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[Buy]: OSB Panels
We are looking for OSB Panels, destination our sister Company in Poland. Please, inform if you are able to supply us and we will send you full specifi ...
From: Canada (7/13/2018)
[Buy]: Firewood
I need dried firewood quality fsc certified hardwood. How much does this wood cost? Do you sell it by the cord? A cord of wood is stacked 4' high ...
From: United States (7/12/2018)
[Buy]: Wood slabs
Looking for suppliers of slabs .  Palm harbor Florida .. ...
From: United States (7/12/2018)
[Buy]: Ipe Decking
Interested in buying Ipe lumber. .. ...
From: United States (7/11/2018)
[Buy]: Ash wood and Pine
We are looking to purchase ash wood and pine for Pakistan.  Same quality and sizes you are currently selling in that market. Please quo ...
From: United States (7/10/2018)
[Buy]: Electric guitars
I am searching for a reliable supplier of OEM and original design electric guitars. I want to get some further information regarding your [minimum or ...
From: United States (7/9/2018)
[Buy]: Cumaru/Dypterix Odorata in logs or lumber
We are looking for Cumaru/Dypterix Odorata in logs or lumber format for export to India. Ours is company based in both Canada and India and we have l ...
From: Canada (7/3/2018)
[Buy]: Teak lumber
I am interested in buying teak lumber milled. Shipped to USA. .. ...
From: United States (7/3/2018)
[Buy]: Spruce, Pine logs
Hi, my Pakistan clients are interested in importing Spruce, Pine Logs, Soft wood Sleepers in different sizes as appropriate and availability. Please ...
From: United States (7/2/2018)
[Buy]: MDF/HDF boards
We are a company dedicated to the development and construction of housing and we are interested in knowing the catalog of your MDF/HDF boards (sanded ...
From: Mexico (6/28/2018)
[Buy]: Genuine mahogany lumber and IPE decking
We are a distributor of specialty and exotic wood products. We are looking for genuine mahogany lumber and also Ipe decking... ...
From: United States (6/28/2018)
[Buy]: African Blackwood
Looking for 6 foot sections of whole Blackwood trees to import to Canada. .. ...
From: Canada (6/27/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden furniture
We are explore some good company partner of wooden furniture for to give our regular custom orders . So , for this we need to understand some signific ...
From: United States (6/26/2018)
[Buy]: Blackwood and rosewood
Looking for African Blackwood and rosewood... ...
From: Canada (6/25/2018)
[Buy]: Dowel pins and biscuits
We are a designer, developer, and distributor (NOT retailer) of wood-working products. We are looking to source dowel pins and biscuits.  We woul ...
From: United States (6/22/2018)
[Buy]: MDF
I am interested in MDF : Interested in PLAIN MDF BOARD 1220*2440*4MM 1220*2440*6MM 1220*2440*12MM 1220*2440*17MM  M ...
From: United States (6/21/2018)
[Buy]: Beech lumber
The following is the board with all the information  Specie Fagus sylvatica Common name European Beech  Quality FAS (AA) Finishing ...
From: Mexico (6/20/2018)
[Buy]: Wood veneer / tree ring pattern
I am making furntiure in china and need 50 sheets minumum of this tree ring veneer. do you have such a pattern?   what is the lead time?&n ...
From: United States (6/14/2018)
looking for 40' model grade balsa wood containers for our US company.  .. ...
From: United States (6/13/2018)
[Buy]: Fencing panels
I would like to get a price on 5 8ft. Cedar panels 6 ft. high. I can pick up or deliver to Smithers. Thanks  .. ...
From: Canada (6/12/2018)
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