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[Buy]: Custom furniture design
Dear Sir/Madame, We are from an furniture and homewares wholesale company that buy products in bulk and import into Australia. We sell our products onto retaile...
From: Australia (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Eboni and Teak wood each 1cbm
I would like to import wood from Indonesia to Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Could you offer 1 cbm price for each Teak wood and Sulawesi Ebony. 30cmx30cm for each wood. .....
From: Taiwan (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Siberian Larch logs - round wood
Hello,  I would like to know if you are able to provide us about 600 m3 of Siberian larch round wood per year - in the best possible quality, diameter about 45-...
From: Czech Republic (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Saman wood
I am looking for saman wood from Ecuador, can you supply me sawn timber or only logs?.....
From: Australia (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Miranti wood
Please advise me the price for below dimension of Miranti wood after cutting and plaining.  1. 5100 mm x 100mm x 80mm - 260 nos  2. 3000 mm x 100...
From: United Arab Emirates (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood for istanbul turkei
We need to plywood for ─░stanbul, Turkey monthly 500 m3.  If we can agree we want to start trade next week. ─░ am waiting your reply.....
From: Turkey (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Teak lumber
Dear sir I am seeking information on various tropical hard wood in logs square. plank flooring In Teak  Ipe, Mahogany.....
From: Canada (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Deckings , Ipe , Massaranduba , Tatajuba, etc.
Please advise if you have availability deckings and S4S.  I await your response to provide measurements, descriptions and quantities......
From: Brazil (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Moulded door skins
Please advise what kind of door skins you produce. I am working for a door manufacturing company who want to buy door skins. .....
From: Netherlands (4/19/2018)
Our company is activating in the field of interior wooden doors and our headquarters are in Greece.  We would like to know if you produce and sell blockboard, a...
From: Greece (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: Decking
Hello,  I need some prices for teak, merbau and balau (bangkirai) outdoor decking.  I'm looking for inside flooring with the same wood too. ...
From: France (4/19/2018)
[Buy]: MDF - standard & moisture resistant
We are interested in Standard MDF sheets 2440x1220 6mm, 9mm, 18mm and MR MDF sheets 2440x1220 6mm, 9mm, 18mm + 3050x1220 9mm. ...
From: United Kingdom (4/18/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden pallet
I would like to ask a quotation for wooden pallet 36inches (L) and (H) x 5 inches (width)  thank you. .....
From: Philippines (4/18/2018)
[Buy]: Sprus lumber
I want to enquire the price list/quotations of your products, especially the Sprus, size: 38 x 89 x 3600 and 38 x 140 x 3600  Furthermore, please allow us...
From: Korea, South (4/18/2018)
[Buy]: Rubberwood furniture
I am looking for a furniture manufacturer from Vietnam. We have wood items to be produced in rubberwood and exported to USA and the UK and are looking for manuf...
From: Malaysia (4/18/2018)
Can you offer Albasia MR E1 plywood 244/250 x 122 cm in 4 - 6 - 9 - 12-15-18 mm  each 1 x 40' FOB quotation.....
From: Germany (4/18/2018)
[Buy]: Beech timber
I need: beech timber square , edged KD 10 +/-2% ......
From: Romania (4/18/2018)
[Buy]: Acacia material
 I would like to get price offer for solid acacia with following diamentions: lenght 2200-4000 widht 150-250 (250-300 max 30%) thickness 32-33mm&...
From: Estonia (4/17/2018)
[Buy]: Outdoor decking and flooring
Hello, i need some prices for teak, merbau and balau (bangkirai) outdoor decking. I'm looking for inside flooring with the same wood too. Can you give...
From: France (4/17/2018)
[Buy]: Firewood
We are looking for a supplier that can supply 1500 m3 of wood on a weekly bases. wood to be processed in Holland in small pieces be used in stoves to heat house...
From: Netherlands (4/17/2018)
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