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[Sell]: Reclaimed American Oak Scrap Grade Railroad Ties (Sleepers)
Reclaimed American Oak Scrap Grade Railroad Ties (Sleepers)  We have 7 containers of scrap rail ties available for delivery at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.&n...
From: United States (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Reclaimed American Oak #3 Grade Railroad Ties (Sleepers)
We have 7 containers of #3 rail ties available for immediate delivery at Yangshan, SGH Shengdong Terminal in Shanghai, China.   Price is $75.00/CBM. &...
From: United States (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Chipboard
we have 4 companies: 1- Print Technology - printing direct on paper chipboard MDF and glasses 2- EGYPTIAN Company FOR Artificial wood - producing chipboard...
From: Egypt (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Birch plywood
We will provide the superior plywood with the most competitive price. Features:  1. Thickness: 2.1mm to 18mm  2. Size: 1,220mm x 2,440mm or as reques...
From: China (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: film faced plywood
Our lines are mainly wood products, for example plywood, film-faced plywood etc in China, and we have factories on Equatorial Guinea and Gabon,Our Equatorial Guinea...
From: China (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Plywood BB/CC Grade
 We are plywood manufacturer at Sarawak, Malaysia since 1995. The thicknesses of plywood that we provide are from 3 mm to 25 mm.  OVL Grade -USD 650&...
From: Malaysia (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Teak/Teca and Saman/Monkypod/Raintree
Dear Sirs and Madams,we are a legaltimber/lumber export company based en Ecuador,Latinamerica.We can supply worldwide Teak/Teca(Tectona grandis)and Saman/Monkypod(Al...
From: United States (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Okan squares email- gotamagh@gmail.com
I am Exporter of hardwood squares from ghana. Send any need enquirer to the above email. (gotamagh@gmail.com).....
From: Ghana (11/26/2018)
[Sell]: Hardboard
Hardboard manufacture in Thailand which capacity is 1.3 sheets per month. Our product thickness range is from 1.6 - 6mm.    Advance Asia Fiber Co...
From: Thailand (11/25/2018)
DIRECT FROM INDIA can supply Red Sanders Mala Beads all diameters our price Rs 60 per kilo cif China/Taiwan/Japan eckruger2001@gmail.com .....
From: South Africa (11/23/2018)
[Sell]: Beech Short timber good offer
We offer beech timber: KD 8-12%, edged; AB grade 50x70-350x300-1100mm Price 180$.....
From: Ukraine (11/23/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce, Pine frame grade lumber 2&Btr, 2x4", 2x6", 2x8"
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Volume: Min. 10x40' (about of 500 m/3); Species: Spruce or Pine; KD: 16% KD;...
From: Russia (11/23/2018)
[Sell]: Saman logs
We export saman wood.  In logs, squares or slabs.  Please visit our website.  Welcome orders......
From: Ecuador (11/22/2018)
[Sell]: Iroko Decking - African species
Dear Sir or Madam,   Our company produces large quantities of iroko decking. Main size : 21x120x2m and more Surface : S4S,E4E, Reeded   ...
From: Greece (11/22/2018)
I export several wood species hardwood sawn sleepers from Tazania and ship worldwide. contact us for more details  shrimpindustriestanzanialtd@gmail.com&nb...
From: Tanzania (11/21/2018)
[Sell]: Teak Plantation Logs, Gmelina Logs
Dear Sir / Me Hope you are doing well, we dispose, big quantities of Teak Plantation Logs and Gmelina logs At affordable prices Minimum 500 - 1000 cbm/mont...
From: Benin (11/21/2018)
From: South Africa (11/21/2018)
[Sell]: Pine poles, piles, stakes
Dear Sirs! We offer for sale pine poles, piles and stakes different sizes. Our assortment includes pure and rooted pine poles of the first grade, both natu...
From: Russia (11/21/2018)
[Sell]: Edge glued panels
Edge glued panels, urograndis eucalyptus, sizes 600 x 2400 x 18 mm, moisture level under 10 % .....
From: Brazil (11/21/2018)
[Sell]: Teak and Monkytree Saman Lumber
  Dear Sir/Madam.I hope your are doing fine.We can supply Teak,Saman Monkeypod Rough Fresh Sawn Lumber from plantations,and forests regeneration.We can supply 2...
From: United States (11/21/2018)
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