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[Sell]: BBQ Hardwood Lump charcoal for sale
Hardwood BBQ Charcoal for sell. We have quality grade oak charcoal and other brands for exports at very competitive prices and payment conditions......
From: Ukraine (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: Pine Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling 12,5x96x3000mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall Paneling manufactured out of Pine (Redwood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grain wood, small sound knots...
From: Russia (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Wooden house
We are a Latvian Wooden Frame Houses manufacturer that operates all over Europe. Our activity is production of house kits as well as installation.   We als...
From: Latvia (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: mobile pellet plant
Small mobile pellet plant, can make all raw materials into pellets, one unit, with hammer mill, conveyor, pellet mill and so on......
From: China (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Rhodesian Teak/ Mussivi/ Kiaat
We have Rhodesian Teak/ Mussivi/ Kiaat from Angola, On demand.....
From: Angola (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Firewood
We have an good indian fire wood.tamrind tree,mango tree etc.........
From: India (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Teak wood
We export teak wood.  In logs, squares, decking and flooring.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Saman wood
We export saman wood.  In logs, squares, slabs and flooring.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: We Offer wood pellets quality class ENplus A1 From Ukraine
DIAMETER: 6 mm and 8 mm MATERIAL: pine, or spruce PACKAGING: Big Bags 1000kg or plastic bags from 15kg  CERTIFICATES: ENplus A1.  Minimal o...
From: Ukraine (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: sales teak flooring and decking
 We offer teak, balsamo and cumaru flooring and decking in different sizes.....
From: Colombia (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Doors,wood components
Doors from wood and components for their.Prise from 50 dollars......
From: Russia (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Briquette, Bbq and Shisha Hardwood Charcoal
Type: 100% Natural Hardwood Wood: All Hardwood trees Uses: Industry, Furnace, Metallurgy, Fuel, Ferro-Silicon, Activated Carbon  Specifications:&...
From: Greece (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: GRADE AA Oak and beech Kiln Dried Firewood From Ukraine.
Oak 1m. Logs 1. Hardwood (hornbeam, ash, oak) 2. Width: 9-20 cm 3. Length: 1m Packaging: firewood packed into 1RM Beech 1m. Logs 1. Har...
From: Greece (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: Super dry ash firewood Lithuania, moisture below 18%
Economy box - large wooden crate with side supports, keeps nicely stacked firewood firmly in the box. Protective plastic top on each pallet is avaiable on request. &...
From: Greece (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: Softwood lumber pine spruce wood cheap price
pecies: Spruce (Picea Abies, Obovata)    Grading rules: European grading rules    Grades:...
From: Greece (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: Hand Held Log Scaler Field Manager
Field Manager, hand held log scaler complete with charge and updated software, hardly used for sale.  Has all forms of scaling modules including JAS as wel...
From: Canada (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: Tongue & Groove Wall Paneling, Spruce 12x120mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Seiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grain wood, small s...
From: Russia (11/19/2017)
[Sell]: Mussivi/Mukussi/Girasonde/Iroko
Selling mussivi, mukussi, girasonde, iroko, logs squareds.....
From: Angola (11/19/2017)
[Sell]: Furniture supplier
Dear Sir/Madam,  We are a company specialising in manufacturing Teak garden furniture located in Indonesia. And we would like to express our interest...
From: Indonesia (11/18/2017)
[Sell]: offer wood Mosaic panel
We would like to offer products unfinished Mosaic panel from indonesia.  8 x 480 x 480mm Merbau proximately 1,000~1,300m2 Teak 1,00...
From: Indonesia (11/18/2017)
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