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[Sell]: plywood
 This is Shengyang Industrial Joint Stock Co., Ltd from China. We are glad to enter into business relationship with you.  Our lines are mainly wood product...
From: China (4/17/2017)
From: Ukraine (4/16/2017)
[Sell]: Birch Frame Grade Lumber S4S, 24mm for Upholstery Furniture
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Strips; Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: Western Russia; Moisture Content: KD 8%, 14...
From: Russia (4/16/2017)
[Sell]: Hardwood logs and lumber to sell
We can supply you logs wood FOB/ Port of the Republic of Angola, and the as bellow as bellow stated:   - ACAJOU 375US$ - IROKO 375US$ - KEVAZ...
From: Denmark (4/16/2017)
[Sell]: Beech Logs, fresh cut
Specifications  Beech Logs, fresh cut  A/B/C Grade  Diameter: 30 cm and up as developing  Length: up to 11, 80 m  Beech Logs, Fres...
From: Poland (4/15/2017)
[Sell]: Horn Necklace
VIETNAMHORNJEWELRY.COM specialises in producing buffalo horn, cow horn jewelry and other horn products including horn necklaces, horn bracelets / bangles, horn earri...
From: Vietnam (4/15/2017)
[Sell]: Film faced construction plywood
-Type: Construction plywood 1. Size: 18 x 1250 x 2500 mm  - Core: Hard wood - Two films faced - Glue: WPB (Melamine)  -...
From: Vietnam (4/15/2017)
[Sell]: Teak logs
Sell teak logs- Brazilian origin. Girths 90 to 2,50 m. 5,80 m length-Hoppus formula- FOB Santos port Brazil......
From: Switzerland (4/14/2017)
[Sell]: 28mm Thick Container Flooring Plywood
Kindly refer the standard specification for container plywood as follow:  - Size: 1160 x2400mm or 1220 x 2440mm  - Thickness: 28mm  - Grade: A/B. &nbs...
From: Vietnam (4/14/2017)
[Sell]: 5/7/9/12/18mm Thick Construction Plywood
Kindly refer the standard specification for construction plywood as follow: Size: 1250 x 2500mm or 1220 x 2440mm Thickness: 5/7/9/12/18mm Grade: A/B.&...
From: Vietnam (4/14/2017)
[Sell]: SPF dimensional lumber
SPF Grades #1/#2/#3/ Economy Green/KD Rough/S4S  We are direct exporter of soft and Hard wood from Germany. Container shipment overseas SPF...
From: Germany (4/14/2017)
[Sell]: WPC formwork panels
We are now offering WPC formwork sheets and a long term and durable formwork option Strong and durable with a great reuse life cycle  1.22m x 2.44m sh...
From: United States (4/14/2017)
[Sell]: Spruce Wall Paneling, Siding, Cladding, Flooring & etc.
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Inside Wall Paneling, Outside Siding (Cladding), Flooring, Decking, Mouldings manufactured out of Spruce (Whitewood) harve...
From: Russia (4/13/2017)
[Sell]: Solid Handcrafted African Furniture
Custom made hardwood tables and tops from Matumi, Leadwood, Jacalberry and many other rare African harwoods......
From: South Africa (4/13/2017)
abt 100 m3 Willow logs exclusively A/B (I/II) grade 3,0 up to 8,0m 40 up to 80cm mid diameter prompt shipment.....
From: Germany (4/13/2017)
[Sell]: plywood , veneer from China , Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
This is Shengyang Industrial Joint Stock Co., Ltd from China. We are glad to enter into business relationship with you. Our lines are mainly wood products, for...
From: China (4/13/2017)
[Sell]: Plywood, Barecore
We are Albasia plywood manufacturer. our plywood widely uses as outdoor and indoor decoration, furniture making etc. Besides plywood, we also supply Barecore an...
From: Indonesia (4/13/2017)
[Sell]: Oak for sale
We are direct supplier of good quality all types hardwood from Ukraine.  We can offer certified European oak A/B grades under European grading rules. We pr...
From: Ukraine (4/12/2017)
[Sell]: buy Pine Logs, Teak Logs, Oak Logs Beech Logs, Birch Logs A
The Sconj Woodz Company provides Logs and lumbers like; Pine Logs, Teak Logs, Oak Logs Beech Logs, Birch Logs Ash Logs etc, We also produce lumber and products manuf...
From: Romania (4/12/2017)
[Sell]: Request of collaboration
looking for possible markets for thya wood,as i have a significant quantity of thya roots......
From: Morocco (4/12/2017)
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