teak Clean Squares from Venezuela and Colombia
Teak Clean Squares from Venezuela and Colombia whatsapp +573234055178 Cad / LC  100% reliability.....
From: Colombia (7/1/2018)
[Sell]: Balsam Teak Saman board flooring
Flooring size available from Colombia and Ecuador. excellent wood and cut. Teak, Balsam and Samanea Saman whatsapp +573234055178.....
From: Colombia (7/1/2018)
[Sell]: Pine Lumber Ready at Stock
We've Pine lumber ( Dried lower than 20%) ready at Stock aproximatelly 2600M?with the sizes as below:  1) Pine Lumber Dried 20% lower ( Aprox. 1000 to 1200...
From: Brazil (7/1/2018)
We have 4/4 walnut lumber from the Ozarks of Missouri. Kiln dried graded ready to move, motivated sellers......
From: United States (6/30/2018)
[Sell]: Flooring Teak
Sell Teak Flooring GRADE “A/B?ONE FACE CLEAR.  ?5 X 120 X 550/1400 mm. T&G  ?5 x 90 x 500/1200 mm. T&G  ?4 X 70 X 350/600 mm. S4S  ?...
From: Indonesia (6/30/2018)
[Sell]: European oak, Pine,Beech,Birch
 We offer more than 300 m3 of fresh sawn, AD and KD European oak, Pine,Beech,Birch etc thickness 26 mm.   Packages are prepared for loading on truck...
From: Hungary (6/29/2018)
[Sell]: Use as much of Russian Larch - Softwood strong as Hardwood
Siberian Larch is softwood with hardwood properties - strong, durable, serves for life. Dencity of Siberian Larch exceeds 700 kg m/3, which is 35% heavier than Spruc...
From: Russia (6/29/2018)
[Sell]: Indonesian hard wood deckings
We are the importers and distributors of deckings,flooring of various species  We have been purchasing deckings, flooring and many other wood products and...
From: Korea, South (6/29/2018)
Sales Teak-Cumaru-Balsamo-Ipe-Jatoba-Saman-Oak-Cedar, Granadillo, Purple Heart and other in Planks-Squares-Flooring-Decking.....
From: Colombia (6/29/2018)
[Sell]: tali sapelle and Doussie
Greetings we Afrique Bois from Cameroon exports hard wood both sawn timber and logs espercially Tali, sapelle, iroko, Okan , Doussie, padauk and Azobe . We are capab...
From: Cameroon (6/29/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce, Pine Wall Paneling, Cladding, Flooring & etc.
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Inside Wall Paneling, Outside Siding (Cladding), Flooring, Decking, Mouldings manufactured out of Spruce (Whitewood) harve...
From: Russia (6/28/2018)
[Sell]: Oak board KD 26 mm x 135 mm x 1.8 m
Characteristics Wood species: Oak (European) Length: 1.8m Thickness: 26mm Moisture content: 12% Width: 135mm Grade: AA Description...
From: Poland (6/28/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce Siding
Cypress Siding・Spruce Siding・Wood Material・Speciaily Product (doggie house) .....
From: Taiwan (6/28/2018)
[Sell]: Bali Furniture
We are manufacturers and exporters of Bali Furniture and Home Wares ......
From: Indonesia (6/28/2018)
[Sell]: Pine and spruce lumber
We are produce quality pine and spruce lumber. Machines we have from Poland "Walter". Wood from Ukraine it mean that prices can be lower than usually, but quality Eu...
From: Slovak (6/27/2018)
[Sell]: Good Quality Edged Beech Lumber (boards)
We sells at competitive prices light beech timber, slightly steamed, with moisture between 8-12%, with the following specifications: - thicknesses: 25, 32, 38,...
From: Hungary (6/26/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce S4S surfaced, KD16, 38x89/115/140/184/235mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Volume: Min. 10x40' (about of 500 m/3); Species: Spruce (Whitewood); KD: 16%...
From: Russia (6/26/2018)
[Sell]: Quality shisha, BBQ and heating Charcoals
We are manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Charcoals to around the world. Our products made 100% natural material, environmental friendly, no smell, no sm...
From: Ukraine (6/26/2018)
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