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[Buy]: Snake wood and cocobolo
Interested in snake wood and cocobolo. Please advise min order quantity and price. If you can email a few photos of what I would receive in a typ ...
From: United States (5/25/2018)
[Buy]: Timber and building materials
We are a large importer into the USA for many types of wood in ASIA and Thailand. now we are interested to find new products and new suppliers from B ...
From: United States (5/25/2018)
[Buy]: Mora wood logs
I am locking for Mora wood logs, please send price quote, we need large quantity, please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.  .. ...
From: United States (5/24/2018)
[Buy]: Teak wood
We are looking for buy Teak wood please contact us for more details... ...
From: United States (5/24/2018)
[Buy]: Lumber & Plywood
I am interested in purchasing greenheart lumber and plywood for a client. Please let me know if you have these products available for export to St. M ...
From: United States (5/24/2018)
[Buy]: Lumber prices for flooring
I’m interested in purchasing flooring for my daughters house that we are rebuilding, they lost it in the valley fire in Cobb Mountain. Could you plea ...
From: United States (5/23/2018)
[Buy]: AVI Veneer
We are looking for supplier of AVI Veneer. ------------ ------------ ------------- ------------- ---------------- ---------------------- -------- ...
From: United States (5/23/2018)
[Buy]: Soft wood logs
We are currently looking for buying syp in the North America. If you can provide the 100 containers basis and/or whole vessel shipping, please re ...
From: United States (5/23/2018)
[Buy]: Framing lumber
 Hello, Looking for framing lumber(douglas fir, southern yellow pine or similar). Aprox consumption: 1-5x container per month. Subfloo ...
From: United States (5/19/2018)
[Buy]: Cedar fence boards
I'm checking the availability and price of 320 1x6 in 6 foot length cedar fence boards . .. ...
From: Canada (5/18/2018)
[Buy]: Wood Plastic Composites
We are actively looking to expand our selection in Fencing and Edging. Now we want to find suppliers of Pert Wood Plastic Composites.   &nbs ...
From: United States (5/17/2018)
[Buy]: Alaskan Cedar Wood Logs
We are interested to buy 50 container loads of Alaskan Cedar Wood logs 22 to 29 CM girth CFR Shanghai, China.   Please send us the specifica ...
From: United States (5/15/2018)
[Buy]: RV Bamboo Cutting board
We have requirements for Bamboo cutting board. We currently buy bamboo cutting boards and bamboo tables from Asian suppliers.  We are i ...
From: United States (5/10/2018)
[Buy]: Ashwood lumber ship dry
Hi I am looking for a consistent supply of 5 containers / month of Ashwood lumber FAS1F SD.  8/4" x 6" UP x 6" UP.  Looking forwar ...
From: Canada (5/8/2018)
[Buy]: Fence boards
I am looking for a price on rough cut 2x8 and 2x4 fence boards. Would these be green or air dried?.. ...
From: Canada (5/8/2018)
[Buy]: SPF, #3&BTR, ROUGH, GREEN Square wood
Dear Sir, we are looking for SPF, ROUGH, GREEN, #3&BTR, sizes could be 75x75;90x90;120x120; 150x150....RL 8-16'prefer to heavy 12'.  Ti ...
From: Canada (5/6/2018)
[Buy]: LVL for Doors & Windows
I’m looking for alternate sources of LVL products  -------- ----------- ------------------ ----------- ----------- ----------------- ------ ...
From: United States (5/4/2018)
[Buy]: Teak Logs
I am interested in purchasing dimensional teak lumber and teak logs.   Please contact me if this is something you are able to price and supp ...
From: Canada (5/4/2018)
[Buy]: Cocobolo 2" thick
I need this species Cocobolo 2" thick. We purchase exotic woods from all over the world. .. ...
From: United States (5/3/2018)
[Buy]: Gaboon Ebony Lumber
We are looking for the largest Jet Black Gaboon Ebony Lumber you have and Please send me a prices and photos for Black Gaboon Ebony 6 total pieces wi ...
From: United States (5/2/2018)
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