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[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood), KD, 22/44X100X3000mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Volume: 200 m/3; Species: Spruce (Whitewood); Origin: North-West Russia;&nbs...
From: Russia (5/10/2019)
[Sell]: KAW Logs
Kaw logs and MKB Logs email : info@tropicalwoodsinter.com .....
From: Guyana (5/9/2019)
[Sell]: Purpleheart/Tatabu/Cedro/Jatoba/MKB/Bulletwood
Dear Customers.,  We, wirjoindustries@yahoo.com , do have the following wood species for exports: Purpleheart Basralocus Walaba Bulletw...
From: Suriname (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: Ipe/Basralocus/Massaranduba decking
Dear Customers.,  We can offer Ipe/Basralocus/Massaranduba decking, 19/21/25mm x 125/130/140mm.  Best regards., Kenneth Wirjosentono Wi...
From: Suriname (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: Pine wood chips
We export pine wood chips.  Only in break bulk ships loaded.  Payment: SB L/C.  Minimum one year contract.  Welcome inquiries...
From: Ecuador (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: IROKO OKAN SQUARES (e-mail: gbi.co.gh@gmail.com)
Please contact on Wats app or direct mail Wat app +233 26 922 1909  e-mail: gbi.co.gh@gmail.com.....
From: Ghana (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: African tropical logs
We are direct forestry company of african tropical logs and swan timbers,We are offering wide range of species i.e. Tali, Congo Tali, Bullinga, Pao Rosa, Padouk, Mo...
From: Congo (Brazzaville) (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: Wood slabs
We are the company from Kazakhstan which is dealing with wood slab materials. We are interested in selling very high-quality wood slabs from elm, oak and other inter...
From: Kazakhstan (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: supply & offer wood products
Dear All Valued Customers,  We are the manufacturer wooden Doors, Flooring, and other wood products as like S4SE2E, Laminating and finger jointed. Our Loca...
From: Indonesia (5/8/2019)
[Sell]: film faced plywood
Our lines are mainly wood products, for example plywood, film-faced plywood etc in China, and we have factories on Equatorial Guinea and Gabon,Our Equatorial Guinea...
From: China (5/8/2019)
We are direct forestry company of african tropical timbers,We are offering wide range of species i.e. Tali, Congo Tali, Bullinga, Padouk, Moabi, Iroko, Bosse, Dabim...
From: United Arab Emirates (5/7/2019)
[Sell]: Birch surfaced S4S (PAR) strips for furniture framing
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Strips; Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: Western Russia; Moisture Content: KD 8%, 14...
From: Russia (5/7/2019)
[Sell]: WBP Glue Plywood from Brazil
Pine Plywood from Brazil WBP Glue email;info@tropicalwoodsinter.com .....
From: Guyana (5/7/2019)
[Sell]: Spruce, Pine T&G Wall Paneling fine grain wood from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Ceiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) and Pine (Redwood)harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine g...
From: Russia (5/7/2019)
[Sell]: MKB/Darina Round logs
MKB/Darina Round logs from Guyana email:info@tropicalwoodsinter.com .....
From: Guyana (5/7/2019)
[Sell]: SPF Lumber
We have SPF lumber to export which is KD and planed S4S. We own this lumber mill so we can give guarantee of quality and species we deliver.We have sizes 2x4/6/8/10...
From: Canada (5/6/2019)
[Sell]: Dimensional lumber
Manufacturer of log home components and dimensional lumber. Cants, Boules, Flitches, and more....
From: United States (5/6/2019)
[Sell]: Guibourtia Coleosperma - Rosewood Cants, Flitch
Guibourtia Coleosperma - Shipping from Angola. 500m3 monthly, 75m3 ready to load. 4 sides sawn. Flitch, Cants, Furniture and higher value use. African Rosewood.....
From: United States (5/6/2019)
[Sell]: Hardwoods logs
We export wood logs:   Available balsamo, clavellin, granadillo, mascarey, saman, teak, verawood, walnut, etc.   Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (5/6/2019)
[Sell]: Supply wooden doors, flooring & other wood products
We are the producer and manufacturer wooden doors, door frames, flooring, and other wood products.  Specie: Meranti, Durina, Merbau, other tropical hardwoo...
From: Indonesia (5/6/2019)
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