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[Buy]: Wooden pallet collar
Dear Sir  please find the below specifications and kindly send us the best quote as early as possible  Wooden pallet collar, size length 120 ...
From: Oman (9/4/2019)
[Buy]: Pellets
Dear Sirs!  I am looking for pellets for our warehouse. What can you offer?  Thank you and best regards  .. ...
From: Austria (9/3/2019)
[Buy]: Environment friendly products - such as bamboo
Dear Sirs, We are a European company. We are dedicated to the import of environmentally friendly products and materials. We buy large quantities ...
From: Spain (9/3/2019)
[Buy]: Furniture
We are a furniture shop and looking for various furniture supplies.  .. ...
From: United Kingdom (9/1/2019)
[Buy]: Siberian larch
   I am looking for siberian larch raw : 1. 24 m³ 25 x 100 4-5-6m bad quality IV or better V. 2. 25x 150 4m and 50 x 150 4 ...
From: Belgium (8/29/2019)
[Buy]: Construction timber C16,C24,CLS ,air dried
We are interested in importing approx. 100cu mts. Pls quote for above in popular size for us are  3.6m6 to 5.4mt 50x35 75x44,100x44,100x75& ...
From: Ireland (8/28/2019)
[Buy]: Construction timber
We are a construction company in Turkey. We have a new project, we might construct that as wood house. Could you please tell us your wooden house work ...
From: Turkey (8/27/2019)
[Buy]: Sawdust of raw softwood
We are searching and buying SAWDUST of raw softwood from Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris).for our production. Can you ...
From: France (8/26/2019)
[Buy]: Strongest figure/Birdseyes wood
I'm trying to copy an Instrument which has one-of-a-kind style figure/Birdseye frequency on the board, I wondered if you have pictures of some of your ...
From: United Kingdom (8/26/2019)
[Buy]: Wood for packaging
Dear Sirs and Madames,  we are looking for a supplier of wood for a long-term cooperation, we will buy complete truckloads.  We ar ...
From: Germany (8/15/2019)
[Buy]: Wood thermaly
I'm a buyer of thermally modyfied wood and try to find new supplers.  Please contact us and i can send you some pictures and that i can tel ...
From: Czech Republic (8/14/2019)
[Buy]: Sand kit with roof produc
We are a German seller of wooden garden products.  We would like to find a supplier in China and order some outdoor furniture products especial ...
From: Germany (8/13/2019)
[Buy]: Construction lumber
Dear Sir,  We are a construction company.Now we need wood with various models. Please can you send me the catalogue together with prices for me ...
From: Armenia (8/9/2019)
[Buy]: Doors for 3 new build houses.
We are soon to build three substantial detached houses and need windows and external doors. Can you send me your catalogues with price list and lead t ...
From: United Kingdom (8/6/2019)
[Buy]: Logs
Hi i need to have information about low grade logs to produce firewood in our country. And do you have debarking service for purchased logs? Thank you ...
From: Turkey (7/30/2019)
[Buy]: Red meranti
We want to purchase red meranti.Please contact us if you can supply. .. ...
From: Romania (7/25/2019)
[Buy]: Teak
Hello,  We are a company based in Malta and we are looking for a Teak Supplier for a Marine industry project. Could you please advice availa ...
From: Malta (7/23/2019)
[Buy]: Poplar plywood
Interested in Poplar Plywood for DIY market please contact us for specify details... ...
From: Italy (7/23/2019)
[Buy]: Pine logs
Hello,We buy logs Pine: Lenght 3.8 (or 4.0) / dia 14+ 1000m3 Lenght 5.8 (or 6.0) / dia 14+ 1000 m3 Lenght 11.8 / dia 20+ 1000m ...
From: Lithuania (7/22/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
 Dear Sir, I am interested to buy Spruce logs. Specifications: Grade A,B,C. Lengths: 11,5 m (+30 cm), 5,8 m (+10 cm) D ...
From: Germany (7/22/2019)
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