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  • 151) True timbers 

  • Exporter of Australian timbers.  Also Eucalyptus species and Pine from South Africa and south America
    Located in:Australia
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  • 152) Biomera JSC 

  • „Biomeraâ€?JSC is a Lithuanian company that specializes in wholesale trade and export of sawn timber of spruce, pine, larch, pallet boards, wood pellets and wood
    Located in:Lithuania
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  • 153) Albionus SIA 

  • Our main business areas are:  Wood harvesting & forests renewal -Timber logs production -Lumber production -Wood chips -Firewood&n
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 154) LesTop 

  • We are exporters, producers and loggers of different types of wood. (oak, ash, spruce, pine, aspen, poplar, birch, lime, karagach, beech)
    Located in:Russia
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  • 155) Holscom 

  • Zendaki Murad Russia/Moscow –Lihachievski St.33 +79288850170 89250633500 Web:htpp://timb.ru    Dear Sir    &nb
    Located in:United Arab Emirates
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  • 156) First Choice Wood LTD 

  •  First Choice Wood LTD Romania is part of French capital Holding with more than 50 years of experience in wood industry. Specialized in processing and expo
    Located in:Romania
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  • 157) Europa-international 

  • Our company is located in Ukraine and is engaged in the manufacture and  export of wood. The types of wood with which we work are spruce and  pine? ho
    Located in:Please Select a Country or area
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  • 158) Cintac Timber Limited 

  • Cintac Timber specializes in supplying sustainable Eucalyptus logs and Pine logs. We have our own harvesting, packing and exporting operations and can supply ce
    Located in:Vietnam
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  • 159) PE Mykhalchuk 

  • We are sawmill from Ukraine. We can supply different kind of pine timber/lumber.
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • Dear Sir/Madam,  We would like to offer you as following: Product: Pine square edges boards, KD. Species: Pine (pinus sylvestris) - redwood,
    Located in:Lithuania
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  •  GOLDMINE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED.   Goldmine global service is a subsidiary of GOLDMINE GLOBAL SERVICE GROUP, an indigenous Nigerian company dul
    Located in:Nigeria
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  • 162) New Guinea Phil. Trading Ltd. 

  • I would like to offer supply of Rosewood lumber from Papua New Guinea for your lumber needs. Or supply of other kind wood species for specialty lumber. We can c
    Located in:Philippines
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  • 163) Krona 

  • in common:we are a professional manufacturer and trader of oak,ash and pine lumber,both kd and fresh,edged and unedged. Our main specialization is ash and oak w
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 164) Navunisareki Logging & Prunning Company 

  • Navunisareki Logging & Pruning Company hereforth NLPC was formally registered on 18.02.2016 to one Mr. Ratu Semisi Leiene.  The business concept or id
    Located in:Fiji
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  • 165) R GRUPA 

  • We would like to cooperate with other companies in context of saw logs, veneer logs, pulpwood, wood boards.  We can offer spruce, pine, aspen, birch and oa
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 166) Tropical Timbers Export S.A 

  • We are specialized in the exportation of timbers Teak (Tectona Grandis), Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata), Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla), Mexican Yel
    Located in:Honduras
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  • Imporlog Trading operates with foreign trade in Import, Export, Integrated Logistics and consultancy since 1996 offering a unique service, which aims through ex
    Located in:Brazil
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  • 168) ELS Brothers 

  • We harvest white,black , long mix Gum tree.We harvest and supply pine as well.
    Located in:South Africa
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  • 169) QQ Lumber LLC 

  • We are a timber wood company dealing in hard wood and soft wood logs and lumber such as Beech, Birch, Oak, Ash, Maple, Pine, Spruce, Fir etc
    Located in:Germany
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  • 170) Tymforest 

  • Our company is devoted to provide wood to all the north of Mexico, We have Oak, Tzalam, Pine, Banak and More.
    Located in:Mexico
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