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[Sell]: Spruce Wall Paneling the best from Russia's North-West
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Seiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grain wood, small s...
From: Russia (6/23/2018)
[Sell]: South America Timber
We supply sawn wood, logs, decking and flooring from South America and Africa .....
From: Suriname (6/23/2018)
[Sell]: Outdoor furniture
With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting wicker outdoor furniture, ATC Wicker Furniture Manufacturer is constantly striving to find out t...
From: Vietnam (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce Tea and wood chips
Spruce Tea (Green Tea ) grown from the Skandinavia woods in the country of Norway . Lille Vind is the company that produc Spruce Tea . We have a big quantity of the...
From: Norway (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Pine Logs, Spruce Logs, construction Wood
We offer costruction Wood, Pine- and Spruce Logs in different Measurment. Please contact us by Mail, or 0037066256629 Whats app Thank you.....
From: Lithuania (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Cherry,brazilian oak
We have a plenty quality of farmhouse of wood ready to cut, of 371.000 acres such cedar,cherry,brazilian oak, ipe, jatoba,mohogany, bamboo & more in a Enviromental...
From: Brazil (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Tropical wood
Export of hard wood of hard woods and soft woods, both lumber and logs (fdanielluc@gmail.com): (Tali, doussie, iroko, beli, zingana, paduck, dabema, angongui, biling...
From: Cameroon (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Siberian Larch - Softwood which strong as Hardwood
Siberian Larch is softwood with hardwood properties - strong, durable, serves for life. Dencity of Siberian Larch exceeds 700 kg m/3, which is 35% heavier than Spruc...
From: Russia (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: We are Vietnam wood manufacturer - Rubber wood, oak Panel
Dear Sir  We are an Vietnam Wood manufacturer Company, we specialize in produce wood of solid and finger joint laminated panel of Rubber wood, Oak, Ash, a...
From: Vietnam (6/22/2018)
[Sell]: Engineered Wood Flooring
"Deck Art" is a protected brand which represents our premium quality engineered wood flooring, made according to the strictest standards of the profession. The...
From: Serbia (6/20/2018)
[Sell]: Solid and finger joint panel boards
Dear Sir/ Madam, We are an Vietnam Wood manufacturer Company, we specialize in produce wood of solid and finger joint panel of Rubber wood, Oak, Ash, acacia, ....
From: Vietnam (6/20/2018)
[Sell]: Cypress logs
For export cypress logs.  Also balsa, cedar, mascarey, teak and more.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (6/20/2018)
[Sell]: Red Pine grade lumber 5/4", 6/4" from Siberia
Species: Red Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Origin: Russia Region: Eastern Siberia  MC: KD 12%; Thickness: 5/4, 6/4 inch; Width: 5-10 inch;&nb...
From: Russia (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: Kiln Dried Beech Firewood,Oak Firewood,Pine Firewood
supplies firewood from alder, birch, aspen, hornbeam, oak and ash. The main parameters: ?Humidity:  - Fresh - Dry, not more than 25%. ?Sta...
From: Ukraine (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: Kiln dried mixed firewood
We supply kiln dried mixed firewood as a premium wood fuel. Logs are packed into 1m3 or 2m3 pallet/crate, all firewood is stacked by hand and inspected, log length i...
From: Ukraine (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: Good Quality Kiln Dreid and Fresh Firewood
Split length: 25-100 cm width of the split: 8-16cm Wood fire size: 25cm, 33 cm or 50 cm;&...
From: Ukraine (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: Kiln Dried Firewood
40L (14-15 kg) Hardwood nets ?approx. 18-26 logs 25 cm wide 53 cm height 38 cm depth - 0.04 m?Stacked Volume  Less than 20% Moisture Guaranteed. 100% Hardw...
From: Ukraine (6/19/2018)
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality european logs like spruce,birch,beech and others and we are looking for buyers globally that are interested in buying any...
From: Ukraine (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: 0.18mm quarter cut burma teak veneer
We are specialized in burma teak and walnut veneer. We also can supply Burma teak planks, timber, solid decking and floor. For more info pls browse oue web...
From: China (6/19/2018)
[Sell]: African Teak Round Logs
Teak Logs ( African teak )Available in small and big sizes ready for shipment to any port. straight and clean cut, no cracks,no holes,no sap zero defects.  ...
From: Cameroon (6/19/2018)
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