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[Buy]: FIR-Wood
Dear Sir,  Kindly quote me the best prices of given below wood.  Thickness : 30mm , 38mm , 65mm Width : 250mm , 350mm...
From: Pakistan (1/26/2018)
[Buy]: Pulp logs
we are looking for a regular supply of "pulp logs" for a shaving mill in Jamaica.  We require 4 x40' containers per month.  Please could you send...
From: Jamaica (1/26/2018)
[Buy]: Meranti
I am a Meranti wood trader in India and I want to buy Merati wood. Requirement is of cut size and sleeper size.Please send quotation for it on my Email......
From: India (1/26/2018)
[Buy]: Timber
Sir, we want purchase woods from Madagascar like ebony, paddock,sapheli, &Tali ......
From: India (1/26/2018)
[Buy]: Ash timber
We are looking for KD Ash timber size: length 1500mm up x width 150mm up x thickness 40-60mm quantity: 1 x 40ft container goods to be send to Vietnam....
From: Singapore (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Oak veneer logs
We are one of the biggest veneer producers world-wide. We produce oak veneer logs in Tsuman factory .We are searching for partnership in Ukraine, suppliers for oak v...
From: Latvia (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Firewood
we would be interested in buying firewood. Could you please inform us about prices and delivery to our warehouse in Hoensbroek Holland? Kind regards. ...
From: Netherlands (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: rubber wood FJLB
  Please send me the quotation for rubber wood FJLB with the the size: thickness= 15 or 25 mm, width=1220 mm, length=2440 mm With A, B and C grade &n...
From: Indonesia (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood
We are one of the largest shoe Factory In Bangladesh located In Anowara. Please quote us for the below item mentioned 1. Plywood(Bengal) Size : 4'X8'X12MM...
From: Bangladesh (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Oak lumber
Dear Sir  can you send me offer for oak for my client like below  Oak 27 mm KD not square edge  Width 190 mm + Length 3150-3500 mm  Grade A...
From: Poland (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Timber for pallets and furniture boards
Our company is engaged in the import of sawn timber and other wooden products from the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. We have established an effective p...
From: Germany (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Wood flour
I require wood flour powder 120 mesh 18 m.ton every quarterly it is used in manufacturing of welding electrodes .now we are using jelu wood flour 120 of germany o .....
From: India (1/25/2018)
I NEED HARDWOOD LUMP CHARCOAL , OLIVE CHARCOAL . When will the delivery go on from 24 pallets bois de chauffage 1x1x1.8m Pro forma RGS-01/25.12.207 pa...
From: Belgium (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Soft wood lumber S.P.F - Pine
Buy Pine Timber  SIZES OR THICKNESS  01- S4S and KD Timber  02- without S4S but KD Timber   (give both quality rate on CIF K...
From: Pakistan (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Enquiring on Kiln Dry Service
Dear Sir/Madam.  I would like to enquire if you do provide Kiln dry / timber drying services.   If yes, what would be your price per m3?.....
From: Papua New Guinea (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: White Ash Veneer
This is from a plywood and veneers company.  I am looking for ash veneer .25mm thickness and quarter cut. Please advise me if you can provide with price......
From: United States (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Raw MDF
Dear Sir, Madam, We take this opportunity to declare our intention to purchase RAW MDF from your organization . Our company is duly organized and existing unde...
From: Tunisia (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Pine timbers
We import hard and soft woods. Now we need pine sawn timbers as under.  Commodity: Pine sawn timber (KD) Thickness : 19mm & 25mm ( + 1mm ) width...
From: Bangladesh (1/25/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden headboard struts
We are a bulk importer based in the UK. One of the products that we supply to our customers are wooden headboard struts. We buy these buy the container loa...
From: United Kingdom (1/24/2018)
 I NEED CRANE MAT 25TON CAPACITY.L-6MX.W-1.5MX THK.0.3M 32NR IS REQUIRED VERY URGENT. ---------- --------- --------------------- ------------------- -...
From: Nigeria (1/24/2018)
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